TM1637 Interface with 3.3V Microcontroller. Real-time stepper motor control algorithm. For a vintage computer project, which processor is easier to use? Can I connect two power supplies in parallel? Controlling SK6812 RGBW LEDs with an Esp8266, Wind turbines might not be that great afterall. The popular oscilloscope's 20 MHz BW limit ... another question about function generator... Help to HACK the Uni-T UTD2042C firmware!!!! LM386 Super MINI Amplifier Board 3V-12V DIY Kit M57. PeakTech 2025 Multimeter: Experiences/OEMs? FLASH) 12 I/O, 8 Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller (20MHz) (4K [RANT] Don't buy GT Sonic ultrasound cleaners: they don't know what they do. Amp. o telefónicamente al (011) 4953-0417, 1K Static RAM (256 x 4) (450nS) (Tri-State), 1K Static RAM (256 x 4) (300nS) (Tri-State), 16K Static RAM (2K x 8) (100/150nS) (Tri-State), 4K Static RAM (4K x 1) (35/45/70/120nS) (Tri-State), 4K Static RAM (1K x 4) (35/45nS) (MB8149), 16K Static RAM (16K x 1) (45/55nS) (Tri-State), 64K Dynamic RAM (64K x 1) (100/120/150/200nS), 64K Dynamic RAM (64K x 1) (120/150nS) 4mS refresh, Hex Inverter Buffer/Driver (Open Collector), Triple 3 Input NAND Gate (Open Collector), Hex Inverter Buffer/Driver (O.C. Cheap Coaxial does it work? This gasket is located in between the turbo exhaust housing and turbo elbow. View cart for details. FPGA: More elegant (and less timing violating) way of doing simple register map? Electronics primers, course material and books, WARNING: YiHUA 948 Desoldering Station may contain asbestos filters. I/O, 8 Bit Flash Microcontroller (20MHz) (2K FLASH) 16 LIS3LV02DQ - ST Microelectronics - 3 Axis Accelerometer (QFPN-28) $19.47. Guest 08:21:59 pm: Viewing the topic EEVblog #503 - RoboWars 2013. SMD - 3 to 8 Line Decoder / Demultiplexer. Measure internal resistance of a battery with LCR meter? Another issue with the Rigol DP832 power supply: sense wires carrying 3 amps! FLASH) 12 I/O, 8 Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller (20MHz) (4K Leader LBO-513A 15Mhz oscilloscope I got dirt cheap! It's finally out! $6.43. where to buy? Input/Output (Lackz DTRB) (4MHz), SIO - Serial [UK/EU/World] - Downscaling a bit - Scopes, Spectrum An and others, WTB: HP 9000 Series 300 Computer (as Instrument controller), LED strips outdoor with freezing temperatures, what is the difference between T12 & T15 series tips, Fake / Counterfeit Hakko FX-888D 220V version. HOW ?!?!?! Can I drive a N-FET directly from a DAC ? Altium: How do i remove this gap between the stackup layers in 3D mode, A simple "JTAG-HAT" board for the Arduino Mega. Which oscilloscope / function generator combo for learning ? (Flash drive fried in hub. (Slow motion solder smoke), What IDE/text editor you guys use? N8031AH INTEL IC MicroController 8-BIT 44 PIN PLCC. T12 soldering station with alternative power supply, sigrok-cli, sigrok-meter, ut-do4 and ut71(c). What happened to HP and Tektronix semiconductor divisions? Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Save on Integrated Circuits (ICs), Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Best Selling, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Top Rated, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Hot This Week, Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Sponsored Listings, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, 3000 Kv USB Isolator USB to USB isolator audio signal power supply isolation, TL866II Plus High USB Programmer for 15000+IC SPI Flash NAND EEPROM MCU PIC AVR, DC 12V Delay Relay Shield NE555 Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0 to 10 Second US, SOP8 SOIC8 Test Clip For EEPROM 25CXX/24CXX W CH341A 24 25 Series Flash Bios USB, TA7205AP SIP10 5.8W AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER, Arduino UNO REV3 Computer Components Microcontroller, Xgecu Programmer Tl866ii Plus for Flash NAND EPROM MCU Pic 7adapter Ship From US, Gq-4x V4 (gq-4x4) Universal EPROM