Academic integrity is behaving honestly and respectfully in our academic endeavours. 1-2. There are also tools that can be used for exam proctoring or locking down a student’s browser so they can’t search for answers or have someone else do the work for them. Home » Academic Integrity » How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty Many incidents of academic dishonesty occur because students do not know the correct way to do something, for example how to cite sources or how to work with information from a website. BW: Digital literacy, problem solving, and critical thinking are often cited as essential skills for students to navigate the future of work. These approaches do not need to be discrete and you may find tips from each of them that will work in your courses. The feedback we’ve received from schools is that it has supported the transition to online learning and the need to uphold academic integrity remotely. Plagiarism checkers also help instructors assess assignments. Build a community of learners and offer online help sessions or assign some group work so students can collaborate with their classmates for additional support. How do you do this? For example, monitoring student engagement, supporting students with learning differences and instilling a sense … G: Uphold and maintain academic and professional honesty and integrity. BW: The practical benefits of the integration is everything being readily available on the one platform. Guidelines to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Classes Statement of Purpose: This document serves to providee-Learning faculty with guidelines and strategies to promote academic integrity in online classes. For most teachers, designing and preparing lesson plans is the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of the job, but delivering the entirety of Term 2 online brings new and complex challenges. There is an expectation that students will prepare and submit work which is their own and acknowledges the work of others. Make your students aware of academic integrity by talking to them during class and referring them to Federation University’s Academic Integrity website. Upholding academic integrity occurs at two levels, the student level and the instructor level. We are introducing you to three different approaches for dealing with academic integrity in your courses. Lewis defines integrity as “doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” Instilling this behavior in our online students is critical to maintain integrity in our classes. Technology utilized in remote and blended learning can help promote personal accountability and self-discipline which is essential for remote or freelance careers. By enabling students to take ownership of their work, to identify the problems and work through the answers themselves through evaluation, they can start to develop these essential skills. In the event that you suspect a student has plagiarised within their assessment task, please access the following Federation University documents to support your approach to dealing with this situation: Contact your School’s Associate Dean of Teaching Quality or Program Leader to discuss your School’s process for investigating suspected plagiarism in student work. Academic misconduct is defined as any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution. Remote learning environments can actually help build these skills, through the integration of technology into instruction and assessment to enable autonomous learning. Students who share their work for the purpose of cheating on class assignments or tests are subject to the same penalties as the student who commits the act of cheating.” We too expect our students to take an active role in helping to maintain academic integrity at the college. At Seminole State where I currently teach, we have our own academic integrity policy which states, “Plagiarism is the deliberate use and appropriation of another’s work without identifying the source and trying to pass off such work as the student’s own. Sign up to get the latest content from Cengage. Hale School in Perth uses the integration to give students the experience of university level scrutiny, so they are prepared heading into university. Palmerston North Boys High School in New Zealand has also shared feedback that the integration provides an efficient assignment submission capability that is academically rigorous and encourages students to own their work. (Federation University Academic Integrity Policy , 2017, pp. Unfortunately, there will always be those who try to cheat the system. However, with the majority of learning currently taking place online, with some students being forced into remote learning for the first time, the temptation to cheat or “borrow” someone else’s work may be greater than before. Prepare yourself with our professional development series for faculty. The use of communication channels such as Teams, Slack and Zoom can enable students to practice virtual collaboration, communication and information-sharing online. The Academic Integrity Module (AIM) was developed in Moodle, to provide students with self-paced interactive information and activities aligned to TEQSA’s guidelines for academic integrity. Remind them of due dates and encourage them to start early so they don’t forget and submit assignments at the last minute. For most teachers, designing and preparing lesson plans is the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of the job, but delivering the entirety of Term 2 online brings new and complex challenges. At Federation University, it is "recognised that academic integrity is essential to excellence...” and “is the honest and respectful engagement with the scholarships of learning, teaching, research and community. Plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional is a practice which runs counter to the University’s values of effort and excellence and integrity.

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