Antonyms for alighting include ascending, climbing, mounting, rising, scaling, soaring, blasting off, floating up, flying off and flying up. Antonyms for alight include ascend, climb, mount, rise, scale, soar, blast off, float up, fly off and fly up. Another word for alight. Definition: emitting or reflecting very little light.

Dear brightest star o'er Bethlehem, O let your precious light shine in with hope and peace toward men in every home tonight.

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We truly appreciate your support. Web. Find more ways to say alight, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery.

Alight Thesaurus. Alight definition is - to come down from something (such as a vehicle): such as. Glistening is a shining as from a wet surface. To support the programs you are offering, you have to have a conversation and bring light around it. Antonyms: dull. Share this Page . ", Antonyms:darkness, dark, black, doughy, pitch-dark, Acheronian, onerous, fat, darkling, accented, heavy, crepuscular, tenebrific, thick, weighted, tenebrous, impure, non-buoyant, important, distressing, dense, dim, gloomful, compact, harsh, pitch-black, twilit, caliginous, serious, worrisome, stressed, unlit, semidark, chaste, glooming, darkened, Stygian, oppressive, disturbing, darkish, ponderous, Acherontic, dusky, subdued, unlighted, Cimmerian, burdensome, soggy, heavy-duty, gloomy, twilight(a), sulky, leaden, significant, darkening, tenebrious, weighty, deep, heavier-than-air, perturbing, sufficient, lightless, hefty, heavy-footed, big, well, worrying, massive, unilluminated, demanding, fatty, aphotic, troubling, intemperate, taxing, indigestible, distressful, merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance, "he had a sparkle in his eye"; "there's a perpetual twinkle in his eyes", Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavy-footed, indigestible, weighty, heavy, unlit, massive, distressing, harsh, perturbing, burdensome, lightless, taxing, Acherontic, troubling, dusky, stressed, dim, Stygian, oppressive, gloomful, pitch-dark, thick, deep, sulky, onerous, well, glooming, weighted, soggy, ponderous, leaden, twilit, crepuscular, aphotic, twilight(a), unlighted, gloomy, Cimmerian, fatty, caliginous, darkling, dense, black, semidark, darkening, Acheronian, chaste, impure, darkish, hefty, disturbing, important, distressful, tenebrific, non-buoyant, darkened, unilluminated, tenebrous, big, serious, compact, intemperate, pitch-black, tenebrious, heavy-duty, sufficient, demanding, significant, accented, subdued, heavier-than-air, fat, doughy, worrying, worrisome, Synonyms:illumination, arc, coruscation, lightness, lighting, sparkling, sparkle, light source, flicker, brightness level, igniter, visible light, discharge, electric arc, glister, glitter, spark, brightness, luminosity, lighter, visible radiation, luminousness, scintillation, luminance, glint, twinkle, glisten, ignitor, electric discharge, Antonyms:dark, darkness, heavy, darkened, tenebrous, fatty, unlit, serious, tenebrific, doughy, deep, burdensome, glooming, aphotic, well, distressing, massive, onerous, gloomy, important, Cimmerian, twilight(a), pitch-black, soggy, ponderous, big, impure, black, unilluminated, heavy-footed, indigestible, thick, distressful, worrying, twilit, stressed, heavier-than-air, hefty, pitch-dark, dim, leaden, intemperate, Stygian, subdued, weighted, significant, Acheronian, chaste, demanding, troubling, heavy-duty, gloomful, sufficient, darkish, darkening, weighty, perturbing, dusky, caliginous, non-buoyant, dense, unlighted, tenebrious, darkling, fat, taxing, worrisome, compact, oppressive, accented, lightless, disturbing, Acherontic, harsh, sulky, crepuscular, semidark, Inner Light, Light, Light Within, Christ Within(noun), a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul, Antonyms:dark, darkness, worrisome, serious, darkling, pitch-dark, heavy, compact, big, subdued, hefty, onerous, significant, gloomy, burdensome, darkened, Stygian, indigestible, thick, heavy-footed, disturbing, distressing, Cimmerian, unlit, heavy-duty, crepuscular, twilight(a), weighted, weighty, pitch-black, black, darkish, taxing, perturbing, glooming, tenebrous, worrying, troubling, fatty, twilit, oppressive, harsh, accented, heavier-than-air, deep, aphotic, sulky, fat, dim, non-buoyant, massive, ponderous, soggy, well, intemperate, distressful, important, doughy, Acherontic, dense, tenebrious, leaden, Acheronian, stressed, unilluminated, chaste, tenebrific, darkening, gloomful, lightless, sufficient, semidark, caliginous, unlighted, demanding, dusky, impure, "they saw the light of the beacon"; "there was a light at every corner", Antonyms:dark, darkness, distressful, Cimmerian, intemperate, unlighted, doughy, semidark, tenebrous, serious, aphotic, gloomy, tenebrious, onerous, heavy-footed, glooming, troubling, non-buoyant, darkish, oppressive, soggy, big, leaden, darkened, pitch-black, heavy, Acheronian, fatty, darkling, heavy-duty, significant, compact, crepuscular, unilluminated, weighted, unlit, ponderous, Stygian, taxing, heavier-than-air, Acherontic, sulky, twilight(a), hefty, caliginous, subdued, lightless, well, massive, deep, darkening, sufficient, dim, dense, important, pitch-dark, weighty, accented, stressed, worrisome, distressing, fat, worrying, disturbing, indigestible, impure, harsh, demanding, gloomful, tenebrific, black, thick, perturbing, chaste, dusky, burdensome, twilit, a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires, Antonyms:dark