Mick Foley considers it one of the defining moments in his long and storied career. Jump-cut as Texano’s back on his feet for a double team splash on a Headhunter, before Los Cowboys connect with separate dives to the outside… followed up by a plancha from a Headhunter. This can’t be good. They actually advertise this on the back of the DVD as “Wow… A regular match”; sadly, the Iceman involved here is a masked man, looking like a cross between Max Moon and a Power Ranger, and not the former British hardcore wrestler. Onto the death match semi-finals now, with the barbed wire boards returning alongside plates of glass. Tiger rakes the eyes to escape a spinning toe hold, before jabbing a spike into an increasingly-bloodied Funk. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

A very, very anticlimactic end to a match that would go down in folklore…no wonder Funk and Foley hated this. Following the, admittedly disappointing explosion, Cactus, his ragged face soaked in thick blood dragged a ladder into the ring and literally toppled off it onto Funk to win the tournament, bringing this sadistic bloodbath to a close. The bout descended into further chaos as both champ and challenger resorted to literally throwing chairs across the arena at each other, eventually using them to knock the hell out of each other in what was quickly becoming the match of the night. Tournament Quarter Final: Barbed Wire Baseball Bat & Thumbtack Match – Terry Gordy vs. Cactus Jack Back in the ring he works over a leglock, but Goto kicks himself free into a single-leg crab, which is broken via the ropes. Funk is already bloodied at this point, and Leatherface wrapping the chain around his neck and face isn’t going to help. Another missed Goto clothesline leads to a German suplex, before he locks in a rear naked choke that forces the referee stoppage. As time ticked on, seconds counting down until the ring, rigged with explosives as due to go up in flames, Tiger Jeet Singh ran in to assist Cactus, though did little to really help.

I’ve a feeling they’ve got some protection under those t-shirts…. Get best of the deathmatches 3 instead!!!! It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Retro Pro Wrestling participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which earns us a small commission when you buy wrestling-related products like the ones below after clicking a link our site. Cactus gets whipped into the barbed wire ropes again, as his shirt gets shredded to pieces, before Funk gives him a really low hiptoss into the other exploding board, to much less of a reaction. The match comes across as clipped on the DVD, to the point where any dead time seems to have ended up on the cutting room floor. Easily the most barbaric match from the tournament to date, and there was actually some psychology with the boards in the early going, but Cactus was largely only bleeding from his arms, while Nakamaki’s face was the proverbial crimson mask by the end of it. IWA Japan King of the Death Match 1995 - DVD Review. On April 10th, 2000, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff returned to World Cha... August 22, 1999, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Cactus is dropped like a sack of potatoes with a piledriver by Funk, before taking a second one into a barbed wire board that smashed on impact. Classy.

***. The bout quickly spilled to the outside, where both men battered each other with fists and vicious chairshots, taking their bloody brawl right into the crowd and back again. A bloodied Cactus rolls outside as the referee checks Funk’s vision, and we get a ladder thrown into the ring. The very liberal referee lets Goto continue to waffle Severn with chair shots, including a shot that Severn just about blocked to the head. Decent enough match, but that clash of styles did not look pretty **. Leatherface takes a bump into the boards next, before Funk uses the chain to whip him like it’s a belt. Any income we make from this goes to paying for our domain name and sourcing new content to review. This DVD edition of the 1995 IWA King of the Death Match Tournament is a must-have for die-hard wrestling fans as well as Mick Foley fans. Away from the tournament, a lot of the matches were too edited to mean anything (and in the case of Iceman vs. Kamikaze, the editing couldn’t even save them!). Following a heated exchange, Severn walked away still your NWA Heavyweight Champion. Oh, we also get entrances of some of the guys not on the card, including Silver King and El Texano (the father of Lucha Underground and AAA’s El Texano Jr.). They start by fighting in the crowd, with Tiger using the handle of his sabre to attack Funk, as the pair wade through dozens of folded chairs, some of which became weapons for Tiger Jeet Singh, who breaks apart a folding stool and uses the metal frame to stab Funk, who falls into a plate of glass (which we hear, but don’t see). This DVD presentation from the World Wrestling Network began with each of the main competitors on the show being paraded to the ring, before. That only gets Funk a two-count, as Cactus escapes the ring and is met by a flying barbed wire board. Even though he didn’t advance to the finals, Shoji Nakamaki had a perfect run in the IWA King of the Deathmatch 1995 tournament. If those were the highlights, I don’t want to see the rest of this match. Probably the most famous tournament of its type, and the event that paved the way for such levels of pro-wrestling craziness as CZW, the 1995 King of the Death Match tournament made legends out of the likes of Mick Foley and further cemented Terry Funk's status as a death-defying mad man.

