Manufacturers can decide according to grade level models use different ecu program. Very happy with the results ET 11.94 at 111.34 mph!! Also included are two USA made IAC units with gaskets, hardware, (just in case you drop one in the bilge) spare fuses and a canvas storage pouch. Some models had brakes only just meet the brake. The kit was developed for twin engine applications and includes two plug-and-play IAC harnesses that are fused to prevent a direct short to the PCM. “Basanti and I can finally hit the road again! The following is our interview with Professor Deng dialogue. Deng: This is a very hot topic of discussion. The original impetus for the ECU chip tuning, I think:as long as the correct range at reasonable modifications ecu program, to enhance the efficiency of the engine, the engine will not be affected.The reason is: ecu upgrade technology in the professional field, tuned ecu program is in line with the values ​​used by the engine-dependent. Hardin Marine can recalibrate your Mercury ECU (computer) to yield the very most of your engines power The ECU precisely controls fuel requirements, detonation control, idle speed and RPM limitations We have dyno-tested multiple combinations and know what works! We cannot guarantee speed or plane time increases with the many different applications. There are some models after a brush ecu but more fuel-efficient engines in the power play unit of time than the original increases. Do not want you to enhance horsepower to break the speed limit, but you want to enjoy the fun of control within the legal speed. Another point is that the ecu upgrade program is actually fun to drive. So far I kept it on the “road” mode/tune, no “track” mode, and I have no short terms plans to download a map, but I appreciate that it’s available if needed. As long as the right within a reasonable range of tuning ecu program, it will not affect the life of the engine. After the general upgrade, owners will find that the throttle becomes lighter, the original throttle delay time will be shortened, shift smoothly than before, the original sense of frustration when shifting convergence will be greatly reduced. Many of our tuning partners whom offer performance upgrades, such as Bilstein, evoms, Fabspeed, Forge, Eibach, H&R, PP-Performance, Milltek, Motec and Pagid are renowned in their field for BMW, VW & Audi tuning, among other makes. If you need to know more about the ecu upgrade issues or ecu tool, please visit our shop: 1. – really plug & play, no setup or PC connection needed to get going, no apparent or obvious learning period, just install and get on your way. Call us with your application Computer Re-Calibration & Monitoring (ECU) - Non Supercharged Engines. Whether you just want to update from an earlier model cal to a new model year, work with your custom cam or engine combo, whether your tired of the factory transom soot issue or anything else needed, We can support your needs. A custom ECU remap on the 3.0 platform can achieve nice gains in torque while still retaining all factory components on average should see around 50-60% gains in torque, more torque can be achieved by upgrading to a custom package which could include upgraded turbos, Injectors, Intercooler and much more. Some upgrades don’t add as much value as others, so it can be pretty difficult to get the most bang for your buck. This is now a lot of people mistakenly think that will fuel the misconception after ecu tuning. All Rights Reserved. We don’t just add on or wire in, we make custom tunes for the individual car. ***Results will vary depending on boat design, propping, atmospheric conditions, environment and drivers. Professor Deng is engaged in a number of automotive ecu upgrade service seven years of experience, he is in the hands of converted vehicles ECU upgrade nearly one million units. Coupon Codes, Promos, Offers and Specials, Computer Re-Calibration & Monitoring (ECU) - Non Supercharged Engine, ECM 555 Computer Re-Calibration & Monitoring (ECU) - 496 Mag and HO Supercharged Engine, ECM 555 Computer Re-Calibration & Monitoring (ECU) - 496 Mag and HO, 525 Non Supercharged Engine. ECM 555 Computer Re-Calibration & Monitoring (ECU) - 496 Mag and HO Supercharged Engines added a supercharger? Nowadays it is much easier to use an ECU performance chip. Analogy: For example, we usually use the computer w7 systems, why would distinguish between notebook and desktop versions versions, there are other devices with w7 systems. The Marine Design Corporation IAC Survival Kit is designed specifically for Mercury Racing 600SCi, 662SCi and 700SCi engines. If increased engine performance is what you are after but have concerns about the catalyst equipment on your engine, then the Catalytic Eliminator Computer (CEC) is what you need! Factory figures. With regard to the ECU tuning is good or bad,Here a professional point of view to analyze the pros and cons ecu chip tuning. Besides increasing the horsepower outside, with increased handling performance of the vehicle. Each basic owners want to brush ecu will be very concerned about, after all, they are worried that will shorten engine life. Call us with your application requirements and we will lead you to maximum horsepower from you EFI engine. In fact, this is because many people do not understand the meaning of ecu upgrade caused, said the industry mean ecu upgrade program optimization is the optimal adjustment programs on energy efficiency, improve engine based on the mix of launch. Can you talk about the ecu chip tuning, the effects are obvious? Performance has no limits with the PowerTRONIC Plug-in Piggyback ECU. Will not work on the newer wide band O2 sensors with 6 pin plugs. But the owners after ecu chip tuning, has been using found no unusual problems, in addition to the power to enhance the outside, but also fuel-efficient. Built on electronics that have fueled over a decade of motorsport victories, PowerTronic marks the … Real power gains available with our custom tuned solutions for your engine. Deng: Not necessarily. . To be compatible, the header must be made to accept a pre-oxygen sensor! Also it is a matter of concern to car owners, when after the upgrade, fuel consumption is not it will improve? ( Log Out /  After the ECU tuning, what we need to pay attention to? This was a decent base line beginning and now we can get serious about precision tuning. RZR 900 Performance Tune Kit ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Performance Package! ( Log Out /  ECU Upgrades and Tuning. Have you modified your stock Mercury EFI engine by adding high performance exhaust, a bigger cam, a high flow flame arrestor, oradded a supercharger? For example, two different models, different prices, while using the same engine and ecu computer. The ecu program which is equivalent to an operating system, it is for the engine to provide a reliable and stable working conditions. Hardin Marine can recalibrate your Mercury ECU (computer) to yield the very

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