, darkness, dense, ponderous, tenebrous, pitch-dark, serious, unlit, Cimmerian, compact, heavy, unlighted, troubling, massive, darkling, pitch-black, accented, impure, leaden, crepuscular, indigestible, Stygian, doughy, stressed, fat, Acheronian, demanding, dim, perturbing, weighted, lightless, twilit, non-buoyant, glooming, gloomy, big, dusky, subdued, important, distressing, burdensome, harsh, darkening, heavy-duty, soggy, twilight(a), worrying, heavier-than-air, darkened, Acherontic, semidark, gloomful, distressful, sulky, heavy-footed, deep, thick, chaste, tenebrific, weighty, intemperate, worrisome, significant, oppressive, well, darkish, fatty, onerous, black, sufficient, taxing, caliginous, hefty, unilluminated, aphotic, disturbing, tenebrious, Synonyms:illumination, barge, igniter, lighting, lightness, sparkle, light source, brightness level, flatboat, hoy, spark, luminosity, lighter, visible radiation, luminousness, luminance, ignitor, brightness, twinkle, visible light, of comparatively little physical weight or density, "a light load"; "magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C", Antonyms:darkness, dark, darkling, indigestible, dense, semidark, soggy, significant, pitch-black, Acheronian, harsh, unilluminated, Acherontic, tenebrous, serious, heavy, thick, deep, oppressive, unlit, weighted, twilit, fat, heavy-duty, stressed, pitch-dark, unlighted, Cimmerian, dusky, darkened, heavy-footed, twilight(a), aphotic, weighty, hefty, burdensome, perturbing, intemperate, impure, demanding, tenebrific, sufficient, massive, big, doughy, compact, tenebrious, fatty, gloomful, troubling, black, lightless, well, heavier-than-air, crepuscular, gloomy, Stygian, darkish, sulky, subdued, leaden, darkening, important, non-buoyant, distressful, worrying, worrisome, glooming, ponderous, chaste, accented, distressing, onerous, dim, disturbing, taxing, caliginous, Synonyms:weak, lightheaded, promiscuous, low-cal, unaccented, clean, lightsome, easy, faint, light(a), sluttish, loose, abstemious, clear, wakeful, idle, unclouded, light-headed, short, scant(p), light-colored, calorie-free, wanton, swooning, lite, tripping, (used of color) having a relatively small amount of coloring agent, "light blue"; "light colors such as pastels"; "a light-colored powder", Antonyms:dark, darkness, black, oppressive, intemperate, doughy, aphotic, hefty, massive, distressful, compact, darkening, harsh, unlighted, subdued, heavy, heavy-duty, darkened, serious, fat, tenebrific, stressed, Stygian, semidark, pitch-black, darkling, taxing, twilit, Cimmerian, dense, gloomful, non-buoyant, disturbing, tenebrous, darkish, chaste, thick, caliginous, Acheronian, weighted, Acherontic, lightless, dusky, soggy, sufficient, perturbing, important, troubling, pitch-dark, twilight(a), tenebrious, glooming, heavy-footed, dim, demanding, impure, big, crepuscular, distressing, significant, accented, worrisome, ponderous, fatty, leaden, weighty, worrying, gloomy, unilluminated, well, onerous, deep, burdensome, sulky, unlit, indigestible, heavier-than-air, of the military or industry; using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment, "light infantry"; "light cavalry"; "light industry"; "light weapons", Antonyms:darkness, dark, doughy, leaden, intemperate, chaste, darkened, ponderous, hefty, gloomy, distressful, distressing, heavy, tenebrious, pitch-dark, worrisome, Stygian, darkening, glooming, harsh, thick, taxing, big, unlit, compact, soggy, well, massive, important, disturbing, dusky, lightless, significant, weighty, dense, impure, fat, darkish, Acherontic, sufficient, gloomful, crepuscular, serious, onerous, pitch-black, non-buoyant, worrying, twilight(a), tenebrous, fatty, darkling, demanding, black, unilluminated, heavier-than-air, accented, aphotic, weighted, sulky, tenebrific, twilit, unlighted, caliginous, heavy-duty, deep, dim, stressed, heavy-footed, burdensome, troubling, Acheronian, perturbing, indigestible, oppressive, Cimmerian, semidark, subdued, not great in degree or quantity or number, "a light sentence"; "a light accent"; "casualties were light"; "light snow was falling"; "light misty rain"; "light smoke from the chimney", Antonyms:darkness, dark, black, disturbing, gloomy, dense, distressing, aphotic, perturbing, well, worrying, heavy, dusky, distressful, pitch-black, thick, subdued, unlit, darkling, weighty, tenebrous, unlighted, weighted, oppressive, darkening, soggy, tenebrious, Stygian, darkish, caliginous, accented, Acherontic, heavy-footed, Acheronian, non-buoyant, serious, sufficient, troubling, big, unilluminated, burdensome, significant, demanding, harsh, chaste, sulky, taxing, deep, gloomful, twilight(a), compact, indigestible, stressed, pitch-dark, onerous, hefty, massive, tenebrific, fatty, doughy, Cimmerian, ponderous, crepuscular, impure, lightless, fat, darkened, leaden, glooming, dim, worrisome, semidark, heavier-than-air, important, heavy-duty, intemperate, twilit, psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles, Antonyms:dark, darkness, burdensome, Stygian, black, weighty, darkened, distressing, pitch-dark, heavy, tenebrific, harsh, unilluminated, subdued, massive, important, non-buoyant, Acheronian, heavy-duty, significant, dim, darkling, tenebrious, hefty, heavier-than-air, serious, troubling, disturbing, dusky, perturbing, worrying, weighted, unlighted, Cimmerian, chaste, tenebrous, oppressive, intemperate, demanding, gloomy, onerous, well, crepuscular, impure, lightless, unlit, doughy, darkening, Acherontic, stressed, glooming, fat, worrisome, thick, big, dense, leaden, twilit, sulky, heavy-footed, distressful, pitch-black, fatty, aphotic, twilight(a), darkish, taxing, caliginous, accented, semidark, soggy, deep, gloomful, ponderous, compact, indigestible, sufficient, "a