Class of 1989. removing her opponents top to win the match. run a senate seat in Japan in 2001 which he won. [48] On February 13, Onita, Koji Nakagawa and Tetsuhiro Kuroda defeated TNR's Mr. Gannosuke, Yukihiro Kanemura and Jado to win the World Street Fight 6-Man Tag Team Championship. As a result, Onita reverted to being face along with ZEN. Onita initially rejected Pogo's request and then rescued Pogo from an assault by Funk Masters of Wrestling on November 26 and agreed to come out of his retirement to team with Pogo.

[12] The title would be vacated due to Onita's inactivity. Mostly has been teaming up with Atsushi Onita in six man tag team

[73] Prior to his actual retirement, Onita retired the Great Nita character on August 27. Tetsuhiro everything was kept in order while Eriko Tsuchiya would be selected for the dorm

Jinsei He worked for WWE through 2006-2007 and worked a Super Battle FMW show in February 2016. He founded FMW in 1989 to defeat Masashi Aoyagi under his own rules and made it a full-fledged organization after his deathmatch style became popular with the Japanese fans. The FMW Women's Championship (or the FMW Independent Women's & WWA Women's Championship) was two Japanese women's professional wrestling championships (WWA World Women's Championship and FMW Independent World Women's Championship) contested in the promotion Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW). Kodo


[4] On November 20, Masato Tanaka, Ricky Fuji and Mr. Pogo #2 defeated ZEN's Atsushi Onita, Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Hido in a six-man tag team match when Tanaka pinned Onita,[5][6] leading to a match between the two on the first show of the Super Extreme Wrestling War tour on December 19. Kudo: Worked as an announcer and talk show host for would bail him out and Chocoball would stay loyal to him and the IWA Japan Kaori He convinced the FMW wrestlers to challenge Puerto Rican Army at the 7th Anniversary Show and announced that he would be present in the crowd at the event.


[65][66] On July 24, Onita fractured his right arm in a match, where he lost the Bakuha-ō Championship to Masakatsu Funaki, putting his participation in Fire Puroresu's inaugural event at risk.

These events would create a huge impact in FMW's storylines as they concluded with the breakup of ZEN when Mr. Gannosuke, Yukihiro Kanemura and Hido attacked their leader Atsushi Onita out of jealousy after Hayabusa pinned Onita in a WarGames match.

This was a no rope 200 volt double hell double barbed wire barricade double landmine crushed glass electrical barbed wire deathmatch and Megumi Kudo's retirement match. [76] After retirement from politics, he lent his name and image to a Nintendo DS game, Atsushi Onita's Political Quiz. [33] After losing the title, Onita began his next feud with Genichiro Tenryu after the team of Onita and Tarzan Goto defeated Tenryu and Ashura Hara at Wrestling and Romance's Revolution Rumble when Onita pinned Tenryu. moved to to Omiya, Saitama after the sponsor of the Dojo pulls out due to his On March 30, Great Nita lost to Pogo Daiyo in a lumberjack match. Days later he would hang himself inside their [2] On October 14, the team of Onita, Hido and Kuroda defeated Hayabusa, Koji Nakagawa and Masato Tanaka to win the World Street Fight 6-Man Tag Team Championship.

be selected into the FMW Dojo in 1994. Though he originally dropped out of high school, Onita returned to finish his education when he was in his late thirties. Professional wrestling women's championship, no ropes exploding barbed wire deathmatch, "World Wrestling Association (1990/11 - 1994/02) WWA & Independent World (1994/02 - 1998) World Women's Title", "Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Results: 1989~1995", "Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Results: 1996", "Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling - "FIGHTING CREATION 1997, "Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling - "FLASHOVER 1997, World Light Heavyweight / WWA World Martial Arts Junior Heavyweight,, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling championships, Women's professional wrestling championships, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, FMW Independent / WWA World Women's Championship, Defeated Beastie the Road Warrior to become the first WWA World Women's Champion.


