You want to review it a few times, because you always miss the little things that usually matter. Factual statements in this site are made as of the date the information was created and are subject to change without notice. The exact formulas for all of the scans I use. Coaching and a four-week one-on-one personal mentorship training is available, but it’s not cheap. This line of communication discourages consumers from interrupting the status quo, hence allowing the top dog company to remain as such. Return to top, How To Take Out Other People’s Stops for Fun and Profit, Get More Details on the Top Dog Trading System Course 1 Here, Get More Details on the Top Dog Trading System Course 2 Here, Get More Details on the Swing Trading with Confidence Course Here, Get More Details on the Day Trading the Invisible Edge Course Here, Get More Details on the Advanced Fibonacci Made Simple Course Here, Get More Details on the Advanced Candlestick Patterns Made Simple Course Here, Get More Details on the Top Dog Trading Advanced Course Here, Get More Details on the Top Dog Best of Videos Here, Get More Details on the Video Newsletter Here, Click HERE for More Details on the Top Dog Custom Indicators, Click HERE for More Details on the Stock Scanning Formulas, Click HERE for More Details on the Top Dog Special Reports, Click HERE for More Details on the Top Dog Metastock Plugin Toolkit, Follow-up email support for your individual questions. Further refinements to improve accuracy and efficiency come from utilizing additional tools like Fibonacci retracement levels, pivots and wave counts. Lots of traditional knowledge that didn't take me long to find out that in today's markets won't result in high probability most of the time. Posted by Dave | Dec 4, 2019 | Service Reviews. I find Barry's courses easy to follow. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. The best taught system I have tried.Top Dog is easy to learn and most effective. This course teaches you how to time the market with Swiss Clock precision so you can trade with crystal-clear entries and exits. Buts thats ok as I am prepared to wait for the setups to appear. An illustration is used with each strategy to demonstrate the effect of time decay on the total option premium involved in the position. Whether to use the real bodies or the wicks of candlesticks for drawing Fibonacci levels. keep it simple. Dr. Burns methods are centered strictly around technical analysis of price action using candlesticks, price and momentum indicators as well as Fibonacci retracements with harmonic patterns. Barry is a true and honest professional ! SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. Neither the information contained on this site, nor in any other place, is provided to any particular individual with a view toward their individual circumstances and nothing on this site should be construed as investment or trading advice. What Type of Trader is Top Dog Trading Best For? You should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. I am just starting to apply the methodology after studying the content over and over. Simple to follow yet very information self-directed online courses, Dr. Burns has a very comforting nature which comes from his experience as an NLP practitioner, No hard sell and great 90-day money back guarantee for beginner course, Teaches compelling methods and set-ups that can be found daily in the markets, Customized automated indicator software greatly enhances efficiency spotting, tracking and trading patterns, Relevant and effective methodology for trading stocks, futures and forex markets, Personal coaching and mentorship is very expensive at $1000-per hour, Custom indicators requires NinjaTrader, Meta Trader or Tradestation platforms, Simply Wall ST Review – A Stock Data Visualization Tool, Review – A Dividend Research and Analysis Tool. “Second Chance” Cycle Patterns on the Cycle Indicator. "You'll receive it on day 4 of my FREE 5-Day Video Mini-Course: "Make Money by Breaking Every DayTrading Rule You Ever Learned! How to see key turning points that others don’t. Any statements and/or examples of earnings or income, including hypothetical or simulated performance results, are solely for illustrative purposes and are not to be considered as average earnings. Will definitely be buying your course in the near future. I am really enjoying Barry's courses. Set-ups: The Rubber Band trade is an example of a set-up where traders identify price support levels on a sell-off and utilize the momentum indicators as the trigger for entry for a rubber band-like snap back bounce. With self-paced courses, newsletters, and even coaching with their founder (Dr. Barry Burns). From newsletters to one-on-one coaching, read our review to find out more about Top DogTrading. Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. His “Trend Trading for Dummies” book should already to you that he’s is very experienced in helping newbies. FinViz Stock Screener Review – How Does This Scanner Rank? How to determine when Candlesticks are breaking support/resistance. Prior successes and past performance with regards to earnings and income are not an indication of potential future success or performance. It focuses on utilizing momentum indicators to further refine price interpretation and timing. Further refinements to improve accuracy and efficiency come from utilizing additional tools like Fibonacci retracement levels, pivots and wave counts. I have been trading the Top Dog method in the Sim for over a month now. Automatically draw significant swing highs and lows. Trading is hard, but with a great mentor like Barry it can be done with success if I stick to what I learn. IQ Options Limited is a world-leading and the best stock broker that offers traders from over 66 countries to … Wait, before you jump in and buy, read our in-depth review of Top Dog Trading and learn more. I am