Except when you're not smiling giving my dick oral hygene Rolodex Gchat But you stay sweet like an ever-lasting entenmann I wanna be that guy, but I don't think I can Yes a nigga so street, call a nigga Grover But revisiting the first mixtape from Donald Glover (who didn’t know he would continue to release music as Childish Gambino), I wasn’t put off as much by the nasal delivery of his first few years as a rapper. Tell me that they love me, then they try to kiss me, Always on the move I love the Journey like a white dude, Yes I know I'm quite rude, arrogant as Alva, So let's not pretend like every girl don't wanna be ya. Regardless of all that, POINDEXTER is a mixtape with a surprising amount of depth, from the brash “Extraordinary” to the bright, fun “Sunshine.” Pretty much every other track is playlist-worthy (my measure of a good song), and the rest are crucial transition points for the tape’s diversity as well. Trying to get my python, you can check my iPhone Childish Gambino’s second studio album/major record label release gave the artist a surge in popularity, but I have a complex relationship with it. But I’m a sucker for a concept record, even if I think the internet-based commentary is inherently a bit dated or potentially hacky. But it never reaches the catchy highs of the following releases, producing only a few songs currently worth remembering. Baby don't you see me? Half of yall crazy, the other half trying to get their paper having babies In an interview with NPR , he notes that it can be difficult for young black kids to find their own identity because they are constantly told how they should act, what they should Part two of the I AM JUST A RAPPER “saga,” this mixtape sees Gambino rapping over some great songs like Yeasayer’s “Tightrope” and Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around.” Unfortunately, those two songs in question (Gambino’s “Get It” and “Different”) are pretty much the only standout tracks. Why get a dog its just gonna die? Naw I ain't down with that "Hooohh!" Up until that point, people were calling the record “DONALD GLOVER PRESENTS,” indicating the move away from the Childish Gambino moniker to the rapper’s real name. Childish Gambino - These Girls (Letra e música para ouvir) - We are really close and this party's really loud / We should go outside and talk, better yet, let's take a cab / We're kissing in the back, my apartment's I wanna take it right and slow because Garfunkel & Oates) We are really close and this party's really loud We should go outside and talk, better yet, let's take a cab These girls have all the best of me We're kissing in the back, my apartment's pretty close To be sitting here across from you, pretending I ain't lyin' But Gambino pulls off communicating a sense of frenzy, sadness, and reflection, all of which the internet can facilitate, with this 19-track record. [Verse 1: Childish Gambino] I know exactly how you feel I never thought that I'd be working for the start 'cause These girls have all the best of me Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. The songs Gambino raps over are wisely curated, creating a great flow through the album itself as much as he creates a great flow over the individual tracks. Chronicling a dream of running Atlanta, STN MTN maybe samples the most “traditional” hip hop songs of any other Gambino mixtape? But, like EP, I lock into pretty much every track on the album. But “My Shine” is the best fusion of Gambino’s aggression and sing-songy serenading, and EP is a near-perfect, well, EP. Neither are unique to ROYALTY, but their impact is lessened due to the non-stop energy of the mixtape. To be honest, I don’t know if SUMMER PACK totally classifies as a full “release” even in the context of an EP, since it’s only made up of two songs. Hotter than that propane, yes I said it twice dude Cause you have full head, I mean you're smart nasty Queen’s Live Aid Performance: How Rock’s Royalty Stole The Show, Ameer Rutherford runs a tight ship for hip hop all-stars Run The Jewels, Moist Green Gorgeousness from Edgar Froese, Something in the Water: A Brief History of Queensbridge Houses and Hip Hop Legend, Marley Marl. I might be wrong, but I feel like EP’s “Freaks and Geeks” was the breakout song for Childish Gambino, at least on a larger niche level. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? It’s just simply not the first, or second, or I guess even eighth Childish Gambino release I would think to listen to. Talking bout in and out with a girl named Ashley This song is about Childish Gambino and the girls who want to get with him. STN MTN, the mixtape flipside of the whole concept record of STN MTN/KAUAI, is an ode to southern hip hop and, like ROYALTY, a more conventional release in being so. I wanna take it right and slow because

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