This DVD edition of the 1995 IWA King of the Death Match Tournament is a must-have for die-hard wrestling fans as well as Mick Foley fans. They’re staying in the secondary ring here, as Cactus picks up the bed of nails, and we get the jump cut during Nakamaki’s entrance. The tournament was critically acclaimed and widely well received by the critics and audiences and the tournament final between … Kamikaze goes up top after a bodyslam, but gets dropkicked to the top turnbuckle by Iceman, who brings him down with a superplex for a near-fall. The crowd gets an up-close view of things when Funk reverses an Irish whip, sending Cactus into the front row, before they return to the ring as the announcer screams “less than two minutes”. It’s the International Wrestling Association of Japan’s Kawasaki Dream, aka The King of the Deathmatch tournament, held at the Kawasaki Baseball Stadium in August 1995. This very first edition of the King Of the Deathmatch Tournament is the most Legendary one, although it is far to be the most extreme and spectacular edition of the event (some later edition held in the FMW and in the IWA Mid-South were by far more extreme). Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. They’re in the secondary ring, and Ono wins the race to get the barbed wire baseball bat, immediately waffling Nakamaki with it in the chest, before returning the favour.

We stick with the boards and chain here, with the former Corporal Kirchner under the mask as Leatherface here, and for some reason, they’re in a second ring, closer to the fans. The Head Hunters They tease a hiptoss into the thumbtacks, but Gordy sends Cactus just outside the box, and Cactus fires back with some forearms in the corner. They’re back in the ring and Kamikaze hit an awkward spinning heel kick that sends Iceman to the outside, before meeting him there with a dive. Cactus rolls away as Nakamaki goes for a big splash on the board, before Cactus suplexes him back onto the barbed wire and hits another elbow drop for yet another slow near-fall. A Headhunter misses a sit-down splash and gets covered for a near-fall, before the Headhunter recovers and reverses a double suplex attempt. Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2007. The matches on this set are in many respects below average--many slow-paced outings as well as botched spots make this card drag on in places. This week, we’re digging into my pile of DVDs, to review a show from 1995 that put Mick Foley on the map: it’s the IWA King of the Deathmatch tournament. The key highlight of Kawasaki Dream was the 1995 King of the Deathmatch Tournament, an eight-man single elimination tournament, which featured various matches of deathmatch wrestling style. The camera then opts to zoom onto the broken glass as Tiger stabs Funk with what used to be a frame of a folding stool, and they finally make it into the ring, where the stool frame comes into play once more, as this match started to become hard to watch. It’s regarded around the world as the best deathmatch tournament in the history of professional wrestling. The crowd loudly boos the “time bomb” that just went off, as Funk gets to his knees and motions “what the hell?” to the crowd. Verified Purchase. Stunned by Ono’s perseverance, Nakamaki – who has a big cluster of thumbtacks in his head – picks up Ono and drops in into the box for the final time, using the move that the Miz would later rechristen the Skull-Crushing Finale, to score the win. Kamikaze kicks out of a Tiger Bomb, then drops Iceman with a rolling German suplex and a roll-up, only for Iceman to reverse it and score the win. Only five minutes in, and Nakamaki’s bleeding heavily… even more so when Cactus shoves him out of the ring again, with Nakamaki’s left boot and elbow getting impaled on a second bed of nails. A video of the one day tournament in 1995, featuring pro wrestling stars from around the globe competing in gory "death matches," featuring, among other things, nails, broken glass, fire and explosions. Held in Kawasaki Stadium in August 1995, this was a one-night tournament featuring some of the more violent and ludicrous match types to ever grace professional wrestling. It felt like we saw most of this match, so I’m going to give it ¾*.

Everything else is terrible. Tiger gets a near fall with a Tongan Death Grip on Gannosuke off the ropes, before throwing the barbed wire board in, and sending Gannosuke into it with another Tongan Death Grip, and we have our first submission. I believe this is the first time it has been officially released. A luchador, he ain’t. Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2006, Finaly the infamous 1995 IWA Japan King of Deathmatch Tournament arrives on dvd A Must have Pro Wrestling dvd. After they took their robes off, both guys look like they’d fit in CHIKARA if they ever started employing badly out of shape guys… and I have a good feeling this match is going to be edited. This is all one-way traffic, as Texano takes another flapjack, before being flattened by a big splash/legdrop combo, with Silver King breaking up the count. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We’re doing something a little different on this week’s Random Reviews – and this is not going to be for the feint hearted. That said, the video quality is only a little better than your old VHS copy of a copy and the sound may not even be in stereo. Dissatisfied with the result, Tarzan yelled at The Beast and pounced on him.

The cameras follow him backstage, and we’re treated to video of him throwing up in a sink… Lovely!

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