room that is light when the shutters are open"; "the inside of the house was airy and light", Antonyms:dark, darkness, distressing, significant, soggy, unlit, twilight(a), oppressive, indigestible, heavy, sulky, fatty, well, serious, accented, burdensome, massive, Cimmerian, unlighted, harsh, perturbing, tenebrific, doughy, leaden, onerous, twilit, ponderous, deep, subdued, dusky, impure, heavy-footed, chaste, worrying, glooming, big, darkish, heavy-duty, important, hefty, distressful, Stygian, demanding, Acheronian, Acherontic, thick, compact, intemperate, caliginous, aphotic, non-buoyant, fat, disturbing, weighted, semidark, troubling, tenebrous, pitch-dark, darkling, dim, dense, taxing, stressed, pitch-black, tenebrious, heavier-than-air, darkening, gloomy, crepuscular, gloomful, weighty, lightless, unilluminated, black, sufficient, worrisome, darkened, (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress, "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"; "a weak stress on the second syllable", Antonyms:darkness, dark, gloomful, thick, intemperate, Acheronian, taxing, heavy, accented, leaden, dusky, ponderous, disturbing, darkish, perturbing, darkening, dense, black, sufficient, Acherontic, non-buoyant, gloomy, big, demanding, oppressive, lightless, worrying, unilluminated, pitch-dark, distressing, heavier-than-air, impure, massive, serious, tenebrific, aphotic, unlighted, darkling, tenebrous, subdued, Stygian, burdensome, important, twilit, deep, significant, compact, distressful, caliginous, tenebrious, Cimmerian, glooming, weighty, pitch-black, heavy-footed, semidark, twilight(a), fat, stressed, indigestible, troubling, heavy-duty, weighted, harsh, dim, sulky, soggy, darkened, chaste, fatty, onerous, crepuscular, doughy, unlit, hefty, worrisome, well, Synonyms:light-headed, lite, wanton, sapless, wakeful, faint, lightheaded, feeble, low-cal, decrepit, watery, lightsome, debile, light-colored, unaccented, weak, weakly, easy, promiscuous, abstemious, atonic, unclouded, clean, light(a), frail, clear, idle, fallible, imperfect, infirm, tripping, short, scant(p), washy, rickety, sluttish, swooning, calorie-free, loose, easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned, Antonyms:dark, darkness, weighted, accented, thick, distressful, unilluminated, stressed, worrisome, troubling, Acheronian, darkening, semidark, serious, ponderous, fat, sulky, harsh, fatty, onerous, tenebrific, caliginous, well, darkling, big, heavy, dusky, heavier-than-air, Cimmerian, doughy, distressing, massive, pitch-dark, perturbing, aphotic, tenebrious, Acherontic, chaste, lightless, soggy, gloomy, crepuscular, glooming, dense, pitch-black, indigestible, compact, unlit, darkened, unlighted, important, burdensome, twilight(a), black, tenebrous, leaden, weighty, significant, darkish, demanding, sufficient, deep, dim, gloomful, impure, Stygian, oppressive, heavy-duty, heavy-footed, twilit, taxing, disturbing, hefty, worrying, intemperate, non-buoyant, subdued, (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency, Antonyms:dark, darkness, Stygian, distressful, unlighted, sulky, leaden, accented, onerous, harsh, sufficient, worrying, indigestible, twilight(a), weighty, perturbing, taxing, caliginous, doughy, gloomful, heavy, unlit, impure, fat, pitch-black, darkling, tenebrous, serious, oppressive, crepuscular, Cimmerian, non-buoyant, unilluminated, important, subdued, soggy, gloomy, worrisome, darkened, thick, stressed, tenebrious, ponderous, big, compact, lightless, distressing, weighted, Acheronian, dense, intemperate, well, darkish, dim, deep, semidark, Acherontic, heavy-duty, aphotic, dusky, heavy-footed, pitch-dark, troubling, demanding, twilit, glooming, massive, heavier-than-air, darkening, hefty, fatty, disturbing, black, chaste, burdensome, tenebrific, significant, (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims, "efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings"; "clear laughter like a waterfall"; "clear reds and blues"; "a light lilting voice like a silver bell", Antonyms:dark, darkness, heavy, darkening, distressing, indigestible, crepuscular, perturbing, darkish, accented, Stygian, darkling, serious, Acherontic, glooming, intemperate, unilluminated, heavy-duty, massive, black, stressed, hefty, ponderous, lightless, pitch-black, unlit, non-buoyant, impure, semidark, weighted, onerous, disturbing, gloomy, sulky, dense, worrisome, Acheronian, harsh, Cimmerian, dusky, gloomful, troubling, twilight(a), well, deep, burdensome, compact, tenebrious, heavier-than-air, twilit, tenebrific, unlighted, sufficient, worrying, darkened, weighty, soggy, tenebrous, caliginous, important, distressful, fat, chaste, doughy, heavy-footed, taxing, aphotic, big, oppressive, leaden, fatty, thick, subdued, dim, significant, demanding, pitch-dark, Synonyms:light-headed, clear(p), well-defined, wanton, lightsome, swooning, uninfected, lightheaded, neat, cloudless, idle, sporting, clean-cut, light-colored, unaccented, exonerated, weak, low-cal, clean-living, promiscuous, sportsmanlike, light(a), percipient, abstemious, faint, unclouded, vindicated, clean, readable, open, absolved, lite, wakeful, clear, sporty, fresh, short, unobjectionable, tripping, fair, clear-cut, unmortgaged, scant(p), decipherable, blank, white, cleared, sluttish, exculpated, calorie-free, uncontaminating, easy, loose, "the