You don’t directly control the plot or even your own fate; rather, the events unfold based exclusively on which news stories you choose to publish. And what does that say about us as a society that it’s more fun to share bad news than good? Share your story with the community, and see what the players before you did. Award-winning adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and career. is an interactive psychological thriller about suicide, based on personal experience.

Or perhaps you will turn the nation into peaceful utopia, filled with cameras and drones watching your every step? There are a few game elements that could use more polish, though none are likely to negatively affect play. Admittedly, the handling of these is a bit simplistic, but that’s the point, I think. Thanks for making this site, appreciate it", "It's great work, I'm quite impressed..!! Share your story with the community, and see what the players before you did.


Have your brother over for dinner? Headliner: NoviNews Review.

The graphic and sound design of the game itself are excellent.

The WW2 is over but there’s no peace. One of the many riots that I absolutely did NOT start. However, despite these problems, it's at least worth one or two playthroughs.

Oh and yes, you can pet the dog in Headliner: NoviNews.

But be careful, influencing public opinion may help solve one problem only to make another one much worse. Listen to the radio and unwind on the comfy couch bought with hard-earned cash, as you watch the city burn outside the window. Essentially, controlling what people see and hear at all times.

Play five citizens trying to leave a country falling into corporate fascism, as... Narrative-adventure playing an Agent of Death who must take ONE life that could change the fate of a conflict-torn Nation. Headliner: NoviNews is a brilliant adventure game that will make you question next time you read a media quote! Welcome, interrogator, to the year 2065. Headliner: NoviNews gets an 9.0 out of 10. The year is 2036.

In this interactive story, you’ll... A digital voyeur simulator where you watch strangers through surveillance cameras. But each part of the game is hindered by something else that can make getting through it a bit tedious or annoying. There’s a scant few, and you see the same ones each time, though their order is randomized at least.

There’s also no way to change your mind, or undo once you’ve stamped a card. To find out, you’ll meet the inhabitants of the city during your daily commute and learn more about their personal lives and struggles, which will inform decisions you make later at the editor’s desk. A grand strategy game about leading a secret society that has ruled humankind from the shadows for centuries. It’s time to make decisions. Locked In is a two-player visual novel simulating the breakdown of a marriage during lockdown. Contact: [email protected] Twitter: SteamPeek. Different choices lead to unique combinations of endings. Sometimes the results are obvious cause-and-effect, but more often than not…way more often…the end results spiral into something that you didn’t anticipate. Or maybe keep your doors locked, hoarding every penny, as your apartment slowly fills with piles of cash? You spot a boat approaching. Headliner: NoviNews generates a poetic looking summary of your narrative, which you can share with others, have emblazoned on a t-shirt, or perhaps use as a design for one of those corporate inspirational posters. HEADLINER: NoviNews. Thank you to Plan of Attack for providing a digital code for this review.

The actual “headliner” part of the game is the least interesting aspect; you will spend far more time engaging with the characters outside of your open-plan office, discovering first-hand the wisdom or folly of the decisions you make. Your name was pulled. Continue making your way as you go after the little kid’s... Big Brother has arrived - and it’s you. Background designed by Creative_hat / Freepik, "I usually come here to find the next best thing. Will you demonize the new synthetic alcoholic drink, even though your boss stressed they are an important investor?

If getting back to Dec 1922, under your leadership, can you make Union of Soviet Socialist Republics an Utopia?

Different choices lead to unique combinations of endings. The dramatic retelling of the death of Julius Caesar, as only stick figures can. Max and his ice cream truck reach an unfamiliar universe never seen before. Whatever means are necessary. You were constructed to question other, disobedient androids: why do they glitch?

It focuses on all aspects most of these games should care about. ... Endings …

In this game, the teaming masses are represented by low-poly figures, mostly indistinguishable from one another. Play as Lina, the last human driver-for hire searching for her missing friend in the neon streets of Los Ojos. To zoom into the cards you have to drag them up and hold the mouse while you read them, which is awkward considering that reading and stamping cards is one of the primary tasks of Headliner: NoviNews.

Their bias is always black and white, whereas they might benefit from more complex choices, encouraging the player to read the text more carefully.

