Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. There are three main stretches through the canyon, and at the very end, one member of each team has to jump from a ledge out into the river to grab a dangling final clue to the PIT STOP at MICHAELSKIRCHE. Big Brother spoilers: Who won America’s Favorite Houseguest? The results are in from the finale, Big Brother recap: Time to learn the All-Stars winner. on TAR. In Water Power, teams have to ride the world’s steepest funicular—basically a slow roller coaster up and down a mountain—logging the names of eight water basins and the corresponding amount of water they hold so that they can place them on a technical map from memory when they get to the bottom. Phil Keoghan hosts the globe-trotting adventure series. With teams chasing after glowing eggs in T-rex outfits in a park in Dubai, the fifth episode could easily be tagged as the most fun episode of season 31 … Well, everyone except Nicole who is terrified of heights and for a moment really seems like she’s not going to do it. Credit: The Amazing Race Season 31, episode 7 recap included a lot of drama.Did it result in another team getting eliminated from the show. (Y’know, excluding the yelling match at the mat, but we’ll get there—just as soon as we jump off every ledge in Switzerland). S31 E12 Recap The Amazing Race finale recap: The sacred feminine for the win. Neither team makes incredible strategic decisions in this debacle—SisterSister shouldn’t have told Vicole in the first place, and if Vicole didn’t trust the tip, they should have just not taken it—but, if you can believe this, Rachel is quite rude to Nicole about the whole ordeal, which escalates the situation. For the most part, this run and a later drive are where the leg is won and lost because the competitions don’t leave a ton of room for error. On The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 7, the Big Brother alums mourned the loss of two of their own while also trying to get some revenge. There were multiple exclamations of “this is the best day of my life” and “I never want this day to end” and “Sebastian is a hunk of Swiss chocolate and mama’s hungry” from just about everyone tonight, except for Nicole who is quite afraid of heights. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. I guess that’s okay though, because…. This would have been much harder if the numbers hadn’t already been written on the map and they’d had to figure out where the loop started, but the Afghanimals and Team Vicole were both able to get it on their first try. On The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 7, Becca and Floyd's winning streak was on the line. I wish we could just rejoice that Team Vicole, a great new team for the TAR canon, lucked out with a non-elimination leg…unfortunately, it gets a little overshadowed by Rachel and Victor getting into it on the mat about who was throwing whom under the bus in the U-turn fiasco while Nicole cries that it’s not worth it, and Elissa tries to smooth things over. Of course, that’s before Team Vicole knows they’re not going home, so there’s still quite a bit of rejoicing to be done now that they’ve lived to race another day. SisterSister bristles at that because now the other teams know they told about the U-turn plan. This includes Team Zen, and talk eventually turns to Team Vicole as well, which SisterSister bristles at because they have a Big Brother alliance. I just find myself depressed and angry whenever I think about those seasons.

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