dancer was light and graceful"; "a lightsome buoyant step"; "walked with a light tripping step", Antonyms:dark, darkness, chaste, burdensome, doughy, perturbing, tenebrious, hefty, disturbing, onerous, darkening, big, black, Acherontic, glooming, subdued, sulky, soggy, heavy, unlit, heavy-duty, darkened, thick, distressful, fat, ponderous, heavier-than-air, darkling, darkish, Acheronian, dusky, tenebrous, dense, well, unilluminated, serious, semidark, massive, important, distressing, Stygian, dim, tenebrific, aphotic, compact, accented, non-buoyant, pitch-dark, pitch-black, significant, worrisome, lightless, taxing, impure, sufficient, gloomful, troubling, harsh, unlighted, leaden, gloomy, indigestible, fatty, twilit, deep, worrying, stressed, Cimmerian, demanding, twilight(a), intemperate, oppressive, crepuscular, caliginous, weighty, heavy-footed, weighted, Synonyms:light-headed, lilting, lite, wanton, wakeful, faint, lightheaded, swingy, low-cal, lightsome, light-colored, unaccented, weak, light-hearted, easy, promiscuous, abstemious, unclouded, clean, light(a), blithe, lighthearted, clear, idle, swinging, tripping, short, scant(p), blithesome, sluttish, swooning, calorie-free, loose, Antonyms:dark, darkness, weighty, lightless, demanding, caliginous, heavy, doughy, ponderous, pitch-dark, darkling, accented, soggy, Acherontic, tenebrious, gloomful, dense, pitch-black, crepuscular, heavy-footed, distressful, semidark, heavier-than-air, Cimmerian, significant, gloomy, heavy-duty, disturbing, stressed, subdued, darkening, worrisome, glooming, chaste, distressing, taxing, dusky, deep, perturbing, aphotic, troubling, tenebrific, sufficient, darkish, fatty, unlit, darkened, worrying, unlighted, oppressive, hefty, unilluminated, leaden, dim, thick, compact, indigestible, intemperate, serious, burdensome, twilit, black, fat, harsh, important, weighted, well, non-buoyant, big, onerous, sulky, Stygian, twilight(a), massive, tenebrous, Acheronian, impure, "the light touch of her fingers"; "a light breeze", Antonyms:dark, darkness, Cimmerian, hefty, weighty, Acheronian, distressful, heavy, black, impure, twilit, doughy, subdued, crepuscular, tenebrous, pitch-black, tenebrific, serious, big, darkling, burdensome, leaden, significant, caliginous, intemperate, dim, fat, indigestible, dusky, thick, perturbing, onerous, gloomy, unlighted, twilight(a), darkish, heavy-footed, well, unilluminated, weighted, aphotic, taxing, important, gloomful, sulky, non-buoyant, darkened, worrisome, tenebrious, soggy, ponderous, stressed, oppressive, Acherontic, glooming, worrying, pitch-dark, darkening, heavier-than-air, accented, fatty, sufficient, harsh, semidark, heavy-duty, distressing, deep, Stygian, unlit, disturbing, compact, lightless, chaste, demanding, dense, troubling, massive, (physics, chemistry) not having atomic weight greater than average, Antonyms:dark, darkness, lightless, doughy, sufficient, important, accented, intemperate, heavy, heavy-footed, crepuscular, darkened, weighty, black, demanding, compact, unlit, well, aphotic, impure, distressful, Stygian, subdued, thick, pitch-dark, tenebrious, oppressive, twilight(a), Acherontic, darkling, deep, darkish, distressing, non-buoyant, ponderous, glooming, darkening, indigestible, serious, fatty, unlighted, gloomy, burdensome, heavy-duty, fat, gloomful, soggy, massive, sulky, hefty, caliginous, big, onerous, worrying, harsh, dim, dense, heavier-than-air, weighted, significant, stressed, Cimmerian, Acheronian, chaste, troubling, tenebrific, dusky, tenebrous, semidark, twilit, unilluminated, worrisome, disturbing, taxing, perturbing, pitch-black, leaden, faint, light, swooning, light-headed, lightheaded(adj), "suddenly felt faint from the pain"; "was sick and faint from hunger"; "felt light in the head"; "a swooning fit"; "light-headed with wine"; "light-headed from lack of sleep", Antonyms:dark, darkness, significant, heavy-footed, hefty, onerous, heavy, well, harsh, chaste, big, Stygian, serious, leaden, darkened, darkling, sufficient, unlit, troubling, darkening, Acheronian, pitch-black, gloomful, oppressive, tenebrific, tenebrous, twilight(a), doughy, non-buoyant, important, indigestible, compact, weighty, deep, aphotic, dim, worrying, caliginous, stressed, Cimmerian, intemperate, lightless, twilit, ponderous, worrisome, subdued, distressful, taxing, sulky, accented, tenebrious, unlighted, dense, fatty, perturbing, distressing, burdensome, weighted, Acherontic, gloomy, heavier-than-air, dusky, disturbing, crepuscular, pitch-dark, darkish, thick, fat, glooming, heavy-duty, black, soggy, unilluminated, semidark, impure, demanding, massive, Synonyms:vague, light-headed, lite, wanton, wakeful, faint, lightheaded, feeble, featherbrained, low-cal, lightsome, fainthearted, light-colored, unaccented, shadowy, weak, easy, promiscuous, dim, airheaded, abstemious, unclouded, clean, timid, light(a), clear, idle, wispy, silly, faint-hearted, tripping, short, dizzy, scant(p), empty-headed, sluttish, swooning, calorie-free, giddy, loose, Antonyms:darkness, dark, semidark, tenebrific, Acheronian, Acherontic, darkling, heavy, unilluminated, worrying, dense, taxing, weighted, oppressive, tenebrious, troubling, burdensome, twilight(a), glooming, twilit, pitch-black, accented, impure, deep, gloomy, caliginous, distressing, disturbing, perturbing, black, ponderous, darkish, onerous, lightless, weighty, tenebrous, unlighted, serious, non-buoyant, stressed, crepuscular, indigestible, hefty, thick, heavy-duty, darkening, gloomful, aphotic, Stygian, leaden, doughy, soggy, chaste, intemperate, dim, heavier-than-air, distressful, harsh, sulky, big, darkened, fat, subdued, demanding, important, fatty, sufficient, unlit, pitch-dark, worrisome, Cimmerian, dusky, massive, heavy-footed, compact, well, significant, "abstemious