the restriction had done little to deter people from protesting, overwhelmingly peaceful march that took place Monday, defined some of their goals for the upcoming legislative session Tuesday. Resumes Saturday evening at 8:00 pm and lifts 6:00 am Sunday morning. Protesters hold up signs while demonstrating against police brutality on May 30, 2020, at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. Maybe Brown supporters can explain this Utopian world we’ve entered where Oregonians are now treated worse then conquered Hebrew slaves ! Users should verify the legal accuracy of all legal text against official sources of Oregon law. We’re not robots. pay the wages of their employees? It is safe to say we’ve never seen this kind of drastic loss of civil rights at anytime in our US history- hell even slaves were never confined to their homes- prevented from working- placed in face masks and threatened with action for getting within 6 feet of a fellow human. After hours of walking they came upon a large patch of ice. – Earlier in the night, Upkes said extra patrols would be downtown to monitor the protest. It includes both nighttime and daytime curfew laws, but this list should in no way be considered exhaustive. Any reason to keep silent now? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. These are challenging times. Yes! the restriction had done little to deter people from protesting. – Not to mention- anyone else see that “toned down” headline… really ?? Glass doors and a window at the south entrance of the Salem Center in downtown Salem were boarded up May 31, 2020, after police used tear gas to disperse protesters who started throwing bottles and fireworks at law enforcement. BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Restaurant and bar owners in Bend said they were disappointed to learn of the 10 p.m. curfew Gov. Americans should be appalled.”. The curfew, which applies to the entire city according to the release, prohibits travel on any public street, sidewalk or public place except for individuals going directly to or from their workplace, seeking medical care, avoiding dangerous situations or those that are unhoused. The curfew does not apply to credentialed media, people seeking emergency care, fleeing dangerous circumstances, sheltering in place, traveling to and from employment or making commercial deliveries. Its still not the flu no matter how much you repeat it. – "We are all shocked and outraged by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis," Bennett said. Around 9:15 p.m., Portland police fired tear gas, flash bangs and other crowd control measures after people had gathered at a fence blocking off access to areas that had been hardest hit by vandalism in previous nights' protests. “This is the ice rink manager- I told you there are no fish under the ice” !!! Remember I said that come November! “The actions of our City and State reveal the incredible levels of willful ignorance in Oregon around police violence and the enormity of the racial justice issues we are facing,” the nonprofit legal group said in a statement. Curfew information. Declare you restaurant or bar an “Autonomous Zone” and tell Brown to stuff it. She appears to have surrounded herself with a bunch of yes men who tell her what she wants to hear instead of looking at the data independently… this is a real travesty as Bend businesses will definitely go broke within weeks… and Brown has no financial safety net to bail anyone out. An individual with a weapon records video as protesters march in downtown Salem, Oregon, on May 30, 2020. It turns out the virus spreads ten times faster after 10pm… Thanks Kate… I hope you brain surgeons that voted for this community organizer absolutely drown in the effects of having this unqualified person running our state… More opportunity for us evil capitalists…. And yes, The Source story names all the businesses. A march involving more than 200 demonstrators protesting police brutality and the death of George Floyd turned violent late Saturday. "The response from the city was appropriate and proportional to the potential problems from a group vandalizing the State Capitol, throwing projectiles at police and declining to follow a dispersal direction being issued at 11:30 at night," Bennett said Sunday. Statewide we have seen only a handful of people who have passed solely from the virus- virtually 99% of deaths are highlighted by “underlying conditions” ! Gimme a break if you would have done your job the DHS wouldn’t have had to come. These owners of businesses are trying to survive. No accurate history but the grammar looks better comrade, thank you. For questions, comments and news tips, email reporter Whitney Woodworth at, call 503-910-6616 or follow on Twitter @wmwoodworth, This article originally appeared on Salem Statesman Journal: Police use tear gas to disperse protesters in downtown Salem; state of emergency declared, curfew instituted, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Three types of peaks: How the coronavirus has spread across the country, This Beloved Coffee Chain Just Closed 687 Locations For Good, VIDEO: Police deploy tear gas after Salem protest turns violent. Yeh- pretty funny ! PO Box 5865 but, how couldn’t she , we are facing an increasingly dire threat to our species In other news, speakeasies on the rise in people’s garages. Speaking at a Tuesday morning press conference, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler noted that until he and other leaders take action to address systemic problems that have resulted in the deaths of Black Americans, demonstrations are likely to continue. Definately no masks or social distancing. Protesters gathered to hear speeches before marching through downtown. The innocent businesses? but there’s that too. Tell that to the OHA- who re-classified ILI to CLI. Engelberg Antiks owner Henry Dill, front, stands guard at his store as protesters opposing recent police violence take to the streets in Salem, Oregon, early May 31, 2020. overwhelmingly peaceful march that took place Monday. I appreciate the explanation, thank you. Connect with our community and stay informed with unlimited digital access this Memorial Day for only $1 for 3 months. Again Brown was startled and thought what the hell- must be my imagination… pulled way and started the third swing the voice boomed… Just after midnight, he warned that another round of tear gas would be used to break up the crowd. State Sen. Lew Frederick said the Oregon Legislature's People of Color Caucus will be focused on police accountability when lawmakers meet next. Don’t take my word for it- Here’s the OHA site- Armed individuals stood guard in front of several businesses as protestors marched from the Oregon State Capitol to downtown, demonstrating against police brutality on May 30, 202. its amazing how out of touch with reality you are. A man holds a weapon as protesters march through downtown Salem demonstrating against police brutality on May 30, 2020. The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association and Oregon State Police issued a statement Saturday that said the organizations were "unified in condemning the reprehensible actions and tactics demonstrated in Minneapolis that resulted in the tragic death of George Floyd.". The drone of sirens continued downtown. A curfew is imposed in all public places within the City of Portland during the following times: a. If you are looking for a curfew in your area, remember that curfews can be set at the state, county, and city level. – This wasn’t my first introduction to youth rights—I’ve believed... NYRA Chapter leader Bryce Hall spoke out against extending the juvenile curfew law in his home town of Fort Worth, Texas last Tuesday. – Critics get to do the same, assume ulterior motives, etc. It will only frustrate patrons more and put businesses further in the red. Many store owners stood guard outside of their businesses as protesters opposing recent police violence took to the streets. America is a Constitutional Republic with a democratic process. Right now, statewide in Oregon, restaurants, and bars have to close by 10 p.m., and with social distancing, limit the number of people inside to 100 max. The ORS is published every two years. not a bad idea, this will save many lives thanks to a great governor doing what leaders do in a pandemic – make tough calls

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