I loved the episode where TJ gets captured by the kindergarteners!I loved recess and I love visiting my childhood through watching TV shows like Recess. The show cleverly encapsulated stereotypes, evident in the roles of the main characters. This show is and always has been so important to me as a representation of what kids do. This episode takes on global economics as T.J. goes from rags to riches, and at one point owns 80% of Monstickers. The viewer was shown only a few members of the teaching staff. 3. I loved that one. Third Street gets a new technology system installed dubbed SAL 3000 that is able to control every function within the school. I prefer animation over live action any day. The Ashleys imitate his style and wear the same type of glasses he wears. When her friends hear the news at school Mikey flings his arms to his head and dramatically screams ‘Noooo! 10:05. If there’s a way you can check out the other episodes then I recommend doing so . The yard acts as the battlefield and the students as soldiers. They teach her how to play sports, until she loses control and no longer wants to go inside. I also love the one in which Spinelli becomes an Ashley after it gets out that she is actually ‘Ashley Spinelli’. The gang go to the library to get some books for their newest project, whilst there they speak of an urban legend of a kid who stays indoors all recess, named ‘The Library Kid’. From its launch on September 13th, 1997, to its cancellation on November 5th, 2001, the series had broadcasted 65 episodes, with 2 stories per episode, having 128 stories.

This episode tells the story of two friends who grew apart in a massive way, but appreciate a promise made and the idea of “once was” enough to honour the past one day a year. My personal favourite is ‘The Economics of Recess’. Miss Finster hosts a ‘Luau’ (Hawaiian party) for herself and Spinelli, just like she used to do with Spinelli’s grandmother back in Guam. They communicate where she is in the aisles of the library for example Vince says ‘she’s coming back towards philosophy’.’The Library Kid’ (clearly inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda) explains how she was an avid reader from a young age, and how she looked forward to joining Kindergarten. The closer they get to finding the treasure, the more greedy people grow. It embodies just about how all kids probably felt in their time when they had recess. The episode reveals how characters such as Gus forget about their friends in favour of power and popularity which is something that happens so often with children and its message of the importance of friendship and being yourself was what made me enjoy it so much. I really enjoyed that episode. 10. When he is allowed to leave his punishment he is agitated by square shapes as they remind him of ‘The Box’. which is full of nerds who don’t go outside for recess. Here are some honourable mentions (of episodes) that did not make it into my list. I hope kids still have communities like this.

Simply loved it. Screenfice covers the latest Film & TV news. His presentation is based around supporting Miss Grotke with a ‘Get Well Soon card ‘ and he expresses that he feels like the class have forgotten Miss Grotke. There are kids in the team belonging to Principal Paul who resemble the gang. I recall this feeling as I used to dislike having my picture taken at school. Mikey’s Pants ( Series 4, Episode 84) – Mikey’s pants split and the gang have to help hide Mikey before he is taken away by Miss Finster to have his trousers sewn up, Schoolworld (Series 4, Episode 88) – The school installs a new system called SAL 3000 which controls everything (. Spinelli throws a dirt clod into The Ashleys clubhouse and to get revenge on her The Ashleys enter Spinelli into a beauty contest as a joke. The group grows suspicious of T.J. when it’s revealed that he has a secret friend, and they vow to find out who it is. There were characters that were unique and suited to roles in the school-yard such as The Guru Kid – an advisor, The Diggers -twins Sam and Dave who loved to dig holes in the school lawn, Upside Down Girl -a female who amusingly was perpetually hanging upside down from a frame in the yard. The imaginative possibilities of playgrounds, where the smallest places and decisions can have the grandest fantastic scale, defined my childhood. The older I get, the more I appreciate the thought put into it, and it remains to be one of my favourite shows. 24 3 +21. Nerdy Steve says (of Gretchen), ‘She rocks my planet’.

I have seen each episode of Recess more times than I care to admit, and I would happily double that number. He is cautious of them but soon sees that they are quite welcoming towards him. Vince starts to cry out in the crowd ‘No it’s all over!’, but the judges are impressed by Spinelli’s honesty and she wins. It’s amusing to see the friends smartened up and loathing the fact that they must have their pictures taken. I also really liked the Picture Day episode because of how it played out. Your email address will not be published.

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The show followed the mishaps and adventures of a gang of six close knit 9- 10 year old friends, set in an elementary school environment. Thanks for writing this and allowing us to experience a little nostalgia.

Vince particularly takes it seriously.

Vince LaSalle – the sporty superstar jock, Gus Griswald – the unlucky military inspired kid. The children attended ‘Third Street Elementary School’, presided over by Principal Prickly who was a cantankerous, stubborn man who occasionally showed a more understanding side and believed that ‘kids will be kids’. Ok, rant over. I love this show! Classism, everyone! Want to write about Animation or other art forms? Prickly takes the whole situation very seriously and chooses T.J and the gang to represent his school in the game. The kids start to go slightly crazy and lose their energy constantly talking about pencils, test boxes and unsurprisingly – wanting freedom.

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Gretchen and the Secret of Yo (Series 2, Episode 38) – Gretchen finds a new talent in yo-yos and she enters a yo-yo competition. The gang go to Principal Paul’s school where they have installed a 50 foot flagpole (to rival Principal Prickly’s flagpole). Now, to enjoy anything on the playground, one must have X amount to pay for each activity. Spinelli, on the contrary, insists that she didn’t do it, but won’t say what really happened. Episode Highlight: Spinelli points at the gang’s volcanoes and shouts ‘look out they’re gonna blow’. “I want you to write me an essay about how it’s wrong to bully people… unless it’s in the geopolitical interests of the United States.”, I’ve actually been wanting that show. The episode where Miss Finster interrogates the students to discover who started a food fight. Yes that was a good episode too, the Kindergartners were crazy but entertaining. It’s a sweet episode with call-backs to Stand By Me, and a reality that most of us can relate to. It never gets old to me; there’s always something to uncover. I love Recess.

I’m sorry, it’s true. The Government decide to officially cancel recess as test grades are failing. The gang intervene, Gretchen explains from her book The Pocket (Sigmund) Freud that T.J must confront his fears and return to ‘The Box’. Whenever I think of Recess, I imagine Muriel hula-dancing in her grass skirt. T.J Detweiler – the protagonist and leader of the gang, an adventurous prankster and the amiable everyman. The title of the show refers to the time of the day when students are temporarily free of studying in lessons and can play sports in the school-yard or generally hang out with their friends. Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows News Live Fashion Learning ... recess episode the spy who came in from the playground by Superfly77262. This is particularly notable as T.J is normally very chilled so this change in behaviour is unexpected. I love this episode, and its showcase of childhood innocence through generations. I think most of us would agree that it played a huge role in our growth and understanding. It seems everyone likes Mr E, except for T.J. On Friday most of the presentations are well received, and T.J unexpectedly gives a presentation. Recess Schools Out Animation Movies For Kids by Daren Jones. You know the highlight for me in The Substitute Teacher?

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