Thanks to Dale’s latest Insta video, we might actually have an answer. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are reportedly engaged after three weeks on The Bachelorette—here's what you need to know about the rumors. The One Thing Steve Carell And Michael Scott Have In Common, Ellen DeGeneres Is So Desperate For A Comeback, She Tweets Every Two Hours. Video of Hannah B’s final dance on DWTS was perfect. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Kristina is back on BIP and she’s ready to expose Blake. 'Vanderpump Rules': How Did Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor Meet? Clare Crawley & Dale Moss' First Encounter Body Language Was "Genuine" By Candice Jalili and Hannah Orenstein. Another Bachelorette scandal was just revealed! These are the questions that we are dying to know the answers to as we approach week two of Clare’s quest for love. Luckily for Clare, her beau seems to have more in common with her than what initially meets the eye. He even scoops one of his larger dogs into her arms and rocks the pup back and forth as he plants a sweet kiss on its forehead. Dale Moss and Clare Crawley ABC. By the time the show resumed filming about four months later, Clare had had plenty of time to Instagram-stalk her contestants — most notably Dale Moss, a 31-year-old former football player. Clare Crawley and fiance Dale Moss' relationships timeline is a whirlwind. Clare is the first Bachelorette to ever bring her dogs with her to filming, and according to Dale’s video, he is also a huge dog lover. Dale’s arms were maybe just what the doctor ordered for the Cali-based hairstylist, who almost immediately squealed, “I think I just met my husband”...before proceeding to hyperventilate like she needed Dale to come back and give her some mouth-to-mouth. What Has Amber Riley Been Up To Since ‘Glee’? We’ve got a house full!” Why yes he certainly does! From night one on 'The Bachelorette' to getting engaged, see all! And the pair’s commonality has nothing to do with spending weeks on end at six feet apart. While that moment was captured on camera, a similar moment during season 12 of The Bachelorette was not shown. Dale’s video begs the question: how much time will he and Clare spend together before she discovers that his passion for dog ownership matches her own? The Bachelorette’s Blake Moynes reminds fans of Teen Mom 2 star David Eason, Dale had left New York to go see Clare Crawley, Reality Steve calls out ABC producer for twisting the truth, says ABC ‘is selling a lie’, Bachelorette fans hope Tayshia Adams will save the season but Reality Steve says there’s no happy ending, Clare Crawley and Dale Moss married? Related: ‘The Bachelorette’: This Is Clare Crawley’s Biggest Turn-Off. We will have to tune into ABC on Tuesday night to know for sure. Under the video, the heartthrob included the caption: “the doggy bunch. BACHELORETTE star Dale Moss - who has reportedly fallen in love with Clare Crawley causing her to quit - has showcased six of the reasons she's fallen for him. Some folks might think that having four dogs is a handful, but Dale seems to take on his role of puppy parent with a kind of tender responsibility. Oct. 15, 2020. Luckily for Clare, her beau seems to have more in common with her than what initially meets the eye. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss might have had the ultimate pandemic meet-cute in last week’s episode of The Bachelorette. And even more interesting: will Dale interact with Clare’s dogs over the course of filming? What did you think? In the clip, Dale introduces his followers to four pups named Hendrix, Legacy, Havoc and Zeus, as they run around his property. Fans discuss the newest Bachelorette rumor. If that doesn’t make Clare’s heart melt, we don’t know what will! Clare Crawley and Dale Moss might have had the ultimate pandemic meet-cute in last week’s episode of The Bachelorette. After 12 days of filming, Clare fell so hard for contestant Dale Moss that she straight-up “refused to come out of her room” to film with other men and then lowkey quit the show for him. While our newest Bachelorette is definitely smitten, is her crush anything more than just the after effects of a long, solo quarantine? After reiterating that she missed hugs during quarantine maybe a million times, Clare’s need for human contact sent her running into the very hunky embrace of the former football star. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, Here's What We Know About Jude Law And Daniel Craig's Love Triangle With Sienna Miller, ‘The Bachelorette’: Dale Moss & Clare Crawley Might End Up Together For This Reason, The Bachelorette’: This Is Clare Crawley’s Biggest Turn-Off,,, Watch: Reality Steve Leaks The Video That Spoiled Clare’s Season, ‘The Bachelorette’: Clare Crawley Has A Baby Bump In Newest Promo, Zayn Malik Doesn't Show Gigi Hadid Any Love When He Announces Their Daughter's Birth, The Moment 'Big Bang Theory' Fans Realized Penny Was Smarter Than She Looked, Gwen Stefani's Post About 'The Voice' Is Dominated By Fans Gushing About Her Engagement, Here's Everything We Know About Heidi Klum's Four Kids. Next: ‘The Bachelorette’: Clare Crawley Has A Baby Bump In Newest Promo. Clare and Dale are under contract to ensure they don’t leak any information about what is going on. 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