Based on Peary’s measurements, they believed they were about 150 miles from the North Pole.Â. 0000014966 00000 n It was April 3, 1909, and an American explorer named Matthew Henson was trudging across the ice-covered Arctic Ocean. <<7502E26AD21DB2110A0004F7C0B3A1FF>]/Prev 144366>> The story goes back and forth from the past then to present, of Emmy’s life. Imagine a statue honoring Henson is being built in your town. 221-224 due 1/23 At age 18, Henson returned to Washington, D.C., and looked for a good job. Meanwhile, have the rest of the class work in groups to answer the close-reading questions. In the 1500s, European explorers began sailing into the “kingdom of ice.” They searched for ocean routes from Europe to Asia—the Northwest and Northeast Passages. The frigid water hit his skin like millions of needles. Have students read the article independently or in small groups. The winner of this race would become famous. Ask students to examine the illustration on pages 4-5 and read the headline and subhead. Despite these setbacks, Peary became famous. Her teacher punished her for lying. Henson and Peary set sail for Greenland in June 1891 with four other men and Peary’s wife, Josephine. The team spent the first months in Greenland where they prepared food and other supplies. This collection of artifacts from the National Museum of the American Indian also provides insight into their daily lives. Peary decided that man should be him. The text is nonlinear; it jumps around in time and includes narrative and informational passages. His name was Robert Peary, and he was an engineer in the U.S. Navy. It would take many years for the world to discover him. But he was sure he was about to die. His niece, Olive Henson Fulton, once proudly told classmates that her uncle Matthew was a famous Arctic explorer. 0000046861 00000 n Need help getting started? Use this helpful activity. 452 0 obj 0000007934 00000 n 6p;°m`Œ`L`XÀPÈ ÚÀu€Kké.æŒVλ&7Ô;Ù;°2pÏ`u`îcÈBŠlÆ­üWl G%H�,|´KıÒA$»‰�ÿÏ! Guiding Questions But history books mostly ignored Henson’s achievements and those of most nonwhite people. 0000003463 00000 n endobj His name was Robert Peary, and he was an engineer in the U.S. Navy. There were no airplanes zooming across continents and oceans, no cars or Google Maps. endobj During this time, Henson began to make friends with the Inuit people they met. Henson sailed around the world. No obligation or credit card is required. As an African American, he faced cruel racism that was common throughout America at the time. Then have them find and highlight the challenges he faced in another color. Three days later, Peary, Henson, and the other men all reached the North Pole. But most white business owners wouldn’t hire African Americans. One day, a tall man came into the store. To survive, they would need help from Arctic experts: Inuit people. 0000118905 00000 n But he couldn’t say no to a chance to see more of the world.Â. Even with all these troubles, Peary became famous. 1. They faced many near disasters. 0000040122 00000 n The article describes the life of Matthew Henson, an African-American explorer who was part of the first group of people ever to reach the North Pole. You would’ve been very thirsty. Henson sailed around the world. Then fill in the bubble next to the best answer(s) for each question below. 0000031108 00000 n In the coming years, Peary and Henson would make five more trips to the Arctic. This was an ice-covered land of brutal cold and blinding blizzards. Show our Behind-the-Scenes video, in which Lauren Tarshis discusses her research and writing process. 6 0 obj 0000031468 00000 n Henson must have been embittered by this unfairness. 0000107951 00000 n Henson put his head down and pushed against the fierce wind. An American explorer named Matthew Henson was trudging across the Arctic Ocean. 0000024982 00000 n Henson had dedicated nearly 20 years of his life trying to get to the North Pole. You are being redirecting to Scholastic's authentication page... Access this article and hundreds more like it with a FREE TRIAL to Storyworks magazine. Muscles turn to knots. During this time, Henson began to forge close friendships with the Inuit people they met. 0000045003 00000 n But they were still 700 miles from the North Pole. 0000116729 00000 n But by the time Henson died in 1955, America was changing. Want to hear this story read aloud by a Storyworks writer? Muscles turn to knots. Henson was leading the way along with four Inuit men: Seegloo, Egingwah, Ooqueah, and Ootah. They believed the area was cursed by a demon that lived under the ice. As you read, think about why the author wrote this article and what she wants you to know about Matthew Henson. 0000040400 00000 n By then it was clear to Peary how much more Henson could do; he had impressed Peary on the Central American trip. They wasted not a single scrap of an animal. 0000114492 00000 n Henson slipped and tumbled into the frigid Arctic waters. The frigid water hit his skin like millions of needles. Peary would have lost both his feet, but Henson pushed him back to camp on a sled—a journey that took 11 days. And Peary had big dreams. Answer the questions: Why do you think the author chose the title "Frozen Dreams" ? 0000026814 00000 n Unlike Peary, Henson learned their language and joined their celebrations. He persuaded a ship captain to hire him as a cabin boy—the lowliest job on a ship. For the whole trip, you would’ve drunk warm tea.Â. A fur jacket with a thick hood, polar bearskin pants, and sealskin boots stuffed with grass kept you warm. Directions: Read the sentences below from the article “Frozen Dreams,” then write what you think each word in bold means, based on context. 0000107914 00000 n And the Arctic is indeed cursed—by weather that is colder and stormier than almost anywhere on the planet. <> Frozen Dreams started sweet, but with lots of sadness. No other American or European explorers had these kinds of skills.Â. They believed the area was cursed by a demon called Kokoyah, a knife-toothed beast that lurked under the ice. They ate the meat and blubber and often drank the blood. How might a dream be frozen? Within African American communities, he was deeply admired. 0000010845 00000 n Henson had taken on complex jobs, working alongside Navy engineers. But Peary’s eyes were clouded by racist ideas. Back in America between trips, newspapers ran glowing stories about his daring adventures. Yet Henson was determined to get to the Pole. Ten winners will receive Onward by Dolores Johnson. See our Contest Page for details. Into the Ice: The Story of Arctic Exploration. The water seemed to grab him and pull him down. Read sections of this article with your guided reading groups, focusing on the main idea and supporting details in each section. <>>> Death comes within minutes in water that cold. endobj This was an ice-covered land of brutal cold and blinding blizzards. He learned to read and became a skilled sailor and carpenter. Peary was going on a Navy expedition to a jungle in Central America. <>stream Of course, Henson was capable of far more.

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