At this time, more than 600 institutions are using Tandem. We're always looking for people to raise the bar and help us deliver an even Tandem is one of four companies owned by CoNetrix, LLC.

(800) 356-6568 All Tandem products are available under the same secure website. Today, Tandem serves more than 600 financial institutions, with over 11,000 active users in over 45 states. Every employee on the Tandem team is committed to sustaining tools for your bank to build a custom program compliant with current regulatory guidance." After releasing as its new marketing website, Tandem launches the Tandem Partner Program, empowering regional consultants to help users manage the contents of their programs in Tandem. Develop and distribute a social media training course, based on industry expectations and your organization’s social media best practices. Twitter Tandem wins a BankNews Innovative Solution Award Honorable Mention for the Best Online/Remote/Mobile Solution. CoNetrix is known for innovative solutions and excellent quality. In response to the growing focus on the FACT Act of 2003 (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act), we focused our development on, and launched, an easy-to-use system for creating and maintaining the required Identity Theft Prevention Program. CoNetrix is Publish to all accounts from one secure site. LinkedIn, © 2020 CoNetrix | Legal Notice | Privacy Policy, Firewall and IDS/IPS Monitoring and Management. The guidance is intended to help financial institutions understand potential compliance, legal, reputation, Track and limit employee access to your social media accounts. institution have a risk management program to identify, measure, monitor, and control risks related to social

operational, and other risk associated with social media. Artists with a keen eye for what just looks right. component utilizes Google's Safe Browsing API to provide an additional level of security for our users who wish to Administrators can easily track posts through the publishing steps. Visionaries to help us formulate a picture of what could be. The Information Security Risk Assessment was developed to help banks and credit unions complete their annually required Information Security Risk Assessments per GLBA. The annual Tandem User Group and Information Security Conference is rebranded as the KEYS Conference. This was a decision we did not take lightly. In March, Tandem had to make the tough decision to cancel the 10 th annual KEYS Conference. The Information Security Risk Assessment is threat-based and includes a step-by-step process with a questionnaire designed to provide recommended risk levels for more than 60 pre-defined threats to financial institutions. But it didn't take long to decide that a Easily export your detailed social media risk management program, a list of published posts and each post’s approval log, or a report of your monitoring results in presentation-ready formats, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. LinkedIn, © 2020 CoNetrix | Legal Notice | Privacy Policy, Firewall and IDS/IPS Monitoring and Management, Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance. KEYS - Tandem User Group & Information Security Conference KEYS is an annual Tandem user group and information security conference created to provide Knowledge Essential to Your Security. A problem our clients

In response to the FFIEC's release of their guidance, "Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment," we promptly developed and launched Tandem Internet Banking Security. A Subsidiary of CoNetrix. (800) 356-6568 This culminated into a service we called "Information Security Program.". We expanded Tandem Risk Assessment to include Information Asset Risk Assessments. software suite. In response to the FFIEC's release of their PDF, "Cybersecurity Assessment Tool," Tandem promptly develops and launches Tandem Cybersecurity and wins the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award for Best Management/Operations/Processing Solution. As part of the Tandem Security and Compliance online software suite, the Information Asset Risk Assessment portion provides templates to assist in quantifying the likelihood and potential damage of threats to various individual assets belonging to financial institutions. Tandem grew out of the confidence that there is a solution for every problem. Tandem uses Google's Safe Browsing API to provide an additional level of security for our users who wish to share links in their posts. CoNetrix, LLC, the parent company of Tandem, wins the community award for Best Workplace in Lubbock, TX. At this time, more than 300 institutions are using Tandem. CoNetrix security professionals have designed Tandem software using guidance from the FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve, NCUA, and CFPB. better service to our customers. Monitor social media sites for posts about your financial institution. So in 2007 we began developing the do-it-yourself Thinkers to ask the hard questions and consider opportunities. software solution could help more people, and faster. Create a custom review process for authoring, scheduling, and approving posts. Tandem launches the Tandem App and delivers the ability for users to access their business continuity plan (BCP) from any mobile device. About Tandem Security and Compliance Software: Tandem was the first comprehensive online Information Security Program software solution designed to help financial institutions create and maintain a complete program to comply with GLBA and the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Information Security Standards. Take me to! SLC titled "Social Media: Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance."

We released Tandem Social Media Management, allowing institutions to create, approve, and manage social media posts with an emphasis on risk management. CoNetrix began providing IT support and network implementation services to community banks. Enroll an unlimited number of employees in online training and generate reports to show training completion and effectiveness.

The web-based risk assessment software follows a multi-step process with downloadable documents in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats. "If honesty and integrity are values that resonate when selecting an Information Security technology partner, then Tandem software is for your institution. The software module offers asset specific risk assessment types (which act as templates for different assets); data type management to manage data classification and document which assets house various data types; and a threat management component to manage controls, compliance, impact, and guidance associated with identified threats. Innovators to design solutions and implement systems. First we supported them by helping maintain their documents. On December 11, 2013, the FFIEC released a guidance on behalf of the FDIC, OCC, FRB, NCUA, CFPB, and

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