The talent divided into two promotions: Kodo Fuyuki's World Entertainment Wrestling (WEW), the name of FMW's title governing body since 1999, and Mr. Gannosuke's Wrestling Marvelous Future (WMF). People will be scored on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0 for the promos and then votes will be tabulated. Chō Sentō Puroresu FMW (超戦闘プロレスFMW, Chō Sentō Puroresu FMW) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion founded on July 28, 1989, by Atsushi Onita as Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (フロンティア・マーシャルアーツ・レスリング, Furontia Māsharuātsu Resuringu) (FMW). FMW also had a thriving women's wrestling division, led by Megumi Kudo who was one of FMW's biggest stars in her heyday. Overview; News and Rumors; History; Events; Event Statistics; Results; Titles; All-Time Roster; Matchguide; Win/Loss Records; Tournaments; Rivalries; Ratings; Comments; Year: All-Time Roster. However, on 5/16, Arai was founded dead, hanging himself in a park. Double Powerbomb into Bridge/into Liomtamer/into Alabama Slam/into…. Bringing in The Sheik allowed the first ever break for his nephew Sabu as The Sheik's age and body limited him from doing anything other than walking and stabbing, his nephew Sabu was able to do moves and dives no wrestler had ever done. Fuyuki would work under Shoichi Arai, helping with creative direction as well as handling the money. FMW: Global Wrestling Alliance is the sister federation of Full Metal Wrestling (FMW). Will not betray his friends unless they betray him. FMW Dojo student Eiji Ezaki who was going by the Hayabusa gimmick and shown so much promise for the promotion for the past four years was chosen to replace Onita as the FMW ace instead. The title was initially established as the WWA World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship and later replaced by the WWA World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship. Unsere Kunden stammen aus den Bereichen: Automotive, Medical Devices, Packaging und Baby Products The promotion that was only suppose to go one show, then to one year ended up lasting over twelve and a half years. Hayabusa would return for his final Kawasaki Stadium show on May 5th, 2001 and team with The Great Sasuke over Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Mr. Gannosuke in the last ever Exploding Ring Death Match, although it would be nothing like the death matches from years past as the crowd of 10,500 would be silent and emotionless for the match with Hayabusa getting the win over Kuroda. The show would overall be a success, although not the success the previous shows had been with Onita main eventing, although Onita would be very visual and emotional for both matches watching from the crowd. That never happened as Atsushi Onita would soon blow out his knees and retire from wrestling in 1984. (Always aim for the head), Forearm to groin (as a counter to a high kick), HARD jumping stomp to the back of head/neck, Sole Kick to gut->Kneeling European Uppercut->STIFF Lariat, Snap Powerbomb (usually followed into submissions), Flapjack dropped into (Samoan Drop, Euro Uppercut, Gutbuster, Powerslam), (Dragon, Chaos Theory, Hammerlock Vertical, Exploder, Northern Lights, etc.) Onita who had put his body through so much including almost dying twice decided it was time to wind things down. Arai brought in former International Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling and Super World of Sports star Kodo Fuyuki as the new booker and in 1998 he brought an end to the garbage/death matches in favor of an entertainment-oriented style based on that of the WWF. Feeling Death Matches and Street Fights for every show was straight wrestling matches, replacing one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time cutting up his body every show was a charismatic but not in the league masked wrestler who put his body on the line through highflying moves. Onita would still get his way for his retirement match on May 5th, 1995 at Kawasaki Stadium in front of over 58,250 fans and get his last victory.

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