"We're gonna be OK, babe," she whispers. Funny, acerbic, but strong and loving, she's the perfect match for the anxiety-ridden Randall. "You're as tough as they come, Rebecca Pearson. "What would Jack Pearson do?" When Randall resists, Jack asks why, and his son lets it be known how ostracized he feels. She's also angry that he didn't leave her anything behind, like he did for everyone else. His story was tragic, but William was never disappointing. This Is Us Returns Tuesday, October 27th 9/8c on NBC! It isn't an easy watch. When Rebecca is worried she might have a brain tumor, Jack takes her to his “favorite tree” — a place we learned in a prior episode has special meaning, and is where some of his ashes would be spread. In this moment, during an immersive course that includes beating drumsticks and emoting, Kate is able to connect with her grief. To celebrate the second season finale, we decided to rank the most tear-inducing moments in This Is Us history. "Are you out of your mind?" He sells his beloved car and even makes a visit to his abusive father to ask for a loan to be able to afford the fixer-upper his construction company has been working on. Justin Lubin/NBC, Credit: They share a bath and champagne, and then he tops it off by bringing out their wedding vows. "Jack Pearson's Son," Season 1, Episode 15. And it aired on Super Bowl Sunday with a heavy dose of pre-promotion. Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC, Credit: Grab a tissue! You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break. But when Rebecca leaves the bar in a huff, Jack goes after her with a romantic pronouncement. Sometimes romance is about sacrifice, and Jack makes quite a few for Rebecca and his forthcoming triplets when he buys the family a home. The trip is a painful one for Kevin, who drowns out his pain with alcohol and painkillers. When family drama and car trouble lead the Pearsons to spend the holiday at the rundown Pinewood Lodge, Jack creates new family traditions with Police Academy 3, hot dogs with cheese and crackers, and Kate’s unraveling sweater. "One day, a long time from now, you're gonna meet someone who is better than me," Jack tells his young daughter in a flashback, which is played over the moment her brothers walk her down the aisle in his place. Rebecca gathers the kids at Jack's favorite tree after his funeral and shows her maternal strength. Jack processes this, before telling Randall that it's OK to be different, and that he is as much his son as his other children are. He stares at her and she returns his gaze, later coming over to say hello. I will create a home with you full of love, laughter, and compassion. Major tears. As she pounds out the sticks, she flashes to Jack's funeral, seeing in color the hurt that she's buried. To prove they’re truly soulmates and he’ll never take Rebecca for granted, Jack opts for a huge romantic gesture: He surprises her by taking her to their first apartment, and decking it out in twinkly lights and candles. Jack and Rebecca rarely have trouble expressing their love, so their wedding vows are, unsurprisingly, one of their most romantic moments. ", "A Manny-Splendored Evening," Season 2, Episode 2. (And then again some more.) Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. I’ve been trying to focus on all the little moments that I don’t want to forget, but the moment that is burned into my brain and heart is the first time I saw you. He doesn’t leave Rebecca in anger or resignation. Rebecca brings Jack home with her, assuring him. And so, moments before curtain call, Kevin flees the play and runs to his brother, with whom he's always had a contentious relationship.

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