As part of the dominant alliance, they quickly turned on her when they realized how nasty and manipulative she could be. RELATED: Big Brother: The 10 Best Villanous Male Players Of All Time, Ranked. Big Brother has seen its share of villainous players throughout its lengthy run. Will had to use every fiber of his power to get through his. She controlled almost every eviction in her time in the house, and won seven competitions as well. Derrick has been running the entire house, undetected, from Day 1. Her being 1 question away from winning the final HOH and the game was so depressing. Jessica Hughbanks. Whether she was swapping spit with Nathan or climbing into bed and making out with her ex Justin, Alison had most of the guys under her spell at one point or another in the game and ran that house. Many on the jury admitted they would have voted for her to win had Steve decided to take her to the finals instead of evicting her in third place. She was destroying everyone else and the only people left were her, Jeff and Adam. She’s far from one of the best. On top of that, Ian beat Dan in the finale. Britney won competitions when she needed to! $500, 000 well-earned. Today, we'll be going over the top ten female players of Big Brother. Jen. He is playing with class and honesty and the alliances he has made have been well thought out in advance. Second, he didn't do any of the dirty work he needed to do to complete his master plans: he was one step ahead of the game, and knew how to convince anyone else to do anything at all necessary to carry himself further in the game. That is an important skill and is why he won his season. This method of elimination is now one of the most used in the game, and without Nakomis, it would have never come into existence. Not bad. Dan is very well the best player in the game of Big Brother because he had an extraordinarily strong strategy and took complete control of this game, and played it to its fullest elements. Earlier you said lisa Donahue did nothing. Although many have since tried and failed, Alison Irwin is the only houseguest in history to use her looks and flirting to take the Big Brother house by storm. one of the most calculated games I've ever seen and she deserves way more credit than she is actually getting. Great Guy, Bad Luck, I'd love to see him back some day. Big Brother, the American version of the worldwide television show, features contestants (called houseguests) that compete against each other to be the last Big Brother house resident and win $500,000. Has the potential to be though if she came back for a second chance. In the next week, he formed an alliance called the Silent Six, consisting of him, Boogie, Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Britney. She was able to get everyone in the house on her side and get saved with not even 1 vote to evict. Nakomis, in my opinion, is one of the best players ever to enter the Big Brother house. Winning every single endurance competition you've ever been a part of is no joke, but Rachel is one of the only Big Brother players to have that claim to fame. One of the only players who actually played the game to win money instead of playing for being liked by America. Why is that? He Should definitely be in the top 10! Drew is the most criminally underrated player of all time! But it caused his showmance to be evicted. Dan Gheesling clearly is the best Big Brother player of all time. But her ability to win competitions helped her ink out a win, while her showmance with fellow player Brendon (now her husband) helped make the pair fan favorites. GOAT. Best player in her season and perfected the floater strategy. Picking a bartender over a mother is plain cruel. Being likeable, handsome, and under the radar didn't hurt either. He deserves a second chance it's a shame he's not on AS2. Graf was caught in the crossfire, but she participated fully in fights and drama, mainly in her attempts to defend her showmance boyfriend (the two are still together, with child). How she won Big Brother 13 was a little bit of luck (in the form of convenient twists) and a lot of heart and determination. EDIT: You can also include or make a separate list to include Canadian contestants. Had no sort of power in any alliance and honestly wouldn't have won over most people in the house. She controlled almost every eviction. He is one of the best manipulators to ever playte game of Big Brother. Have you ever cried so much that you were able to build a small raft and row your way to the final three of Big Brother? Even Dick said that Eric was the only other person other than him and Daniele that could have won BB8. But even prior to her angry outburst, Simone caused a lot of friction in the house. Realistically, Maggie, Vanessa, Danielle, Janelle and Jun would probably be top 5 overall? Cookies help us deliver our Services. It wasn't until Big Brother 18 that a woman beat out a man in the finals. Rachel wasn't even a good villain, she was annoying. She used the "keep your mouth shut and your ears open" approach and everyone thought she was a weak player, hence why she was never nominated. Added by faythe921998. Another hated player (please don't send death threats to people on TV, that's not nice), Maggie won season six with ease. Memphis was very underrated he had a huge target on his back after winning the car and still made it to final two. But in the house, some competitors saw her as public enemy number one. James is the king of veto and should be ranked at least in top 10. Wouldn't wanna face him in the finals. Rachel Riley and her overrated "gameplay" with production rigging her win. go ahead and add it! But Jun deserved to win as much as Alison. She was in everyone's ear, and had a hand in every single eviction up until Andy betrayed her (surprise surprise). This is another reason of why Dan's unanimous win makes him the king of Big Brother. She also didn't let anyone tell her what to do. When it comes down to it, Danielle Reyes is the best female Big Brother player of all time, and one of the best players, period. Confused at Karen's inclusion but I'll accept it. I hated her on the show cause I rooted for Johnny Mac the whole time but looking back she played an incredible game and is one of the best players in BB history. She was the underdog hero that probably won if it wasn't for the Brigade (and even then, if her or Lane had won the final four veto, she would have beaten Lane or Hayden in the final 2).In her second time around, she wasn't as much a competition beast as a power broker. I think Neda might be the most well-rounded in terms of social, strategic, and competition prowess? Boogie is the bomb and has at times had the same drive to win just like Dr. Will, but him and Dr. Will had targets on their backs all season seven and still had Boogie win, he is definitely the best because he won all-stars. One might say this show has turned into an orgy of hotness. My favorite player of all time! Derrick Levasseur is one of the smartest game players to date. Both of the players played ruthless games, and Alison was one of the most powerful players of the season. The smartest move he made was getting rid of BB legend Vanessa before the final 2 so he was sitting next to Liz who did even less than steve. My personal favorites are: Danielle Reyes, Jun, Janelle, Neda, Vanessa and Kaela. Nakioms: Nakioms. An intro of the best female player from each season of Big Brother US in MY Opinion Rachel is awesome I loved her from the time she stepped in the big brother 12 house. Plenty of male players fit this bill, but here are the 10 best female villains from the show’s history, ranked. The other comp that she "lost" was the veto in her 2nd HOH. THIS girl deserves way more respect and credit than she gets. While she's never made it to the final two seats, she ended two of her three seasons with the bronze prize. He was a threat to his competition, and was evicted mid-season in BB6 when Howie made one of the dumbest game moves as a Head of Household ever. He laid low after his week 1 scare and aligned with Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Brit AKA the four most powerful players to be his shields while he dominated comps in the jury phase. When he won the point of view and wanted to use it to backdoor one of the Donato's he wasnt allowed to because America couldn't vote. She aligned herself with Jason while keeping it a secret from the houseguests and was able to make it with him to the final 3, by displaying a weak persona to the rest of the house, manipulating houseguests and being very perceptive at the same time. Most strategic player in his alliance, The Brigade. Daniele showed superior gameplay throughout the season such as her alliance with the Late Night Crew, which she potentially picked them off one by one.

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