His son forcefully injects more of the serum into his dad, so that Ray now has irreversible GRS and transforms into a monster. 8:57. Now Stark wants Mason to stop the killer and promises to reunite him with Kristin as his reward. A young couple becomes pregnant and apparently the wife going to have a normal, healthy baby. This destroys most of the ship's aged systems. A commercial transport vessel on a routine mission is suddenly forced out of. When the gun's first used it fuses itself with its owner. For the human race, the Stream has been erroneously programmed to crave information instead of knowledge. The plant uses her substance to form a new body: the body of a beautiful woman. Ray kills Dylan, but his family no longer loves him because he looks like the other GRS monsters. Title: When she becomes pregnant with a girl, she is told to return to her own ship. As she's trying to figure out what it is, the plant reaches out with its roots and starts sucking the life out of her. He argues, with supporting evidence of financial accounts and company memos, that Dr. Link was forced into attempting to rewrite Adam's central programming, effectively lobotomizing it. Afterward the woman returns aboard her ship. Use the HTML below. Salvation may be at hand however. And today, he was fired from his job. Edit. However, he anticipated that his colleague, Dr. Edward Normandy, might try to militarize the android and use him as a cyber-soldier-spy and planted the bugs as a way of forcing Normandy to upgrade Tom so the android could think for itself. The corporation's investigative team enters the abandoned warehouse and finds Celia dead, but no sign of Mac. Seventeen years ago, single mother Laura Sinclair (, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 04:48. Cutler is threatened by a shady representative of the defense company, but brings the matter up in court anyway. An invisible alien race inhabits a spaceship and causes a salvage team to go insane.

There is an underground anti-government movement that is seen as a terrorist cell. After a semi-successful test—a patient is revived, but immediately begins a painful deterioration—Dr.

A man who lost his wife and his son in a car accident several years ago has built a robot which has his son's memories. https://theouterlimits.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Rain?oldid=9190. Certain that he will die soon, he takes revenge on the robber—only to find out later that he will live. Immediately, the three die of, For as long as he can remember, Bernard Selden (, When a transport ship crashed and wiped out the colony on Venus, Capt. Their leader tells him that kind of thinking is what led to war. Dr. Martinez and Kohler realize that the CCI2 is communicating with a CCI chip from the first series of experimental surgeries. state. Wendy is revealed to be another android secretly developed based on his wife. Detective Ray Venable has a "secret" son with GRS, Dylan, who is harassing Ray's family. Their solution is Mary 25, a robot designed to care for children. Inside, the members of the Syndrome, the anti-technology group that planted the bombs, lay dead or dying. The truth of everything is that Virgil is in fact taken over by the spiders as so have the rest of the crew. A tent revivalist finds faith as he battles an evil alien masquerading as a divine power. A missing package contains powerful secrets, and everyone wants a piece of the action. He meets a former colleague of Peter's, Dr. Jim Holbrook, who seems friendly, but doesn't give Scott any information. 43:45. A man is looking for a gun and is offered one by a man that does not question his motives. He tries, unsuccessfully, to keep up with everyone else by using a long-forgotten skill: reading books. When two members of the group discover the truth, they arm themselves with the only gun and force Marie to administer the vaccine to them, which she agrees to only if the third recipient is the child Harry. In the future, most of humanity is sterile as a result of chemical warfare. When Scott Bowman gets an urgent message from his brother Peter, he decides to drive back to their hometown of Halford, Washington to see what is wrong. He shows her a way through the energy barrier to his own captured realm. The Outer Limits S03 - Ep06 Dark Rain HD Watch. An alien race that has no concept of time uses wormholes to find planets with living creatures and enter them as hosts. Mac reveals a double-cross, whereby he fooled Celia into thinking he was disabled when he was in fact not. At the North American UFO Convention, Max Buford has in his possession what appears to be a fragment from an alien spaceship. In the end Jack is discovered killing the alien, while still inside the body of a woman, and is because of that sentenced to a mental institute. He's an android and the "memories" are bugs placed in his artificial intelligence by his creator, the late Joe Walker.

A man comes home from work, to his seemingly luxurious apartment building. Deirdre recoils when Peter eventually confesses that he inhabits her late husband's body. They are aliens that have the powers to alter their appearance and to heal the sick. The men were killed years earlier in a war. He finds himself shifting from the "bad" reality where he is stuck on the moon trying to survive with his crew mates and apparently hallucinating from poison, and the "good" reality where he is with his family, heralded as a hero and hallucinating due to a virus called Ellycia C. In the end Virgil makes a choice to save his people in the "bad" reality while saying goodbye to the "good" reality. 216.9M . Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The Outer Limits S01 - Ep12 Dark Matters HD Watch. the realization of how important the pregnancy is to the government, and She is designed not to allow anyone to harm the children, including the children themselves. They settle on an Earth-like world with three moons after attempting to locate a place based on a picture of a sunset the man had kept hidden in his communication device. This episode is a sequel to the episode, All soldiers of the team have drug injectors to protect them against an "alien virus". As he claims: "I save them." Only rare couples, such as Sherry and Tim McAllister, are able to have healthy normal children. A man is being chased down an alley. So he tests his time machine himself to prove them wrong, only to arrive just in time to see his wife die two days from the day he traveled. Either way, only he can stop it from happening. In the late 23rd century an outdated star ship is on a ten-year reclamation project. With its deadly lasers and hand-to-hand battles, "The Octal" is a combat sport for a new generation of athletes, but Tanner Brooks (. She sees a number of AIs that have gained emotions and/or turned against their masters, and deduces that Mac has followed this trend as well. Cutler pushes for a murder trial, insisting that Adam is his client and not simply a machine. 43:01. An old woman is given a tube containing a mysterious liquid by an equally mysterious man. Sherry and Tim McAllister conceive and become the focus of intense attention from the government. In the investigation that followed, no evidence could be found to support his story, leaving a blot on Harris' NASA record and his life in ruins. Scott's wife is already under their control and shoots him. Since he has learned of Celia's death, he realizes this must be an intruder. However, since the aliens have no concept of the passage of time, they aren't realizing that each time they return their host — Trevor (, A high-profile and powerful public figure, Graham's (. After Shal gives birth to a son, the first of the commune to do so, she and the baby are taken away by Mother, a wise alien who acts as a parent to the young people. But when a shuttle carrying the Dregocian delegation to the summit site malfunctions and crashes, apparently due to sabotage, things quickly deteriorate. The four people gathered in the top-secret research facility seem at first to have nothing in common: Ford Maddox (, Two separate political entities of both Earth and Mars, the Free Alliance and the Coalition, have been in a state of cold war for 30 years. Along with this, the vaccine requires three days to fully develop before it can be injected into any humans.

A man gets fired from his job as a scientist at a technology company as they don't believe in his time travel theories. After a time it leaves its host body by bursting out of the chest and enters another host which it has selected. She tells him that she left subtle clues as to how to free himself, as she did with three other crews on other craft, but he is the first to free himself. Marie only reveals to the group that there is a vaccine, not the amount, a fact she only reveals to her closest companion in the group, terminally ill cancer patient Bernard Katz. Cavalcantcarvalho. 6:50. This leads to the deaths of several different women. The five students are: Ray (. But. Now the aliens are rebelling against their masters, fighting a guerilla war against a government led by men like High Secretary Paul Kohler (, When NASA astronaut Theodore Harris was in space the first time on September 16, 1963, it didn't go quite as planned. Under the pretense of performing another repair, Celia disables Mac's motor control functions.

In the vision, he is chasing a woman in the forest and reaches out to attack her. Commander Virgil finds himself between two realities.

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