Got a story or a tip for us? As much as he wants Mich to be brought to task for her “calling” driven investigation, he didn’t anticipate Simon’s ruthless end game. At the same time, though, Simon doesn't seem to have a firm handle on what they do, which would seem to indicate they may just be doing their jobs. Mic willingly met with Internal Affairs to go through her theory that Jared is an X'er, but in an unexpected turn of events, the committee turned against her. It was hilarious. Was it perhaps not real, either? Get Toofab breaking news sent right to your browser! If he's willing to kill Michaela, what happens now that Jared has clearly defied his intentions? After initially refusing, she agrees to ask Alex for help. Internal Affairs? [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 10 of Manifest, "Course Deviation."] Zeke is right to be concerned for her and himself. It also warns that ignoring the “callings” is disastrous. While it's unclear why this is all happening again centuries later, the fact that it's happened before is slightly encouraging because it means there's a rule-book of sorts that only TJ, the only one that can read Latin, can decode. If it hadn't been for Jared, Mic would have gone to a meeting outside of the precinct and been "taken care of," but he recognized the rep from his meeting with Simon and stepped in to arrest Mic so that he could keep her in custody and safe. Is he anti-828 but pro-Michaela? They were out for blood. Everyone in the Stone house was experiencing it, except for Olive. If so, the Passengers were seeing it before they became Returnees. Zeke: Say Saanvi’s cure works, what do you want to do first?Mic: Escape, I don’t know? Do you have theories of your own? Or is it a manifestation of whatever's behind the Callings and the Returnees? If this is what it's really like for police officers who find themselves the subjects of internal investigations, that must be absolutely brutal for the innocent. Once they stood up the mast, they were transported onto the Al-Zuras ship, where they realized they're experiencing exactly what his men did. This isn't about saving anyone immediately, but rather about understanding what happened to them and maybe solving the Death Date issue. Jared also seemed surprised when Simon mentioned that the passengers have "telepathy" and can see into the future. Will he use the captain to come for him? Side note: Did anyone else laugh at the Al-Zuras' painting featuring Saanvi's face amongst his men? The fallout of the nightclub fire is well on its way to bringing the factions at war within Michaela and Jared's precinct to a head as Internal Affairs gets involved and a shocking turnaround takes things from dangerous to deadly for Michaela in a pivotal "Manifest.". According to the book, it may be that the only way to survive the Death date is to give in to the Callings. Drea? Was that perhaps just as intentional? All content is the property of Signal Horizon. You do realize that involves getting on a plane, right?Mic: Oohhh.Zeke: where do we go? We can't help but wonder if Olive -- who is represented in Al-Zuras' book with Ben in the fire and shared a connection with TJ pre-828 -- was somehow meant to be a part of this but also meant to not be on the flight so she could be their eyes and ears in the real world when Callings get this. Alex was able to successfully bring Saanvi down from her high, but there's no telling what will happen now that she removed the Callings. Meawhile, Saanvi falls into the second part of the statement: "All other paths lead to disaster." Overhead angles, fuzzy focuses, and rotating shots all convey the feeling of being lost at sea. Was Jared just pretending not to know that, or was he genuinely surprised? A massive new Calling takes on a whole new level of intensity and uncovers a possible way to survive the death date -- but is it too late for Saanvi? Michaela Stone is a threat, we’ll do what needs to be done. The rep pushed to change to a neutral location to put Michaela at risk. We can't even blame Michaela for going off the handle over and over again, even with her union rep trying to urge calm. Tensions are running high as Grace, Ben, Cal, and TJ try to decipher the journal and build Cal’s vision. Email TooFab editors at She was needed this week to help the Passengers (and Grace) even know they were in a Calling, which could become more important as things move forward. Olive, who isn't affected by the Callings, clarified that when she explained it's a beautiful and sunny day. Or it has something to do with the lightning and the electrical storm. If you like it, don't steal it. He is forced to take matters into his own hands to save Mich. Cal had a calling and thinks he remembers what happened the night the plane disappeared. It's possible that the lightning strike connected their fates. That’s the point of the puzzle. Will Simon come for him? If so, is there any way to save her? Were they somehow in the same place, or nearby?

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