on course 2 with Top dog Trading I am on course 2 with Top dog Trading. You will be able to look at any Candlestick, see the logic behind it, and immediately know what it means! include the various trading courses as well as customized indicators, video newsletters, special reports, scanners and personal coaching. Allows you to Scan For Setups on both the Setup Chart and the Confirmation Chart for both long and short trades (trend trades, reversal trades, triangle trades, first cycle high/low after DAD turns trades, and rubber band trades). You’ll also get Advanced Trading Techniques: MATERIAL I’VE NEVER TAUGHT ANYWHERE BEFORE! I have been able to have a very good return on this investment. You can customize many aspects of the indicators for your personal preference. But the good news is you don’t have to! These scans are used for US stocks only (not Forex, futures or stocks in other countries). The viewer is taught how to identify price inflection points utilize cycle tops and bottoms to interpret market structure and trends as well as spotting nearly perfect entries and exits. Labels buy/sell signals on the chart with arrows. If you want the really ADVANCED TRADING TECHNIQUES, then this is the course for you! An objective method for automatically finding the right highs and lows to use for drawing all Fibonacci levels. All this is available in the new MetaStock “Top Dog Trading Toolkit” (note: this software is only available through MetaStock – click below to be taken to the web page where they offer the plugin): This special e-Book was designed just for you. How to know where the big money is so you can trade with the big dogs rather than getting mauled by them. The cost is $495 and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. You can do these with any free time you have, giving you full flexibility as to when and how much or little time you want to put into them. Thanks Barry for your honest approach and what, to me, is a life raft in the beginner trading world. Objectively color up trends and down trends. Trading Courses and Software Top Dog Trading product offerings include the various trading courses as well as customized indicators, video newsletters, special reports, scanners and personal coaching. Thank you Merle. More than my expectations. Other than those two, none of the other courses are required before taking this one. Top Dog Trading is an online trading education service. Hi! I am satisfied. Starting by making back the money lost using the other " Pros " methods. The program is packed with great information on Barrys methodology. The Top Dog Trading System Course 1: Cycles and Trends. The software is composed of two “suites” compatible with NinjaTrader, Meta Trader and Tradestation for a combined bundled cost of $490-per year. It uses arrows, colored boxes and audio alerts to tell you when those energies are aligned across multiple time frames, making energy alignment clear and simple to see. He focuses primarily on technical setups and will hold positions anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. His courses are designed to build a foundation of knowledge first with a thorough review of the components (charts, candlesticks and indicators) before moving on to the set-ups and finally trade management. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS DISCLAIMER, PLEASE EXIT THIS SITE IMMEDIATELY. By continuing to browse this site you agree to our use of cookies. His methods can be applied across most tradeable asset classes including stocks, options, Forex and futures. The significance of the wick (shadow) on the Candlestick Bar. How to use VOLUME in your day trading (completely different than the volume techniques in my Swing Trading Course). Click the “Learn More” button below to watch this presentation for all the details. Dr Barry Burns knows what he is talking about and gets you from knowing little to understanding the ins and outs of day trading very quickly and easily. This tool automates wave counts and draws Fibonacci levels, Floor Trader Pivots, “Second Chance Patterns” and integrates color coded indicators and trend. It’s easy. The information contained on this site is for informational and educational purposes only. great material, slides and technical s. this is the only site you need, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. But what I would say about Dr. Barry, free YouTube videos, it’s just something incredible, you can learn basic things, to at least how to not lose money, and also you definitely can even make money. The unlimited-risk or limited-but-high risk strategies they could potentially replace are provided with the strategy summary. I’ve received a lot of requests for help in scanning the stock market for stocks that are setting up for one of the Top Dog Trades, so now you can get . Earnings Whispers Review – Are the Paid Plans Worth It? Go beyond the theory (and the hype) to the practical reality of what actually works in the real world of professional trading. There are multitudes of Candlestick Patterns with esoteric names and it can be very challenging to memorize them all. The rate is $1000-per hour billed in 30-minute increments. Thanks Barry. Dr. Burns has a knack for explaining sophisticated concepts in plain easy-to-swallow language and content. He maintains a free blog on the site and frequently updates education video content on the site’s YouTube channel along with offering a free newsletter and course samplings for registered e-mail sign-ups. Timeframes: The Top Dog Trading methodology can be implemented on short (1-minute) timeframes to longer monthly timeframes. This information is provided “AS IS,” without any implied or express warranty as to its performance or to the results that may be obtained by using the information. Once I took Dr Burns courses, things began to come together.

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