With children being home all day every day it’s likely they’re spending much more time online. How to support your child if you're worried they're watching porn online. Call our O2 NSPCC Advice Line on 0808 800 5002 for advice on apps, sites, games and online safety. Socialisation – whether it is games or social media apps, for most children their friends are the most important aspect. However content is a subjective area that is mainly determined by age and additional needs meaning what is appropriate or inappropriate needs to be decided by you. This is a great way to find out whether the content is appropriate, what privacy features are available, if your child knows how to report someone and so much more. In addition, criminal scams like identity theft are likely to increase considerably across all the services that you and your children use, so vigilance applies to all of us, not just children. Click HERE for #StayHomeStaySafe advice. Copyright © 2020 NSPCC / All rights reserved. Advice on how to make internet connected toys and devices safe for your child. If you are visually impaired or prefer reading, the full text of the video can be found underneath the links below. This is the activity that has the greatest concerns in terms of risk and where the advice of content, contact and conduct really comes into its own. What types of videos show up in the ‘Recommended Videos’ list? As with any filter you can’t completely rely on this, however it is recommended that it is applied onto the devices your child is using. Get to know the content that your child watches. Is there a content filter available? Be careful here and be sure you’ve carried out the right checks, these would include things like is the person from a reputable organization, can they prove that, do they have a current DBS certificate, do they have a safeguarding and child protection policy, how are they going to deliver education and has data protection and safeguarding been taken into account? Do you have a cyberbullying or digital safety concern? Registered charity number 216401. In partnership with O2, your guide to the latest social apps, networks and games. Become a campaigner and help us make the internet safer for all children. Internet Matters has a wealth of information for parents including simple tutorials on how to set up the internet filter on your broadband, settings for all devices, advice and guidance, and much more: Click HERE for the main site. We estimate more than 25,300 child abuse image and sexual grooming offences have been recorded by the police since the Online Harms White Paper was published just over 9 months ago. Tips on how to start the conversation with your child. Finally, check the apps that your children are using. And finally on this part there’s a few features in YouTube that will help you moderate content and I’ve put a link to that video below. Is ‘Restricted Mode’ applied? What channels are they subscribed to? Children are going to be spending much more time online for a variety of reasons and if you would like to watch a short video from one of the leading researchers in this area to get his thoughts on screentime I’ve put a link below this video. Do be vigilant, but you can only be vigilant by keeping yourself up to date and learning about online safety. Discover the Internet together Be the one to introduce your child to the internet. If you’re happy with your children chatting within their games, get to know who they are chatting with. That may sound like an overly-scary message – but it’s true in real life and even more so online. There’s a link to Internet Matters below this video and there’s also a link to Common Sense Media which is a great site to learn more and get opinions on particular games from other parents. A collection of resources for parents and carers to help them support their children to have a safe and positive time online. Your donation will help us be there for children who need someone to turn to. Does your child upload video content? Internet Matters have a wonderful gaming hub where parents can learn much more about the games children are playing, the risks and how to mitigate those risks, as well as tips on how to set up the various devices your children use so that you can turn off things like chat, prevent downloading age-restricted games and much more. Netflix have launched an update to their parental controls. Internet Matters has a wealth of information for parents including simple tutorials on how to set up the internet filter on your broadband, settings for all devices, advice and guidance, and much more: Click HERE for the main site. It is really important to chat with your children on an ongoing basis about staying safe online. If you or your child are concerned  about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been talking online you can make a report on their website here, however we would recommend reporting to your local police first – click HERE, Get Safe Online – a great site to increase your knowledge and keep up to date on issues such as identity theft, fraud, viruses and many other issues found online – click HERE, For some excellent information from Internet Matters on how to support children with additional learning needs at home – click HERE, To learn more about live streaming click HERE, And to see the rising concerns about live streaming click HERE, An excellent explainer video for children from Ineqe Safeguarding Group, There are some functions that can help both you and your child. Parents must be extra vigilant if they are allowing their child to go live. It is not recommended that you store credit card details on devices that children use firstly because the temptation is there to buy new things but also there are some pretty devious tactics in some games and apps to get children to buy things. Ask your child why they play games online – is it because of the game or because they’re playing with their friends? NSPCC, charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC037717. Terms of use / You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. Note: the information given in the video is to be used for advice and guidance. You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. It’s worth stating before we start that any and advice and guidance needs to take into consideration the age of your child. Click HERE for gaming advice. In these difficult times children need to be in contact with their friends and family, as do we all, and many will be doing that online. Leading children's charity, incorporated by Royal Charter. How can I protect my children? YouTube Kids is an app and website with content and channels much more suitable for younger children and has much better parental controls than the main YouTube site or app. Sitemap / Not sure where to begin? Content, contact, conduct and commercialism – regardless of the game, app or activity, the 4 C’s give you a head start to open up a conversation with your child, investigate if something doesn’t feel right or questions to consider if your child is asking you for a new game or app: Content – is the content appropriate for the age of your child? The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that ways of connecting online are more important than ever, with Zoom being an increasingly popular option for many young people.

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