Please be sure you are selecting the correct mod version mod for your controller. Jitter - (Does not currently work with COD Ghosts)The Jitter firing takes advantage of a glitch in most Call of Duty games which allows for faster firing than allowed by normal rapid fire. Jump Shot - When jump shot is enabled you player will Jump as soon as you start to fire.

First, ensure that the rapid fire mod is activated and working. It will blink on LED 2.

The developers can set a universal speed cap for their games. This allows your character to shoot twice with every trigger pull. Learn more about rapid-fire mods for PS4 & Xbox One What's Rapid-Fire Mod? LED and Rapid Fire is OFF now. Tap the R2 button.

What's Rapid-Fire Mod? and get $5.00 off, Buy 25 - 49 Please be sure you are selecting the correct mod version mod for your controller. For controllers WITHOUT the Lightbar in the touchpad (JDM-001 to JDM-030) Please select the V4.1 mod found HERE. You can also program your rapid-fire speed up to 99 shots per second. Please be sure you are selecting the correct mod version mod for your controller. Tap the mod switch to save that particular digit and move to the last digit, the decimal digit. If you surpass this limit, the gun will fire slowly or stop firing completely. Opening the controller requires a Philips PH00 screwdriver  which can be selected as an option above. Tap the mod switch. However, some circumstances might affect the work of the feature, so it might operate better and worse depending on the situation. Zamia PS4 Elite Controller with Back Paddles, 6 Axis Sensor Modded Custom programmable Dual Vibration Elite PS4/PC Wireless Game Controller Joystick for FPS Games, PICTEK PS4 Controller, 3-in-1 Wireless Gaming Controller with Vibration Turbo and Trigger Buttons, USB Controller Joystick Gamepad for Playstation 4, PS3, Windows, Android.

Includes support Tactical Layout Drop shot (Right Thumb Click) in addition to standard layout (B). You have to click the mode switch which is located on the backside of the controller. It is now pressing and releasing the weapon button instead of you. So you can feel safe while playing online. This mod has several sub modes allowing you to select if you will only jump once or jump continuously with a selection of three deifferent jump speeds. Tap the R2 button to increase the number or L2 to decrease the number. * Try one of our craft pizzas or choose from over 35 fresh toppings and a dozen different sauces to create your own masterpiece.. If you want to change the mode, you have to ensure the Rapid Fire feature is turned on.

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