with the use of adverbs"; "a light eater"; "a light smoker"; "ate a light supper", Antonyms:dark, darkness, gloomful, distressful, weighted, worrisome, accented, tenebrous, darkling, heavy, harsh, chaste, significant, pitch-dark, onerous, hefty, important, troubling, deep, twilit, massive, black, darkish, dusky, taxing, lightless, non-buoyant, serious, semidark, well, fatty, gloomy, ponderous, heavy-duty, dim, stressed, impure, Acherontic, intemperate, distressing, big, burdensome, aphotic, unilluminated, soggy, thick, disturbing, weighty, doughy, dense, indigestible, darkened, pitch-black, sufficient, subdued, leaden, tenebrious, heavy-footed, darkening, compact, perturbing, fat, caliginous, sulky, Acheronian, twilight(a), Stygian, glooming, heavier-than-air, unlighted, oppressive, unlit, tenebrific, crepuscular, demanding, worrying, Cimmerian, less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so, "a light pound"; "a scant cup of sugar"; "regularly gives short weight", Antonyms:darkness, dark, darkened, glooming, darkling, dim, fatty, Acherontic, caliginous, massive, unlit, troubling, sufficient, well, darkish, heavy, impure, indigestible, dense, onerous, stressed, harsh, Acheronian, chaste, big, subdued, unlighted, heavier-than-air, deep, doughy, perturbing, important, Stygian, pitch-black, hefty, worrisome, sulky, gloomy, lightless, distressful, weighty, heavy-duty, compact, serious, taxing, non-buoyant, worrying, unilluminated, intemperate, crepuscular, heavy-footed, twilit, significant, oppressive, distressing, tenebrous, demanding, ponderous, thick, tenebrific, fat, aphotic, accented, twilight(a), leaden, burdensome, tenebrious, semidark, darkening, black, disturbing, soggy, dusky, gloomful, Cimmerian, weighted, pitch-dark, Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavier-than-air, fatty, stressed, troubling, distressful, darkish, tenebrous, chaste, accented, sufficient, Acheronian, soggy, indigestible, unlighted, fat, perturbing, heavy, semidark, worrisome, gloomy, weighty, massive, well, oppressive, twilight(a), Stygian, aphotic, serious, darkling, heavy-duty, intemperate, dusky, onerous, leaden, harsh, ponderous, burdensome, worrying, weighted, hefty, glooming, unilluminated, unlit, subdued, Acherontic, pitch-dark, compact, impure, tenebrious, gloomful, darkened, taxing, important, crepuscular, disturbing, distressing, heavy-footed, dense, demanding, significant, deep, lightless, sulky, darkening, tenebrific, big, thick, doughy, pitch-black, Cimmerian, caliginous, non-buoyant, twilit, black, dim, intended primarily as entertainment; not serious or profound, Antonyms:dark, darkness, tenebrious, Acherontic, sulky, compact, harsh, caliginous, darkish, tenebrous, soggy, tenebrific, ponderous, glooming, doughy, pitch-dark, important, hefty, intemperate, massive, disturbing, black, serious, semidark, thick, darkening, gloomful, heavy, unilluminated, gloomy, worrisome, crepuscular, twilit, deep, stressed, chaste, weighted, distressing, well, fat, troubling, fatty, perturbing, onerous, distressful, big, heavier-than-air, dim, heavy-duty, worrying, pitch-black, aphotic, heavy-footed, weighty, leaden, darkling, lightless, non-buoyant, unlighted, impure, subdued, indigestible, unlit, dusky, burdensome, significant, dense, oppressive, Cimmerian, twilight(a), sufficient, Acheronian, demanding, darkened, Stygian, taxing, accented, "idle pleasure"; "light banter"; "light idle chatter", Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavy, stressed, thick, chaste, intemperate, ponderous, deep, heavier-than-air, important, soggy, worrying, tenebrous, taxing, heavy-footed, burdensome, sufficient, black, weighty, sulky, compact, twilight(a), well, indigestible, doughy, aphotic, onerous, perturbing, lightless, fat, tenebrific, tenebrious, heavy-duty, unilluminated, unlighted, unlit, worrisome, hefty, leaden, distressing, Stygian, non-buoyant, massive, darkened, glooming, fatty, serious, impure, Cimmerian, significant, troubling, oppressive, dense, semidark, darkling, disturbing, darkening, Acherontic, distressful, pitch-black, gloomful, pitch-dark, Acheronian, caliginous, big, dusky, harsh, subdued, twilit, weighted, darkish, gloomy, demanding, accented, dim, crepuscular, Synonyms:light-headed, lite, wanton, unfounded, jobless, wakeful, faint, lightheaded, low-cal, calorie-free, lightsome, dead, out of work, light-colored, unaccented, weak, easy, promiscuous, abstemious, unclouded, clean, light(a), baseless, clear, idle, wild, tripping, short, scant(p), unused, groundless, sluttish, swooning, unwarranted, loose, designed for ease of movement or to carry little weight, Antonyms:darkness, dark, demanding, darkish, intemperate, darkling, weighted, black, dim, big, unlit, compact, tenebrific, chaste, heavy, stressed, indigestible, worrisome, fatty, fat, unlighted, tenebrous, troubling, distressing, caliginous, serious, soggy, dusky, tenebrious, lightless, perturbing, semidark, gloomy, pitch-black, important, distressful, gloomful, subdued, unilluminated, significant, heavy-duty, oppressive, glooming, accented, Stygian, onerous, Acherontic, Cimmerian, sulky, burdensome, doughy, well, worrying, darkening, twilit, disturbing, heavier-than-air, deep, leaden, heavy-footed, aphotic, dense, twilight(a), crepuscular, harsh, sufficient, darkened, impure, thick, taxing, massive, hefty, Acheronian, ponderous, non-buoyant, weighty, pitch-dark, "diet