The highest complexity exports of Hungary according to the product complexity index (PCI) are Gaskets and similar joints of metal sheet (1.86), Metal pickling preps, solder, brazing flux, weld cores (1.73), Glazed transparent, translucent papers (1.66), Measuring or checking instruments nes (1.65), and Tools for working in the hand, non-electric motor (1.65). The Customer shall arrange his wiring so that interruptible service supplied under this rider shall be separately metered and segregated from firm service. The interruptible billing demand shall be equal to the amount by which the monthly billing demand exceeds the minimum billing demand as specified in the contract. At OEC Fiber, our purpose is to improve our subscribers’ quality of life through the safe delivery of highly reliable, reasonably priced fiber services and exceptional customer service. 1. All wiring, poles, lines, and other electrical equipment on the load side of the delivery point shall be owned and maintained by the consumer. Off-peak hours vary by time of year. 1. This above and beyond customer service is included in all of our internet packages free of charge. Customer Charge: $25.00           All kWh: $.08232. For periods shorter than a normal monthly billing cycle (i.e. Year-Round. Service will be furnished under the Cooperative’s “Rules and Regulations” except as set out herein and/or provisions agreed to by written contract. The Cooperative will endeavor to provide the member with as much advance notice as possible of the interruption of service. When the power factor is determined to be less than 90%, the monthly maximum demand at the delivery point will be adjusted by multiplying the actual monthly maximum demand by 90% and dividing this product by the actual power factor at the time of the monthly maximum demand. Billing/Customer Service The highest complexity exports of Canada according to the product complexity index (PCI) are Electric solder, weld, braze,hot metal spray equipment (1.83), Fork-lift trucks, other trucks with lifting equipment (1.59), Moulds for metals (except ingot), plastic, rubber, etc (1.42), Machinery for rubber, plastics industry (1.32), and Abrasive cloths, papers etc (including sandpaper) (1.2). Uninterrupted load is equal to actual load during requested interruption minus firm load. We can help you navigate potential Wi-Fi issues down the road with our managed wireless service. Norman OK 73070-5481. For commercial members whose service requirements exceed 2500 KW to 4999 kW The tariff is for three phase applications and mirrors the LPC1 tariff but offers some flexibility in the contract demand. F. Special Provisions - Delivery Point - If service is to be furnished at secondary voltage, the delivery point shall be the metering point unless otherwise specified in contract for service.

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