I wanted to make a portable speaker out of an old speaker box I bought a couple of months ago and your circuit with bass boost was exactly what I needed. we will know it good or bad, right? I’ll save this site for future projects :), my god what a lovely loud sound every thing o.k. Please check and learn more. It is my first amplifier, I’m it is a mess but whatever, is working, thanks for sharing guys you are the Best. From what I’ve read the LM386 is not a very efficient amp as it is a class A amp and it produces a DC component. I have completed the first example, and I only have a few capacitors I can use, I’ve got the 0.1 uf but when using either 680 or 390uf it sounds fine(some distortion) with music, but voice is awful. I can upload schematic if you need. That amplification is what’s known as the voltage gain. I require two nos. A few questions. to crreate dc connection. But since I don’t, it will be the second best Audio System in the World !!! The idea is that they share the same audio signal but have a different volume, controlled by a multiple channel digital potentiometer (AD5204/6) through an Arduino. Thanks! Can anyone make Gerber’s of the “386 with Bass” circuit, would be nice to have PCB’s of this. At the moment, mine is in-between the basic “Minimal” and the “Great Sounding” versions until more parts arrive. Thank you for the article and all the circuits. Hi, great article. Also u can try with LM386 M1-DIP8 (not sop8). tda2050 or tda2030 single psu bridge amplifier circuit available? Hi Rafael! Dear Sir, Can you please help in that input portion? the best sound i have got with this chip, i have tried various circuit on the web and this one is the best sounding one. also what can I do to remove the Gain potentiometer and have only a volume one? It will be your good experience surely. Hi please could u email me the updated ones as in the video on one of the capacitors u didn’t say what it was you just said put a capacitor here. Using this for my school project. i love this site . Don’t despair. The output ground is “noisy” and will cause distortion in the input signal if it’s wired this way. Kindly help me Could u please send me an updated schematic? thanks! Yes Is it too low value or could something else be the case? Thanks! But you specify the voltage of each capacitor. I’ve built loads and sounds good. speaker intex it 2000.I want. For example, to increase the output of melody sound, for experiment Electronics learning. In which Rate of Speaker to be work on this circuit with best bass and volume. Hey :D I build this circuit and it is AMAZING but my LM386N-1 is getting really hot and i mean VERY HOT. Yeah, they are. Volume lets you adjust the sound level within the range of amplification set by the gain. I think it’s a decoupling capacitor for the inverted input. It keeps distorting the signal and squealing, or cutting it out all together. Hi hybee, the LM386 won’t output 16 watts. since then you happened to be my 1 st choice. Some how I miss old dos, in some ways it was less complicated back then. C4…7 aren’t for decoupling. Gain sets the range of possible volume levels. Both are non-polarized. Note to anyone working on this: follow the labels, not the colors. In other words, there are two foils that are rolled together and the foil that ends up on the outside should be connected to the negative, because that relatively large area of metal foil picks up interference, which results in noise in an amp. Thank you in advance. Thanks again. What will be the maximum power output from this configuration? I’m sure it would but wanted to see if you could see any problems? It’s not a “minimal components” audio amplifier. Just run the positive input straight into pin 3…, Have you looked into the TDA2003? Can you design a small active board maybe 25cm x 25cm or multiple board to plug into each other with 3 output chanel around 600watts each chanel at 8ohms and maybe around 1000watts or more at 4ohms with Bluetooth??? Disregard, I found the issue. (im doing the bass adjustable one), is this working right now? Basically speaking, I have doubled the schematic, sharing same 12V power supply, and using stereo pots. I use a 12V supply and a pot meter to attenuate the input signal to something below 0.6V. What is the voltages of the electrolytic capacitors? When you have a mini party. 15W Multi-Purpose TDA2030 This IC is popular all the time. My question is, how would the audio input be wired? taken. When I pause, it is absolutely silent, so I fixed that. You’ll then be able to get a slightly greater volume before clipping occurs. This is for the Fritzing image of the “Great Sounding Amplifier” and the amplifier with bass boost. Also can I double this and make stereo audio? Would you like a power amplifier circuit to make a project? In this case 10µF 25V with negative pole connected to pin 3 of LM386 and a 1KOhm resistor from ground to the same pin will suffice. Please, if anyone knows what might be going on, I will give you my firstborn child in exchange for the answer. It would be nice if you could post it and make it available to everyone. Did this circuit and worked more than 100%. I have made this circuit, and it works pretty good, just can’t crank it too high due to the distortion( can only go to about 3/4 throttle, but that ain’t bad). Have fun! Great Quality Approved by 600,000+ Customers, 10,000+ PCB Orders Per Day. Hi Onur, according to the datasheet, the LM386N-1 has the lowest minimum voltage requirement, which is 4 volts… So a 3.7V Li-Po battery will be just under the minimum. Can I use a 12V~0.8A power supply instead of a battery? I’ve built the circuit Im experiencing lots of noise A 0.1 μF capacitor between pins 4 and 6, for additional decoupling of the power supply to the chip. What’s the difference between the two potentiometers? Isn’t the 0.1uF not enought to filter out higher frequencies? Oh btw, i was trying to make the minimal lm386 aduio amplifier, I can try that, but i doubt it will work though, becos there isn’t any sound coming out of the speaker in the first place.

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