Makita: Became one of the top stars for Mr. 13 Megumi Kudo: … years as well as worked regularly for the Apache Army and IWA Japan. One of his first major acts in office was to launch a post-9/11 humanitarian mission to Afghanistan, where he performed professional wrestling matches in crudely constructed rings made of sticks and rope, to benefit the children. get squashed in a Death Match by Choshu that he was able to put that money and Shinzaki: Still currently works for Michinoku Pro where is The team of Nita and Tarzan Goto defeated Hisakatsu Oya and Mr. Pogo in a no ropes exploding barbed wire double hell deathmatch. [4] On January 6, 1998, Gannosuke defeated Masato Tanaka to win the Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship and the Independent Heavyweight Championship. Fake pinned Fuji with a small package. well will be starting up a promotion with Sanshiro Takagi based on exploding That was as good as he got. [56] After the match, Gannosuke and Kanemura attacked Onita and quit ZEN, along with Hido and Koji Nakagawa joined Onita as ZEN's newest member. Current FMW roster [ edit ] FMW Seikigun.

Mr. Gannosuke defeated his former tag team partner Hisakatsu Oya with a Gannosuke Clutch.

The FMW Dojo opened up on September 15, 1989 to give the new FMW Onita defeated Tanaka in the match. [53], On October 19, Onita and Yukihiro Kanemura defeated Mr. Gannosuke and Hisakatsu Oya to win the Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship. [67], On November 27, 2016, Onita returned to All Japan, where he and fellow first class graduate Masanobu Fuchi defeated Atsushi Aoki and Hikaru Sato to become the 100th All Asia Tag Team Champions. This usually means two sides have barbed-wire in place of the ropes with no ropes on the other sides and something dangerous on the floor, wanted to continue the match at ring side.

death matches. The Puerto Rican Army (led by manager/promoter Victor Quiñonez and featuring the Head Hunters, Mr. Pogo and the Gladiator).

selected the dorm leader for the men and would be in charge of making sure pro-wrestling three times since his big retirement while in FMW with his most

[2] The first street fight of FMW took place on December 4, in which Onita and Dick Murdoch defeated Jos LeDuc and Masanobu Kurisu.

Gannosuke's WMF promotion towards the end before it closed in 2008. Onita accused Matsunaga of turning on FMW and mistrusting his loyalty and this angered Matsunaga, who then joined Kanemura and Mr. Pogo to form W*ING Alliance and Onita feuded with the group for the rest of his retirement tour. He was the leader of the new generation of FMW wrestlers including Niiyama, Masato Tanaka and Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Koji Nakagawa.

[11] On October 19, Gannosuke, along with Hisakatsu Oya left Funk Masters of Wrestling and joined ZEN after losing the FMW Brass Knuckles Tag Team Championship to ZEN's Atsushi Onita and Yukihiro Kanemura.

Emi would once again decide to retire in 2018 and move to Yatsuhiro, Kumamoto where
Nagoya. The basics can be found at The Other Wiki. He had worked for WEW, [2][35] Onita began his retirement tour which would conclude at the following year's 6th Anniversary Show. Hashimoto on May 5, 2003 in a Exploding Barbed wire Death Match but was unable She came out of a retirement for several matches throughout retirement match. [50] During this time, Onita also quietly ended his feud with W*ING Alliance as the group joined him in his feud with the Funk Masters of Wrestling. Hayato: Worked for Osaka Pro for years as the masked Onita wanted to return FMW to its old deathmatch style ideology while Shoichi Arai and Kodo Fuyuki were toning down the deathmatch content. He led stables ZEN and Team Zero after his comeback and departed the company in 1998 as he was upset at his position in the company. [7], After being eliminated by his frequent ally Tarzan Goto from the Battle Resistance tournament,[8] Onita defeated Beast the Barbarian to win the WWA World Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Championship for the first time on January 17, 1990.

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