cola"; "light (or lite) beer"; "lite (or light) mayonnaise"; "a low-cal diet", Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavy-footed, dim, heavy, important, serious, crepuscular, onerous, compact, sulky, worrying, dusky, tenebrific, darkling, stressed, glooming, darkening, well, caliginous, chaste, deep, significant, big, accented, taxing, fatty, heavy-duty, unlighted, pitch-dark, disturbing, demanding, ponderous, non-buoyant, worrisome, unilluminated, intemperate, doughy, Acherontic, semidark, sufficient, indigestible, lightless, subdued, heavier-than-air, oppressive, aphotic, burdensome, massive, perturbing, twilight(a), gloomful, leaden, Acheronian, soggy, gloomy, impure, dense, unlit, black, thick, tenebrous, tenebrious, pitch-black, fat, twilit, darkish, distressful, troubling, darkened, harsh, hefty, Stygian, weighted, weighty, distressing, Cimmerian, "in a light doze"; "a light sleeper"; "a restless wakeful night", Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavy-footed, well, Cimmerian, deep, heavy-duty, subdued, indigestible, crepuscular, tenebrous, gloomy, intemperate, demanding, black, compact, onerous, darkling, tenebrific, burdensome, glooming, harsh, pitch-dark, fatty, big, perturbing, stressed, serious, heavy, twilit, oppressive, aphotic, sufficient, massive, distressing, tenebrious, lightless, leaden, dim, unlighted, important, Acheronian, taxing, semidark, dense, worrying, pitch-black, heavier-than-air, disturbing, dusky, chaste, non-buoyant, impure, accented, troubling, twilight(a), unlit, darkish, Stygian, sulky, fat, weighted, darkened, soggy, Acherontic, weighty, ponderous, significant, doughy, unilluminated, worrisome, gloomful, darkening, distressful, thick, hefty, caliginous, Synonyms:weak, lightheaded, promiscuous, low-cal, open-eyed, unaccented, clean, lightsome, easy, faint, light(a), sluttish, loose, abstemious, clear, wakeful, idle, vigilant, unclouded, light-headed, short, scant(p), light-colored, calorie-free, wanton, swooning, lite, waking, argus-eyed, tripping, easy, light, loose, promiscuous, sluttish, wanton(verb), casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior, "her easy virtue"; "he was told to avoid loose (or light) women"; "wanton behavior", Antonyms:dark, darkness, worrisome, worrying, significant, darkling, perturbing, disturbing, ponderous, heavy, accented, harsh, fatty, tenebrious, oppressive, Cimmerian, soggy, stressed, lightless, Acherontic, tenebrific, non-buoyant, gloomy, distressing, compact, subdued, hefty, deep, semidark, impure, important, heavy-footed, sufficient, unlit, Acheronian, fat, darkish, twilight(a), taxing, heavy-duty, heavier-than-air, leaden, pitch-dark, dusky, serious, massive, sulky, crepuscular, well, darkening, troubling, dim, twilit, burdensome, unilluminated, thick, glooming, caliginous, dense, pitch-black, Stygian, big, onerous, aphotic, indigestible, chaste, intemperate, darkened, black, unlighted, weighted, distressful, gloomful, demanding, weighty, doughy, tenebrous, Synonyms:motiveless, light-headed, sluttish, wanton, wakeful, faint, prosperous, at large(p), well-situated, soft, gentle, idle, blowsy, lightsome, blowzy, light-colored, unaccented, slatternly, weak, low-cal, lite, easy, promiscuous, well-off, liberal, abstemious, informal, unclouded, leisurely, unaffixed, open, light(a), well-to-do, clear, well-fixed, easygoing, on the loose(p), comfortable, lightheaded, clean, tripping, short, scant(p), unprovoked, free, well-heeled, slack, swooning, calorie-free, escaped, lax, loose, light, illume, illumine, light up, illuminate(verb), Antonyms:dark, darkness, chaste, heavy, disturbing, massive, crepuscular, harsh, intemperate, burdensome, oppressive, weighted, tenebrous, significant, subdued, twilight(a), perturbing, ponderous, gloomy, unlit, accented, darkling, impure, Acherontic, dim, darkish, unlighted, darkening, pitch-dark, onerous, semidark, caliginous, non-buoyant, demanding, well, distressful, gloomful, big, black, weighty, serious, Stygian, glooming, aphotic, distressing, sufficient, heavy-duty, fatty, dense, lightless, doughy, worrying, Acheronian, deep, stressed, darkened, tenebrific, heavy-footed, taxing, troubling, fat, indigestible, sulky, hefty, unilluminated, Cimmerian, twilit, worrisome, tenebrious, heavier-than-air, important, soggy, compact, thick, leaden, dusky, pitch-black, Synonyms:brighten, fire up, enlighten, get down, crystalize, clear up, ignite, shed light on, illumine, illuminate, dismount, perch, sort out, clear, get off, elucidate, alight, crystallise, light up, straighten out, fall, crystallize, unhorse, crystalise, illume, "After the meal, some of the diners lit up", Antonyms:dark, darkness, darkling, ponderous, gloomful, crepuscular, weighty, tenebrific, sulky, burdensome, serious, dense, deep, gloomy, big, leaden, unilluminated, important, distressful, worrisome, dim, worrying, black, onerous, caliginous, perturbing, non-buoyant, troubling, lightless, oppressive, aphotic, stressed, heavy, Acherontic, Cimmerian, tenebrious, twilight(a), fat, glooming, darkening, darkened, sufficient, unlit, tenebrous, pitch-black, hefty, pitch-dark, unlighted, harsh, heavier-than-air, compact, fatty, disturbing, well, demanding, intemperate, soggy, significant, taxing, twilit, distressing, accented, subdued, Acheronian, darkish, thick, heavy-duty, massive, indigestible, Stygian, doughy, semidark, heavy-footed, chaste, impure, dusky, weighted, Synonyms:brighten, fire