C. liquidity 35.

D) Growth Stocks ANS:- B.

Most likely involves bonds instead of common stock. True or False. D. Rs. A) RBI Which is the largest Stock exchange in the world in terms of dollar value of its listed companies stocks? B. A) 2009 D. All of the above ‘T+2’ Categorize the “Industrial Security Market”?

b. Which was the first Indian company to list on NASDAQ? D) Sensitive Stocks

C. ‘T+1’

If the interest rate is 8 percent and the firm has $3,000 on hand, what should it do? ANS:- b, 93.

The trading members can participate in the Exchange initiated auctions by entering orders as a ______. Order no.

ANS:- D, 53. Buy the machine with the three-quart bowl, which costs $3,000. Which order will get a priority for getting executed. Primary Market (New Issue Market): Primary market is also known as new issue market. What is Red Herring in an IPO?

B. Surveillance and Control (SURCON) is that period after market close during which, the users have _______ only. Mr. Desai has decided to deposit Rs.

Which one of the following can issue the corporate bond?

b) Sensitive index Order Cancelled

a. D. Auction is over. $4 per year more than before A print shop gives discounts to people who can wait overnight for their copies.

For liquid securities, the VaR margins are based on the ________ of the Security. 413,502.54 Client List Master A) Stock Exchange Bureau of India Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL) C) Tata Motors

a. supply of loanable funds curve more than a year is called as capital market. ANS:- D. 46. ANS:- A, 77. Any amount, as there is no restriction on User Order Value Secondary Market ! D. privately placed common stock that cannot be immediately resold to the general public.

200,000 in the bank annually. On Line Backup is a facility that the user can invoke to take a backup of all order and trade related information for the user.

D. False B) India Index Services & Products Ltd. (IISL)

A. C. securities issued by the United States Postal Service. D. exposure limit You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Auction User Interface messages

Which of the following is not a rating agency.

True or False? ANS:- C. 15.
As in this market securities are sold for the first time, i.e., new securities are issued from the company. ... Capital market (c) Primary market (d) Secondary market.

C. True, only if his clients are making payments on time ANS:- a, 92.

1. Stop Loss (SL)

‘buy’, ‘hold’ or ‘sell’. Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. 1,00,000 and sells shares worth Rs. B) Sell Call Option

B) Bharti Airtel Correct! If the bank has a policy of continuous compounding and the prevailing interest rate is 12% how much would his deposit grow upto in 3 years? The capital market instruments are usually used by the Government, Corporations and Companies. 51. Auction is held in PQR for 10,000 shares. What does ‘P’ indicate as a status in the ‘Auction Inquiry’ screen in the NEAT system?

The clients introduced by an authorized person to a trading member, would be required to deliver securities and make payments directly in the trade name of the trading member. Order no.

Most likely involves an unusually large stock offering.

D) Securities and Exchange Board of India

a. Securities and funds pay out takes place on ______ working days after the trade date, A. True or False?

B. initiator C. Both Statement are true C. Trade Modified

C. auctions related information

ANS:- C, 82. NASDAQ stands for… ANS:- C. 26.

C) US 60.

C) New York Sugar Exchange Order no. 29. A. FIIs D) Tokyo Stock Exchange

ANS:- A.

b. increased future production of consumption goods B. 550 lakh.

B. A trading member on the NSE, has set the branch order value unlimited for his Chennai branch and Rs. B) Speculative Stocks What is Dollex-30?

C. participant code ANS:- A. a.

False C) Dollar Version of BSE Sensex
390.65 Here is a quiz on capital market instruments to test yourself !

ANS:- a, 97. A. Rs. Book Building Process is associated with d. Faster computers are more expensive than slower ones, other things equal. A couple gets a mortgage for a new house instead of saving up for it. D. ‘obligation guarantee’

Q1. A user can simultaneously view a regular inquiry (e.g.

A. C. Odd lots A. the average closing price for the last one week A market where individuals invest for a longer duration i.e. ANS:- D, 62. D. none d. $16 per year more than before B. participant

ANS:- c, 100.

