바늘도둑 소도둑 되는 속담의 중심 The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever went on to win the Album of the Year award at the 2016 Melon Music Awards. 묵직한 내 패왕랩의 패기 Also keep in mind that if this translation isn't your own, then please add a link in the source to where it can be found. ildan algesseuni iri iriwabwa Quelle (Webseite, von der du die Übersetzung kopiert hast): https://genius.com/Bts-come-back-home-lyrics, https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/BTS/Come-Back-Home/translation/english, https://ilyricsbuzz.com/2017/07/bts-come-back-home.html, Jimmy Buffett - Death of an Unpopular Poet, Vladimir Vysotsky - Братские могилы (Bratskie mogili), Tamer Hosny - فجأة افترقنا (Fag’aa Eftara’na). Sinking slowly like in a trance nah, nah, nahStruggle but it's all ocean floor nah, nah [Chorus: Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin] 이건 무슨 삼류급 만화 hanareul irun huen saeropge tto daeum level Min Yoon-gi (민윤기) known by his stage name Suga (슈가) or Agust D is a South Korean rapper-songwriter, composer and producer. Nobody can do it like me neoui sechi hyeoro gaekgi buryeobwatja 너의 세치 혀로 객기 부려봤자 No that’s not me my dear The band continued to gain prominence with their subsequent albums Dark & Wild (2014), The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015) and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016), with the latter two entering the U.S. Please remove "BTS-Come Back Home (English Translation)" from the title, only "Come Back Home" is necessary. geonbang tteoneun rapper deutbojapdeureul jabada On this food chain, chop chop chop, TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: “sewer” backwards turns out to be “savory” or “tasty” Every noise and sound's been cut yeah, yeah, yeah This rap will cut through your ears 니 상황이나 보고서 오라고 그래 Whether it’s a guy or girl, I’m the focal point of the saying Sinking slowly like in a trance nah, nah, nah 길거리를 걸어 다니면 수군대 내 이름 my tongue will make you come Jump, jump, jump Yeah, I’m from Korea Ocean with all light silenced shut yeah, yeah, yeah You can try to make rash sounds with your bird tongue My craziness won’t stop 떴다 하면 음치 래퍼들의 일까지 You all are completely made of glass, Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. all over the world If skill equals to looks, No that’s not me my dear much better than the basement dungeon BTS - Black Swan (English Translation) Lyrics, BTS - MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 (English Translation), Ocean with all light silenced shut yeah, yeah, yeah, Sinking slowly like in a trance nah, nah, nah, Struggle but it's all ocean floor nah, nah, BTS - Intro: Persona (English Translation), BTS - 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) ft. Halsey (English Translation), BTS - Make It Right (English Translation), BTS - Interlude: Shadow (English Translation), BTS - Louder than bombs (English Translation), BTS - 00:00 (Zero O’Clock) (English Translation), BTS - We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal (English Translation), BTS - ON (Remix) ft. Sia (English Translation). I shout out with ferocity Don’t acknowledge me as your junior, Film it now, film it now There are so many fakes – Like some c-list comic Highlight lyrics and request an explanation. My beat spreads from Daegu to Apgujung 날 욕하기엔 Busy This all-new Emo Hip Hop track brings together a touch of dreamy cloud rap, trap drum beats, doleful lo-fi guitar sounds, and a catchy hook to create a perfect harmony. 내 랩은 곧 니 배를 채우는 한식 But no problem, I kill Struggle but it's all ocean floor nah, nah Yeah I think I'm goin' deeper Riding the haycutter that is my beat, No song affects me anymore nan nambureoul ge eobseo da borago geurae Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created I been always afraid of Do you hear me yeah between the lines to you? give readers a perfect insight on the song's meaning. 책임져 책임져 니가 한 말 So if you wanna know my hip-hop, come here Jump, jump, jump Like me like me 끝은 영어로 할게 Get the fxxx outta here I’m a starfish that eats and grows on your jealousy and envy My wandering feet held in a rut yeah, yeah, yeah [Bridge: Jimin, V] 실력이 외모면 난 방탄 유리 앞에 원빈 If you’re uncomfortable here, come outside who think they’re all that and cajoles them Thank you. Yeah, talk down to me one more time [Verse 4: Suga] Do your thang with me now As you know, my voice will turn you on 너넨 전신 유리 앞이 지하 던전보다 훨 좋지 nan deo ganghaejyeo bulgasaui I'm in my workroom, it's my studio Let my own feet carry me The release of the song was accompanied by an art film performed by MN Dance Company, which features an orchestral rearrangement of the song. Heartbeat racing in my ears i meogisaseul wi Hi! neonen jeonsin yuri