up, get down, clear up, ignite, dismount, illumine, illuminate, inflame, perch, clear, get off, alight, stir up, light up, fall, wake, unhorse, illume, heat, Antonyms:dark, darkness, impure, oppressive, Cimmerian, subdued, darkening, twilight(a), caliginous, pitch-dark, dim, disturbing, tenebrious, tenebrous, taxing, worrisome, serious, dusky, sulky, pitch-black, doughy, heavy, fat, deep, Stygian, darkling, onerous, non-buoyant, Acheronian, heavier-than-air, perturbing, harsh, gloomy, weighted, crepuscular, chaste, well, important, distressful, unlit, burdensome, twilit, demanding, semidark, hefty, accented, intemperate, weighty, unilluminated, unlighted, thick, fatty, distressing, lightless, darkened, compact, ponderous, black, stressed, Acherontic, leaden, significant, indigestible, sufficient, massive, aphotic, tenebrific, troubling, darkish, heavy-duty, worrying, dense, gloomful, heavy-footed, big, glooming, soggy, Synonyms:fire up, get down, ignite, illumine, illuminate, dismount, perch, get off, climb down, rest, alight, light up, fall, unhorse, roost, illume, cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat, "Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter"; "Light a cigarette", Antonyms:dark, darkness, significant, sufficient, darkish, serious, doughy, accented, dim, weighted, pitch-dark, pitch-black, darkling, thick, unlighted, Stygian, Acheronian, heavy, glooming, well, worrisome, stressed, ponderous, heavy-footed, troubling, impure, tenebrific, dense, weighty, disturbing, crepuscular, sulky, taxing, heavy-duty, gloomy, caliginous, hefty, unilluminated, massive, heavier-than-air, harsh, twilight(a), darkened, important, fat, tenebrious, black, burdensome, distressful, twilit, Acherontic, non-buoyant, unlit, chaste, indigestible, dusky, tenebrous, soggy, darkening, intemperate, semidark, aphotic, big, demanding, perturbing, worrying, gloomful, leaden, Cimmerian, compact, oppressive, subdued, fatty, distressing, deep, onerous, lightless, Synonyms:fire up, get down, catch fire, ignite, illumine, illuminate, dismount, inflame, wake, get off, alight, stir up, light up, erupt, fall, conflagrate, combust, perch, unhorse, take fire, illume, heat, "The task fell to me"; "It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims", Antonyms:dark, darkness, onerous, perturbing, weighted, darkening, tenebrous, heavy, non-buoyant, dense, chaste, intemperate, harsh, well, troubling, twilight(a), significant, pitch-dark, Stygian, leaden, Acherontic, hefty, pitch-black, heavy-duty, heavier-than-air, distressful, taxing, sulky, oppressive, caliginous, darkling, lightless, compact, distressing, heavy-footed, important, indigestible, weighty, accented, dim, fatty, dusky, tenebrious, ponderous, tenebrific, fat, unlighted, thick, glooming, doughy, big, Cimmerian, deep, darkish, gloomful, demanding, black, unlit, worrying, gloomy, sufficient, soggy, darkened, crepuscular, subdued, worrisome, aphotic, serious, unilluminated, twilit, impure, disturbing, massive, Acheronian, burdensome, stressed, semidark, Synonyms:fall, unhorse, ignite, shine, go down, accrue, come down, strike, devolve, dismount, perch, diminish, precipitate, settle, get off, lessen, get down, alight, light up, pass, descend, come, return, flow, illumine, illuminate, hang, fire up, decrease, illume, fall down, unhorse, dismount, light, get off, get down(adverb), Antonyms:dark, darkness, non-buoyant, gloomy, tenebrious, indigestible, dim, pitch-black, disturbing, accented, fat, darkened, Stygian, troubling, heavy, worrisome, Acherontic, subdued, stressed, chaste, distressing, pitch-dark, significant, semidark, weighty, darkling, weighted, serious, tenebrific, sufficient, dusky, hefty, gloomful, leaden, important, soggy, crepuscular, heavy-duty, Cimmerian, twilit, big, worrying, impure, harsh, glooming, black, massive, perturbing, onerous, well, intemperate, twilight(a), oppressive, unilluminated, darkish, fatty, demanding, lightless, deep, thick, Acheronian, ponderous, taxing, caliginous, distressful, compact, darkening, dense, aphotic, unlighted, unlit, doughy, heavy-footed, burdensome, sulky, tenebrous, heavier-than-air, Synonyms:trip out, swallow, write down, get, bring down, get off, trip, mail, send off, lower, demoralise, commence, dismount, illuminate, light up, demoralize, illume, fire up, dispirit, hop out, get out, fall, alight, set about, take down, set down, turn on, start, put down, begin, escape, perch, ignite, let down, cast down, start out, depress, send, illumine, get by, deject, dismay, get down, unhorse, get away, set out, Antonyms:darkness, dark, heavy-duty, impure, distressful, chaste, weighty, stressed, heavy, crepuscular, subdued, ponderous, indigestible, demanding, disturbing, fatty, Stygian, thick, non-buoyant, darkened, semidark, dense, unilluminated, accented, unlit, sufficient, big, serious, black, twilit, darkening, glooming, lightless, well, caliginous, pitch-dark, tenebrous, onerous, pitch-black, gloomy, tenebrious, worrying, aphotic, gloomful, compact, fat, deep, worrisome, dim, Cimmerian, troubling, doughy, taxing, Acheronian, unlighted, oppressive, perturbing, important, burdensome, Acherontic, tenebrific, significant, intemperate, weighted, distressing, dusky, sulky, hefty, soggy, heavier-than-air, massive, darkish, heavy-footed, darkling, twilight(a), leaden, harsh.

