“Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah—Vocals, Audio download options I wasn’t surprised because Drake and Sampha collaborate often, so people automatically assumed this voice was someone he’s always collaborated with. This is contemporary R&B at its finest. But I’m really excited that people are receiving it the way they are. I didn’t know I could sing at first, until my mom pointed it out and that was around elementary school. The Long Beach native has created his own lane in R&B, with his signature baritone style of singing and lyrics telling stories of real-life experiences we can all relate to. How is it producing your stuff? I try to go a couple times a week but now that we’re in quarantine, I can’t really go. We made “LIKE I WANT YOU” a year ago. I might disappear in Long Beach for a little bit. How Does It Make You Feel? Enjoy more than 8 million lyrics. No matter what accolades you have, how big you are, stay down to earth and be humble. Publication download options Stream Giveon’s cover of “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” below. Why do you say that? Lately, I’ve been having time to learn piano. We had a song camp for a couple of days. One of the songs is 3 years old: “Vanish.” It’s bittersweet because I want to get in front of people now. What did you learn from working with him? Originality is key, and this is something that sparks his creativity like no other. ), Copyright © 2020 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. These songs have to come from somewhere. How’d it feel to have “LIKE I WANT YOU” hit a million streams monthly? Finish that, then hit the road. I’ve really been figuring out chords, sounds, and structure all recently. How often are you going to the beach being from Long Beach? 1:11. Giveon has given us another reason to believe in the future of neo-soul. Most recently, he unleashed his critically-acclaimed TAKE TIME EP, which has everybody in their feelings during quarantine. That’s a vital part of my story because that's where I discovered Frank Sinantra, he’s the first baritone singer I heard. A Drake feature. It’s a good kickstart, it forces me to create. Short term, I want to lock in and work on my album. to reach an honest heart? Exclusively on Spotify, the cover is accompanied by an acoustic version of the singer’s acclaimed single “Like I Want You.” The original version of this deep cut charted at No. At the end of the day, he’s the biggest artist in the world. It was a blessing. My favorite is “Favorite Mistake.” I’m really vibing with that one right now. On the release of his new version of “Like I Want You,” he shares, “It’s a very personal piece, so stripping it down allows the vocal to be the star of the show.” If you’re wondering what was going through his mind upon the unveiling of the D’Angelo cover, he added, “Covering an R&B classic is the icing on the cake.”. After he discovered Frank Sinatra… it was a wrap. What are some goals for yourself at this point of your career? The Long Beach, California native has carved out a lane for himself since the top of the year and it’s working well for him. Have a sold-out tour, maybe bring my mama along so she can hear people singing the lyrics. When it comes to his sound and style, there’s truly nobody that defies the boundaries like Giveon does within musical genres. On piano, I’m just teaching myself. Untitled (How Does It Feel) Songtext Giveon von Mehr Songtexte. TERMS OF USE I got the duality of having the culture and the gang culture. I’m just a fan. His commanding vocals are calming and feature an essence of neo-soul that was definitive during the ‘90s due to the talent that emerged during that era. Because I’m just getting started. Robyn Mowatt is a staff writer at Okayplayer where she…, Giveon has given us another reason to believe in the future of neo-soul. How Do Different Generations Of Alpha Kappa Alphas Feel About Kamala Harris? One thing that Giveon has that the majority of artists seek in their lifetime? Honest hearts he surely knows— all those to him disposed. Inspired by 60’s and 70’s jazz music, the 25-year-old’s biggest fear is to be like everyone else. What’s your relationship with him? Insert Giveon, who does just that. "Sing Out Joyfully" to Jehovah—Meetings, Audio download options I was surprised because I’m so used to people saying my voice is unique. Before they get tired of it and play it over and over and over, I wanted to sing in front of them. A lot of gang activity, but it’s also a lot of warmth and art. Share I went in one day by myself with “The Beach” and the day before, my mom had left me a voicemail about some sketchy stuff happening in Long Beach. [chuckles] I wanted to slowly build up the pace. What To Know About Walter Wallace’s Fatal Police Shooting in Philadelphia, Reagan’s Ex-Speechwriter Criticizes Kamala For Dancing To Mary J. 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