Bogie starring in one of his last films plays a heartless villain on the run with his younger brother after breaking out of a local prison. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. As with any good psychological tale there is a lot here for everyone. --- Dan Hilliard: "Yes I do. At least for me. The Desperate Hours (1955) Connections. If you're a fan of the film Friendly Persuasion (also a Wyler film), you'll recognize a few familiar faces, including a brilliant young Richard Dyer. His is the other anthological role, an every-man character which very few…. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. I am a fan of Bogart and this one ranks right up there with my top 3 favorites. The action is tense as Bogart and his two fellow escapees match wits with the family they're holding hostage. And this is the perfect, dream-like state in which the Hilliards pass their anodyne existence, secure in their suburban womb - until the American Nightmare is unleashed upon them. 2: Underrated…. The first black-and-white film shot in VistaVision. KUDOS TO THE SHIPPER ALSO. The story allows him --and us-- to go back to the days of The Petrified Forest, and, what is even better, Bogie is in top form and all up to the task. It's a really juicy thriller. I'm kind of on the fence on this one, but can't give it a good review when the thought of watching this again sounds painful to me. WATCH HIS OTHER FILM "KEY LARGO", HOW HIS EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE CHANGED WHEN THE BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL ACTRESS "CLAIRE TREVOR" WHO WAS REFUSED A DRINK BY ROBINSON; A MAGNIFICANT STAR HIMSELF; AFTER HER HUMILIATION WHILE SINGING. In his penultimate film, though visibly ill and physically diminished with the cancer that would soon kill him, he brings his full force of personality as a cornered killer. NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE PULLED THAT OFF WITH SUCH FINESS AND WITHOUT A WORD. Taut, gritty and cogent. In the 1950's, it was unthinkable for major stars to appear in a movie where the bad guys would stay over night (actually) I think it was two, without taking advantage of the, well, female distractions. Several decades on I’ve returned to it. It starred Bogart as the leader of three escaped convicts who invade the home of a family whose head is played by March. Some morning I'm gonna catch up with that kid. And that's unfortunate because he looks miscast in this home invasion feature drama. 1955 The novel begins "Out of the fog they came..". To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. you will enjoy it! Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. I remembered seeing part of this movie while I was staying at a hotel some years ago. There's not much actually WRONG with it but when you see a name like Wyler on the credits you expect a little something extra. Bogart's role was based on a role Paul Newman created on Broadway. In fact, the story became a successful Broadway play that this film is based on (the family in the original incident brought an unsuccessful lawsuit against the dramatist for invasion of privacy). Also, how many A-list movie stars would have the guts to play such a reprehensible scumbag – one who actually opens fire on a child, albeit with an empty gun – in a film today? The Hilliards' home life is as balanced, as regular and as dull as the barometer on the wall. Terrific tension is generated in the hostage taking and the need to cover it up (I know it's wrong but I wanted the Griffin boys to succeed).

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