Worked Shoot Podcast - So, we went, and we went to the wrestling show and I made friends with the both of them and I had gotten involved in wrestling. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. With Brock Lesnar's announced for the Rumble does this make the show a must watch? Facebook Group Page With special guest Corey Richman of the Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast A look back at the first week of wrestling in 2017. Rusev and Ryback getting over heading into Wrestlemania season, WWE overload as Holiday programming takes over USA Network. Bobby Lashley wins the TNA Heavyweight over Eric Young was it a mistake, WWE cuts 10 main roster wrestlers and a ref, Daniel Bryan future in doubt as WWE strips him of the title But Vito worked William Regal on the loop, he got hurt in every match. Edge v Orton did it deliver at Backlash Twitter - Thoughts on the  Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover San Antonio Finn Balor is it time to come up to the main roster post Mania? - Interest on Goldberg at Mania Did the end of the show leave a bad taste in your mouth? Friends of the Podcast Okay, and by the way Dave Meltzer, my lawyer says he really appreciates your comment, you should hear from him soon. Chuck wouldn’t treat it. Vince Russo: Noel, as calmly as you can…I have not heard the clip. Pro Wrestling is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Subscribe on Itunes and Stitcher to never miss an episode. - Uso's win the Smackdown Live Tag Team Titles less that 2 weeks before Wrestlemania - Thoughts on this weeks RAW Noel: I was on the phone with Vince when it happened. Jason and Corey talk the biggest stories in the week in wrestling Can we find a wrestling product for Sean to check out even casually. She also has appeared as a Maxim Magazine hometown hottie, in an ... Women's Extreme Wrestling: Big Pimpin Booty Kicks Butt, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. TMZ's banging backside contest,, MTV2, Comedy Central, as well as movies including an extra in the award-winning movie The Wrestler with Mickey Rouke, and the wife in the feature film Apnea. Lack of Star power in the current wrestling business, including the EVP's of AEW There is an episode of Smackdown where William Regal is laying into Vito. Subscribe on Itunes and Stitcher to never miss an episode, Join hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes  for the latest news in the world of pro wrestling Subscribe on Itunes and Stitcher to never miss an episode, Join hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes  for the latest news in the world of pro wrestling LIVE Could Austin return to face Lesnar But he treats it. That’s disgusting, Rob Feinstein. - Thoughts on a huge week for the WWE Women's division Tyler Breeze debuts on Smackdown and it is awesomeness and gives the The Worked Shoot Podcast a truly positive moment this week in wrestling.

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