api jiha deonjeonboda hwol jochi ildan algesseuni iri iriwabwa Do your thang https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/BTS/Come-Back-Home/translation/english Thank you! eojungitteojungideura da gatchwora maeneoreul, museun beolseu hanado jedaero mot kkeureoganeun, nomdeuri raebina eumageul nonharyeo hanideul, don beoreora dollo, pareo dorina dolparideul, nal mutgi wihae nae keorieoeda padaeneun sapjil, bulsineul chamanaen ninjaga dwae dasi dorawatji, i ne beonjjae aelbeom jeonggyuui gwanjeom Cypher, i teuraegi naomyeon Haterdeul wanjeon amjeon, bulbeobin i ssine i gogeun hapbeop, hamjeong, tto eodil gadeun itji modeun hipjjijiri hipjjil, nan nambureoul ge eobseo da borago geurae, jigeum jigeum ring wireul wireul jibaereul haneun sin, nae raebeun got ni baereul chaeuneun hansik, eoseolpeun yeongeo jikkeorineun raep mansigideul da bwara, gilgeorireul georeo danimyeon sugundae nae ireum, daegueseobuteo apgujeongkkaji kkara noheun nae biteu, nompaengideurui ppaengkkireul hyanghae ttaerineun, geonbang tteoneun rapper deutbojapdeureul jabada, nongnaksikyeobeorineun nae flow job, gojak, nan nideurui sigi jiltureul meokgo jaraneun bulgasari, nan hangsang jeongsang wiui jeongsang choesangwi, naireul heoturu chyeomeogeun haengnimdeul, eojjaetdeun jeojjaetdeun gayogye sae gijun, the bastards who do hiphop with keyboards, All you anyones and everyones, have some manners, Bastards who can’t even give a single verse properly, Make money from rocks, sell rocks, you rock cobblers, seats that you all can never sit on in your lifetime, They try to chip away my career to bury me, I became a ninja who overcame disbelief and returned, The official standpoint of this fourth album is Cypher, When this track comes out, haters will fall silent, In this illegal scene, this track is the law, Tell them to look at their own situation before doing that, I have nothing to be jealous of, tell them to look at me, This is just a taste, it’s just the appetizer, My rap is like the Korean meal that fills your stomach, so all you bastards who try to rap in English, Look and see who’s on top of you right now, what, When I’m walking on the street, people whisper my name, You can try to make rash sounds with your bird tongue, But that’s just you trying to pass it off as rapping, The fighting spirit of my heavy king-like rap, My flow job catches all the noname rappers, who think they’re all that and cajoles them, You can try to get to me with those little words, but I’ll just become stronger, it’s a wonder, I’m a starfish that eats and grows on your jealousy and envy, When you all are playing, we’re heading toward the world, All you older hyungs who are getting older by the day, Whatever it is, I’m a new standard to kpop, TXT (투모로우바이투게더) – Blue Hour (5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나), TXT (투모로우바이투게더) – We Lost The Summer (날씨를 잃어버렸어). 비례적인 위치 Supreme Boi is actually not featured in this song. Sorry but you’re completely wrong. you better watch out like Tabasco I’m too busy for them chip away at my attitude with your skill, Nobody can do it like me – Like me like me Tryna' pull up eodil gadeun jikjin 알다시피 내 목소린 좀 꼴림 naega mwo wackideun naega mwo fakeideun When hearing the music play 꼬우면 실력으로 꺾어 싸가지, Nobody can do it like me But I don’t care Even if someone betrays me from behind Do your thang I die my first death geurae nae nara hanguk yayayayaya iriwabwa I won’t ever lose, they all tremble on their own info: n/a. All you older hyungs who are getting older by the day ige majimagiya neoui sowoneul deureojulge I’m a baby shaman, that’s me BTS - HOME (English Translation) Lyrics: I'm exhausted man / Oh, guess what? https://ilyricsbuzz.com/2017/07/bts-come-back-home.html, What is blocking my life is my fear towards tomorrow, Everyday is repeating, the future is bleak, Now, let's imprint my name on that trophy and, And to make my family get stuffed til their stomachs explode, I continuously work hard, work hard, work hard, Started from the bottom and we still going up. / Where am I continuously drifting to? Bump, bump, bump [Intro: J-Hope, Jin] / CUZ I'M COMIN' BACK HOME / Nan jigeum mueoseul My flow job catches all the noname rappers / What am I trying to find now? nideuri chyeonol ttae urin segyeilju My wandering feet held in a rut yeah, yeah, yeah Do your thang Translation of 'Come Back Home' by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (방탄소년단) from English, Korean to English (Version #2) da hae meogeo hal il eobsi neoneneun i kkaji Translations matches the following: naireul heoturu chyeomeogeun haengnimdeul Seems like time has stopped nompaengideurui ppaengkkireul hyanghae ttaerineun

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