0. Her _aaliyahmendes Instagram account has amassed over 1.1 million followers. She is presently a high school student. Facebook. Popularity . Aaliyah Mendes is a former Viner, Musical.ly (now known as TikTok) star, and social media influencer. She is often seen uploading pictures of fellow stars Alyssa Shouse and Mahogany Lox. Aaliyah Mendes was born on 15-09-2003 in Toronto in the state of Ontario, Canada. Five years her brother’s junior, Aaliyah followed his footsteps into performing on social media. Birthday September Sep 15, 2003 . Social media star who first gained fame on Vine under the name Princess Aaliyah. The 2000s is the decade of growth of the Internet and the beginning of social media. She is a sister of a famous Canadian singer, musician Shawn Mendes. The news, however, proved to be a false one. Aaliyah was born on September 15, 2003, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She set up her Vine account in July 2013 under the username Princess Aaliyah. In 2017, when Vine permanently shut down, she had 250 thousand followers on the app. ReddIt. Aaliyah and her brother –Shawn Mendes are the only children of their parents. Her mother, Karen is a real estate agent. Like her older brother Shawn, she has a lazy eye. Aaliyah Mendes was born in 2000s. Discover what happened on this day. Total 6,250 days old now. She is still 14 and considers her elder brother Shaw Mendes as her idol. Birth Sign Virgo. She would carve out her own identity on the internet and would not post the same type of content all the time. 17 years, 1 month, 6 days old age Aaliyah Mendes will turn 18 on 15 September, 2021. On her YouTube channel, she has 32 thousand subscribers. Her brother is pop … After Vine closed for good, she made a successful transition to TikTok, where she has garnered more than 690 thousand fans. She created her YouTube channel on April 17, 2014. Age 17 years old. In addition to music.ly, she is also a famous Instagram star and has around 825,000 followers there. Shawn Mendes (Pop Star) is her elder brother. http://sharequotes4you.com/p/funniest-profile-images, http://eightbestgoal.site/facts-about-aaliyah-mendes/, https://aminoapps.com/c/shawnmendes-espanol/page/item/aaliyah-mendes/Rrmr_wL8IvI11vdRRZv8pqwm8dxV2gmjQx. She gained 800,000 followers on her aaliyahmende.s Instagram account. She also has 649 thousand, 279 thousand, and 5.5 thousand followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, respectively. Bio — Age, Death, Height. See the analysis by days count and bar graph. Meanwhile, she called Jenna Marbles her birthday buddy. Aaliyah Mendes came to prominence after she created her vine account in the year 2013. Aaliyah Mendes Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics. Aaliyah was born on September 15, 2003, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 15 days old age Aaliyah Mendes will turn 18 on 15 September, 2021. Aaliyah Mendes is part Generation Z (also known as iGeneration). Aaliyah Mendes's next birthday is in 10 months 21 days. Last year, her brother attended her eighth-grade graduation ceremony. Since the time she decided to be an active user on social media, she has stuck to a conscious decision that she had made in the beginning. WhatsApp. In the very 1st year, she garnered around 200,000 followers. Life has definitely changed for the Mendes family since Shawn has become an international music sensation. Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup. This decade also had the deadliest terrorist attack in human history - September 11 attacks. Aaliyah is friends with fellow social media stars Mahogany Lox and Alyssa Shouse. Princess Aaliyah gained fame through vine having more than 250,000 followers by the time app was shut. Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, and YouTube were founded. Not only has Shawn’s life been under the constant media scrutiny, his father, mother, and sister have suffered the same fate as well. At the height of the app’s popularity, she had a quarter of a million followers there. Most Popular #1771. After closing of vine she gained 690 thousand fan on tik tok. She was born to Karen Mendes and Manuel Mendes. When is the next birthday of Aaliyah Mendes? Like her older brother Shawn, she has a lazy eye. Aaliyah Mendes Quick Info; Height: 5 ft 7 in: Weight: 62 kg: Date of Birth: September 15, 2003: Zodiac Sign: Virgo: Eye Color: Light Brown: Aaliyah Mendes is a Canadian social media personality known for being the younger sister of pop sensation Shawn Mendes. After Vine, she moved to TikTok, where video clips of her lip-syncing to popular songs and film and television dialogues have gathered her over 690 thousand fans and 9.4 million followers. The iPhone was released. Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History? Only 10 months, 24 days, 8 hours, 39 minutes has left for her next birthday. About. 17 years, 1 month, Aaliyah Mendes is 17 years 1 month 10 days old. September that year, Aaliyah turned 16 years old. Born on 15th September, Aaliyah carried the Virgo as her zodiac sign. Her mother, Karen, is a real estate agent, while her father, Manuel, is a businessman who deals in bar and restaurant supplies in Toronto. Despite not uploading a single video, she has 32 thousand followers on the video-sharing website! She has 32 thousand subscribers on youtube. Mix. Only 10 months, 15 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes has left for her next birthday. After which, she became popular on musical.ly (now TikTok) and today has over 700,000 followers on her account.

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