Main entry: on fire, ablaze, afire, aflame, aflare, alight. A flame is both hot and luminous; if it contains few solid particles it will yield little light, tho it may afford intense heat, as in the case of a hydrogen-flame. A blaze is an extensive, brilliant flame. Find another word for alight. This page is about all possible antonyms and opposite words for the term light. is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions.

Here you can find the antonyms list for the word alight. Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. The light of incandescence is intense and white like that from metal at a white heat.

Light, strictly denoting a form of radiant energy, is used as a general term for any luminous effect discernible by the eye, from the faintest phosphorescence to the blaze of the noonday sun. Alight synonyms and Alight antonyms. Alight antonyms. Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms. . Thanks for your vote!

alight | definition: to come to rest, settle | synonyms: land, perch, light, set down| antonyms: praise, increase, win, refrain, crescendo Illumination is a wide-spread, brilliant light, as when all the windows of a house or of a street are lighted. Definition: having abundant light or illumination, Usage: they played as long as it was light; as long as the lighting was good, Definition: absence of light or illumination, Definition: cause to start burning; subject to fire or great heat, Usage: Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter; Light a cigarette, Antonyms: quench, extinguish, blow out, snuff out, Definition: put out, as of fires, flames, or lights, Definition: characterized by or emitting light, Usage: a room that is light when the shutters are open; the inside of the house was airy and light, Definition: devoid of or deficient in light or brightness; shadowed or black, Definition: (board games) the darker pieces, Definition: the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white), Definition: of or belonging to a racial group having dark skin especially of sub-Saharan African origin, Definition: being of the achromatic color of maximum darkness; having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light, Definition: emitting or reflecting very little light, Definition: (used of color) having a relatively small amount of coloring agent, Usage: light blue; light colors such as pastels; a light-colored powder, Definition: (used of color) having a dark hue, Definition: of comparatively little physical weight or density, Usage: a light load; magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C, Definition: of comparatively great physical weight or density, Definition: psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles, Definition: marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness, Definition: not great in degree or quantity or number, Usage: a light sentence; a light accent; casualties were light; light snow was falling; light misty rain; light smoke from the chimney, Definition: unusually great in degree or quantity or number, Definition: (physics, chemistry) not having atomic weight greater than average, Definition: (physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight, Definition: of little intensity or power or force, Usage: the light touch of her fingers; a light breeze, Definition: of great intensity or power or force, Definition: not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure, Definition: lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance, Definition: (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum, Definition: (of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source, Definition: characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity, Definition: protected against attack (especially by nuclear weapons), Definition: of the military or industry; using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment, Usage: light infantry; light cavalry; light industry; light weapons, Definition: of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment, Usage: in a light doze; a light sleeper; a restless wakeful night, Definition: having great spatial extension or penetration downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or laterally or outward from a center; sometimes used in combination, Definition: relatively deep or strong; affecting one deeply, Main entry: swooning, faint, light, light-headed, lightheaded, Definition: weak and likely to lose consciousness, Usage: suddenly felt faint from the pain; was sick and faint from hunger; felt light in the head; a swooning fit; light-headed with wine; light-headed from lack of sleep, Definition: in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury, Definition: (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well'), Definition: having an (over)abundance of flesh, Definition: (of sound) having marked deepness and body, Definition: not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions, Definition: relatively dense in consistency, Definition: (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency, Definition: closely and firmly united or packed together, Definition: closely constrained or constricted or constricting, Main entry: unclouded, clean, clear, light, Definition: (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims, Usage: efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings; clear laughter like a waterfall; clear reds and blues; a light lilting voice like a silver bell, Definition: (used of persons or behaviors) immoral or obscene, Definition: combined with extraneous elements, Main entry: easy, promiscuous, light, loose, wanton, sluttish, Definition: casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior, Usage: her easy virtue; he was told to avoid loose (or light) women; wanton behavior, Definition: morally pure (especially not having experienced sexual intercourse), Definition: demanding little effort; not burdensome, Definition: requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill, Main entry: light, lite, low-cal, calorie-free, Definition: having relatively few calories, Usage: diet cola; light (or lite) beer; lite (or light) mayonnaise; a low-cal diet, Definition: containing or composed of fat, Definition: easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned, Definition: designed for ease of movement or to carry little weight, Definition: moving easily and quickly; nimble, Usage: the dancer was light and graceful; a lightsome buoyant step; walked with a light tripping step, Definition: (of movement) lacking ease or lightness, Usage: losing his job was no light matter, Definition: of great significance or value, Definition: important in effect or meaning, Definition: marked by temperance in indulgence, Usage: abstemious with the use of adverbs; a light eater; a light smoker; ate a light supper, Definition: (of weather or climate) not mild; subject to extremes, Usage: idle pleasure; light banter; light idle chatter, Definition: concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities, Definition: intended primarily as entertainment; not serious or profound, Definition: (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress, Usage: a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable; a weak stress on the second syllable, Definition: less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so, Usage: a light pound; a scant cup of sugar; regularly gives short weight, Definition: of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant.

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