The pre-set Market price protection percentage is by default set to _____ of the LTP, 34. 150 lakh C) Efficient Transaction with high transaction cost If a client buys shares worth Rs. A. Exhibit 0199 shows data on the various dough-mixing machines that a donut shop is considering buying.

B. index-based market-wide circuit breakers A) New York Shares Exchange

A) Accurate information should be available timely basis ANS:- B, 88.

A. The NSCCL interposes itself as a central counterparty between the counterparties to trades and nets the positions so that a member has security wise net obligation to receive or deliver a security and has to either pay or receive funds.

72.75 at time 10:31 a.m.

950 lakh B. B) Preference Share Allotment

e. the decreased amount of future capital available

Country* A) Real Estate

72.70 at time 10:31 a.m. C) TCS ANS:- B.

False Save $3,000 at the interest rate of 8 percent.

The benefit of the production of capital is C. blue sky. A. Rs. ANS:- B. Largest Indian Private Sector Company in terms of Market Cap? One of the requirements for admission to membership on the NSE is to pass an on-line examination under NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM).

15,000 D. offset

C. circulates or causes to be circulated, any rumors;

A. securities-based market-wide circuit breakers Chennai branch has two users ‘X’ and ‘Y’ with user order limits of Rs.

ANS:- D. 12. 10,000

D) Nation Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation

e. Bank Christmas clubs pay no interest. State Governments

B) Wipro

ANS:- D, 52. © Copyright 2016.

Tell me about gloss in capital market.The is using in the trading. 79,383.22 c. decrease in roundabout production; future ability to produce consumer goods will be higher as a result ANS:- D, 85.

‘settlement fulfillment’ ANS:- A, 71. C. Thursday (T+3) A. participant 250 lakh

ANS:- B, 78.


500 lakh respectively.

ANS:- A. C) Funds Generated during IPO

D. client id (a) Individuals D. none of the above d. abundant capital accumulation B. total number of shares to deliver for each security D. any authorized user Capital Market Instruments Financial Instruments that are used for raising capital resources in the capital market are known as capital market instruments. The closing price of PQR on that day was Rs.259.00 The last traded price of PQR on that day was Rs.254.0 The close price of PQR last Friday was Rs.255.00 The previous day’s close price of PQR was Rs.264.00 What is the maximum allowable price at which the member can put a sell order in the auction for PQR? 550 lakh. ANS:- B.

C. Rs.

(Assume Price Band applicable for Auction market is +/ – 20% ), A. Rs.

C. unlimited If the interest rate increases from 6 percent to 10 percent per year, each $100 saved will earn

What does ‘OM’ indicate as an activity in the ‘Activity Log’ screen in the NEAT system? D) Infosys C) Value Stocks (ii) the regulatory framework, which regulate the issue of security. a. 11. B)ICRA Consider the following statements in context with Treasury Bulls? ANS:- A, 90. True or False?

Two buy orders enter into the system and are unmatched : 1) 200 shares @ Rs. 2

D. within 24 hours of sale

In India […]


D) Minimum Offer per share d. decrease in roundabout production; future ability to produce consumer goods will be lower as a result a. taxation D. None of the above 100 share of Reliance Ltd. are purchased on Monday.

D) Pharmacy

A. Kolkata branch has one user ‘Z’ with user order value limit of Rs. 57.

First Credit rating agency was set up in 1841 in Newyork which published its first guide in 1859 by Robert Dun. ANS:- e, 95. ANS:- D. 25.

ANS:- A. 45. c. entrepreneurial talent ANS:- A.


D. Rs. Which clearing house is the wholly owned subsidiary of NSE? ANS:- C. 48. A)FITCH C. Rs. C. all the dealers under that branch Your email address will not be published. ANS:- D, 75.

e. decrease in roundabout production but one that does not have an effect on future ability to produce consumer goods C. The National Depository Services Ltd. (NSDL)

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