The situational theory can be described as a theory that proposes the organizational or workgroup context affects the extent to which given leader traits and behaviors will be effective. I am.". He went on to serve in senior leadership roles in all of Walmart’s business segments. He obtained numerous awards and recognitions including, Forbes #10 most powerful people (2013), The Committee Encouraging Philanthropy (CECP) – Force for Good Award and the Committee for Economic Development (CED) – Global Leadership Award which are relevant to this assignment. Although he has had to keep up with the social and technological trends shaping our world in order to successfully continue leading his company. For the most part, he had credibility with the shareholders but companies like Walmart that are so influential will always have the eye of the public and the interest groups watching which causes obstacles for true transparency. What’s next for Walmart under the leadership of new CEO Doug McMillon is the focus of the Spring edition of Walmart Supplier News. "As a leader during transformation, you have to be out in front — show that you want to learn, be curious, introduce new ideas, ask questions," McMillon writes. He was named president and CEO in 2014. Analysis of the Leadership by the CEOs of Fortune500 companies. Doug Mc Million uses transformational and democratic leadership style. On the subject of privacy and transparency, McMillon shared a common sense point of vi. After learning about Doug McMillon… Under Doug’s leadership, Walmart is making life easier for busy families and building trust with customers. ", He also writes about being forward-thinking and avoiding only making decisions in the moment. Her job duties call for her to be responsible for the retail giant’s expansion into the sub smaller stores that they have around the nation. Several times a week, I see or hear about something creative our associates have done," McMillon writes. The Statement on the Purpose of a … Doug Mcmillon is the current president and CEO of Wal-Mart stores. As CEO, Doug leads a strong management team that works hard to promote Walmart’s slogan and the core of its corporate mission: “Save money. We can see his leadership being challenged by these issues, which gives us the ability to evaluate his style and behaviors. Who is working on today, and who is working on tomorrow? Duke was part of Walmart’s leadership long enough to see some of the companies more controversial challenges such as sustainability, workers’ wages, bribery scandals, worker/store safety and workforce unionization. “We will also continue to get closer to our customers and provide them with additional shopping options. This obligation to teach her employees the correct techniques in order to get their tasks completed shows her commitment to the company, as well as, the leadership skill that illustrates the importance on completing a job correctly and effectively. When it comes to the aspects of rules, standards, procedures and application of code of ethics, beauracratic leadership style is applied. It is investing heavily in associate wages, benefits and education—including a debt-free, dollar-a-day college program and … He remains a merchant at heart. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. This department store mostly targets the middle class and lower-middle class consumer. What the Internet and technology make possible today and what it will make possible tomorrow is very different than before. Doug McMillon took the reins of the retail colossus in 2014, after starting his career at Walmart unloading trucks when he was a teen. is a B2B digital publisher, professional development and event production firm serving corporate communications professionals,including the advertising, investor relations, marketing, public relations and social media sectors. a livable minimum wage, funded by fair ratios between highest and lowest compensation within an enterprise; environmental leadership, such as—using a meaningful percentage of recycled materials in packaging, green construction of facilities and green energy sources; and. LEADERSHIP STYLE NEWSLETTER 2 Doug McMillon is the president and chief executive officer at Walmart stores Inc. he has worked for the company in his entire career, having joined Walmart in high school at a summer associate level. Tracey Lloyd is known to be a Market manager for the company of Walmart. NY 10016, Group PublisherFay Shapiro Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. First, we must become a truly global company. Doug McMillon has now been CEO at Walmart for five years. He has long been a champion for diversity and was especially engaged in the advancement of women, both inside and outside the company. McMillon believes that boosting the moral of the employees brings better business. Under Doug’s leadership, Walmart is making life easier for busy families and building trust with customers. He has worked at Walmart for nearly 30 years, starting as a teenager unloading trucks for an hourly wage.

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