Multiple different endings! She's a lost soul longing for guidance. Reveal the scars of the past and forgotten... Take control of the National Nightly News, as a radical government comes to power. The fate of the known world rests somewhere in the clutter on my desk. All copyrights, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

It’s not that we’re willfully ignorant, but we’re so eager to believe in any truth that helps to explain the confusing world around us, while the truth itself is inert. You are smuggling goods into England. On the way home you meet with three main characters: Evie, your co-worker and immigrant, worried about her health and growing xenophobic sentiment; your brother Justin, an aspiring comedian struggling with impostor syndrome and social anxiety; finally Rudy, a single father trying to provide for his little girl and keep his store afloat, while a mega-mart opens up next door. Your designated role is 'Bouncer'. You can support my work with, Paper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar (with a dagger), Make America Great Again: The Trump Presidency. Use a green rubber stamp to approve a news item, or a red one to kill it. Adopt a drone? For example, the stamping mechanic is clumsily implemented. 5.6. Steam YouTube See more stats on Game DB IsThereAnyDeal Game website.

It’s idealistic to assume you can be loyal to them all, and the sad reality is that in Novistan, as perhaps in our world as well, one has to take sides.

The only other criticism depends on your expectations of what a game should be. In my life so far I’ve seen smart people fooled by dumb things, and dumb people fooled by smart things. Unbound Creations. If you’re at all interested in narrative games, adventure games, political games, or just need a cathartic game that pushes “choices matter” to new levels of satirical absurdity, then grab a rubber stamp and head to Novistan.

It’s easy to laugh at the misfortunes of nameless and faceless polygons, but it’s a different story entirely when it’s someone you know. Good. Will you agree to meet the clandestine group of truthtellers, or stop to watch the Prime Minister’s speech? A city that changes and responds to your media influence, Cast of believable characters with their own struggles, Randomized events and articles enhance replay value. A narrative adventure game about being trapped at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the few characters that you do personally interact with have more detailed illustrations, poses, expressions and animations…in short, they are more human. The playtime itself is extremely short, averaging somewhere between 1-2 hours to complete.

But it turns out this is the hardest challenge of all.

var d = new Date();

Investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. I did achieve a few good-ish endings, but it’s the bad ones that are the most fun to recount. It’s these moments of doubt that make you second guess your own judgement and moral decision making, and where Headliner:NoviNews really shines. In this famine-riddled world, food-centric sovereignty has been established.

For fans of To the Moon, Gone Home, and Night in the Woods. You are an intern at the central ministry of a totalitarian state with your whole career ahead of you.

Award-winning adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and career. Is this about the hand sanitizer thing again? Despite the faux sci-fi setting, the themes presented are clearly meant to reflect current social and political issues.

Will you endorse nationalized healthcare, even though your love interest is worried about increased wait times?

var d = new Date(); Make America Safe again by Defeating ISIS. And therein lies the dilemma: do you stay loyal to the truth, to your country, to your neighbors, or to your family? Share your story with the community, and see what the players before you did. Place listening devices, steal and sneak into your tenants’ apartments. At first I thought this was a limitation, but realize now it’s a valuable asset. A story-rich game that explores... Screech, halt!

Add your own personal slant to the news, and then watch as public opinion sways to your stories.

Still, the choice is yours. power.

Why do they believe they... You are a night fisherman.

Some truly devastating things happen in this game, and as a player, I genuinely couldn’t shake the guilt of having caused it. Control the Truth.

If an AI were sentient, how would you know if they were malfunctioning, or experiencing a mental health problem? W!LiB! You can’t lose, or get stuck; there’s really only one thing you can do, and that is to make the right choice. Award-winning adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and career.

It just sits there, quietly, waiting for us to make something of it, and often times, lacking any proper instruction manual, we put the pieces together in ways that are not expected. Aside from the main plot, there are numerous other events that can unfold during your time in Novistan.

Multiple permutations of unique endings you can share with the community; A DOGGO; Headliner: NoviNews Trailer.

Step into the shoes of a government official in a top-secret department of the Orwell surveillance program. Will her story become Your Story? Work your way up the ladder by scheming against... Take control of the National Nightly News as a radical government comes to power.

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