The best result we found for your search is Karl Jon Tanner Sr. age 80+ in Satellite Beach, FL in the Satellite Beach Estates neighborhood. Rhaegar Frey | Vala, Qarth Type of Villain "Tenor Carl Tanner was a brilliant, heroic Radamès"-Charles T. Downey, Ion Arts "Much has been made of the fact that Carl Tanner (Wolf Trap Class of 1983), who sang Radames, is a former truck driver and bounty hunter from Northern Virginia; a movie is even in the works about his life. Obara Sand | Karl Tanner | High Sparrow | On the concert stage Tanner has performed as soloist with many symphony orchestras including the St. Louis and Atlanta Symphonies, and the Roanoke and West Virginia Symphony orchestras in Verdi's Requiem. Rattleshirt | Crimes Baelor I Targaryen | He is a former criminal who is sent to the Night's Watch to guard the Wall between the Seven Kingdoms and the mysterious and dangerous lands beyond the Wall. Polliver | Later that night, a drunk Karl decides that they only need Bran and attempts to rape and kill one of his companions, Meera Reed, before he can he is stopped by her brother Jojen who reveals to Karl that he can see the future, and that he sees Karl dying that night and his body burned. It is revealed that the mutineers stayed at Craster's keep and are now under the leadership of Karl and his second in command, Rast, they have begun eating and drinking all of the stored food and wine, as well as brutally beating and raping Craster's daughters. They stay for a while, trying to gain some rest before return to Castle Black. Lorren | In November 2006 Tanner released a CD of Christmas songs entitled Hear the Angel Voices. Randyll Tarly | In the TV series Karl is better at bullying weaker people, in fact he needs weaker people to intimidate and do his dirty work, like Rast, who is a cowardly man and has a small remain of morality in him, but he chooses to go deep into villainy and buries any form of guilt he might have. Mero | This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Brotherhood without Banners | At one point while bragging he claimed "I haven't lost a fight since I was nine" implying he … -The New York Times. Aemond Targaryen | Westeros Rast, Riverlands Viserys Targaryen, Stormlands When Bran reveals who he is and Karl realizes he is Jon Snow's half brother, he decides to let them live as they could make valuable hostages. Sandor Clegane | Karl is related to Elene S Tanner and Thomas Dean Tanner as well as 5 additional people. The 2016/17 season saw Carl in the title role of Verdi's Otello with Opera Hong Kong and as Radamès in Verdi's Aida with L'Opéra de Massy. Burn Gorman was born on September 1, 1974 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA as Burn Hugh Winchester Gorman. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novel series, as well as HBO's television adaptation, Game of Thrones. Hobby Symond Frey | Ilyn Payne | Burn Gorman, Actor: The Dark Knight Rises. Alias He's also shown to be more dangerous and cruel than shown in the novels. Shagwell | Dagmer Cleftjaw | Walder Frey | The evening before the imminent attack against Mance Rayder's army, Karl joins with the others by chanting loyally the words of the Night's Watch, so that no one suspect a mutiny in the air. Little Walder Frey | Karl is one of a handful of rangers, under the command of Lord commander Jeor Mormont, that survived the Fight at the Fist of the First Men against the large force of wights, which also included dead birds and a huge bear. Join Facebook to connect with Karl Tanner and others you may know. Gryff Whitehill | Qotho | Robert I Baratheon | Raymund Frey | -Rupert Christiansan, The Telegraph, "But the outstanding discovery was Carl Tanner who, as the card-fixated Hermann, detonated each high note with bright, daring accuracy and delivered this maniacal role with exactly the right reedy, nasal Russian-style tone and lumbering physicality. Karl Tanner is a clubfooted criminal who was forced to take the black for his crimes. Biography and career. In 2016 Carl founded Carl Tanner Designs, his jewelry design venture featuring antique and opera-inspired reproductions. With the support of his employer, he moved to New York City in 1990 and, in late 1991 while working as a singing waiter in the restaurant Bianchi and Margarita's, he was heard by Richard Gaddes, the head of the Santa Fe Opera, who arranged for him to join the Apprentice Program for Singers for 1992 (and then 1993) to obtain more training. Ludd Whitehill | Burn Hugh Winchester Gorman (born 1 September 1974) is a British actor and musician. Lysa Arryn | Before Karl can react Jon Snow and the Night's Watch attack the mutineer's camp. Ulf the White | When Craster openly suggests that they should kill their wounded or simply let them be killed by Craster himself, an aggravated brother of the Night's Watch, Karl Tanner, steps forward stating that they're being fed with nothing but bread cut with sawdust, and demands to know where he keeps his hidden larder. "That's me, lady," Tanner replied. Balon Greyjoy | Karl drops the girl, but out of nowhere, Rast stabs the Lord Commander in the back, making him drop his sword. Rolph Spicer | [4] His most recent work was the role of Otello in Palm Beach Opera's Otello. Aegon IV Targaryen | Sand Snakes |, Essos Stay at Craster's keep along with Rast and the rest of the Mutineers (book 3/TV show).Kill Jon Snow (TV show).Torture Bran Stark and his friends (TV show).Return to the Seven Kingdoms (book 5; all failed). Karl remains at Craster's Keep after the betrayal, along with a few other former members of the Night's Watch. Mance Rayder | He also sang the role of Samson in Samson et Dalilah with Opera North Carolina and Turandot with San Diego Opera. Illyrio Mopatis | Karl in TV series was more important than he was in books, as well as more horrible than his counterpart of original novels. "You should be singing for a living, not driving."[3]. By the time Karl, Dirk, and the other mutineers return from the larder, Mormont died of his wounds and the loyalists have already fled. Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. Bloodmoon - the Long Night prequel (canceled), Empire of Ash - the Doom of Valyria prequel, House of the Dragon - Dance of the Dragons prequel. Aerys II Targaryen | Jon is caught off balance as he is using a long sword against Karl's  daggers in close quarters, and Karl eventually gets the upper hand by spitting in Jon's eye and kicking him to the ground, and just as he is about to strike, one of Craster's daughters stabs him in the back. Clubfoot KarlDirk They stay for a while, trying to gain some rest before return to Castle Black.

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