Programmer 16 Bit Adapter Eraser and Extras, PICKIT3 Microchip Programmer W/ USB Cable Wires Pic Kit 3, Xgecu T56 Universal Programmer 56 Pin Drivers Support 20000 ICS NAND Flash/emmc, Xgecu T56 Universal Programmer for 23886 ICS NAND Flash / eMMC 9 Adapter Clip, 2x CPU Processors Atmel Attiny85-20pu 8-bit 20mhz MCU, JRC Muses01 Dual J-fet Input High Quality Audio Operational Amplifier, P80C31SBPN - 80C31 - Philips Microcontroller, 8-Bit, 8051 CPU, 16MHz (DIP-40), AMD AM1404APC 8-pin DIP New old stock USA seller, fast ship Qty: 4, Original STC89C58RD + 40I-PDIP40 STC microcontroller, N8031AH INTEL IC MicroController 8-BIT 44 PIN PLCC, 20 x MC78L15ACP 100mA Three-Terminal Low Current Positiv Motorola TO-92 20pcs, LIS3LV02DQ - ST Microelectronics - 3 Axis Accelerometer (QFPN-28), lot of CD3215C00ZQZR CD3215 C00 CD3215COO CD3215C00 BGA stencil for 3215, 5x Texas Instruments TPS51225RUKR DC/DC Step Down Notebook Controller TPS51225, Vintage NOS 2x org. or decieved masses? (-3.8 a -32V 0.25A), SMD - Quad Line Receiver RS-232 (SN75189D), CMOS Quad Line Driver (RS-232) (SN75C188), SMD - Quad Driver (RS-232) (SN 75C188) CMOS, CMOS Quad Line Receiver (RS-232) (SN75C189), SMD - CMOS Quad Line Receiver (SN75C189D), VCO - Voltage Controlled Multivibrator (MECL), Programable Operational Amplifier (UA776CP), DC to DC Converter Control Circuit (1.5A), Single IGBT Gate Driver (1A Source/2A Sink), Switchmode Pulse Modulator Control Circuit, DC To DC Converter Control Circuit (1.5A), SMD - Quad JFET Input Operational Amplifier, SMD - Voice Switched Speakerphone Circuit, Voltage Regulator and Supervisory (5V 0.1A), Step-Up/Down/ Inverting Switching Regulators, SMD - Micropower Undervoltafe Sensing Circuit, Power Switching Regulator (5V 5A) (MC33167TG), Quad Line Driver with Common Inhibit Input, Floppy Disk Write Controller / Head Driver, Quad Single Ended Line Driver (IBM 360 / 370), Quad RS-422/423 Line Receiver (Tri-State), SMD Quad RS-422/423 Line Receiver (Tri-State), SMD - Quad RS-422 Line Driver (Tri-State), SMD - CMOS Quad RS422/RS423 Line Receiver, MECL - Dual Voltage Controlled Multivibrator, Quad Differential Input Operational Amplifier, 1K Static RAM (128 x 8) (450nS) (S6810P1), General Purpose Interface Adapter (IEEE-488), 8 Bit Microcomputer,A/D Converter,Four Timers, CPU - 8 Bit (On Chip Oscillator) (1.5MHz), CPU - 8 Bit (On Chip Oscillator) (2.0MHz), 8 Bit Microcomputer w/8K OTP,Timer,RAM,I/O, Regulador positivo fijo de tension (12V 3A), Regulador positivo fijo de tension (15V 3A), Regulador positivo fijo de tension (24V 3A), 1K Dynamic RAM (32 x 32) (500nS) (5V,-12V), 4K Dynamic RAM (4K x 1) Tri-State (350 nS), Power Factor Correction Viewing unread topics since their last visit. Helenic technologist will not be able to retire earlier. How to choose TVS diodes to dispel flyback surges from relay coils? Pair Plus Inverter, 8 Stage Presettable Synchronous Down Counter, 4 Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register, Quad Low to High Voltage Level Shifter (T.S. Philips LM324N Quad Operationsverstärker OPV OPA DIP14, Black Programmer Testing Clip SOP8 Pin SOIC8 DIP8 IC Test Clamp HICCFIN, 3 pieces SG3527 AN REGULATING PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR PWM UC 3527 2527 NEW~, 5pcs- VN05H, MFR= ST, IC, Power Switch, Hi Side, 1.4A, 5-Pin(5+Tab), PENTAWATT, 1 pieces Z8681B1 Z8 MICROCONTROLLER 64K ROMLESS 8MHz DIP40 NEW ~, GR-SENS Adjustable Current Limit Protection Switch, Overcurrent Automatic Fuse. Why? kWeld - "Next level" DIY battery spot welder, FS [UK/EU]: STM32F769I-EVAL ST ARM Cortex-M7 eval board, Recommendations for cheap oscilloscope and logic analyzer for occasional use, Tektronix 5000 series (1970-1990 era) shenanigans. Dealing with failure, loss of time when things blow out. EEVblog #1125 - Amazing $500 Soldering/Inspection Microscope! DIY low frequency noise meter and some measurement result of voltage references.

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