Like all tornadoes, their damage paths are extremely localised. Both of the southern cities weren't expected to receive much rain on Wednesday, but Little said it's still going to be a cold day and an even colder evening. If you are in a car or outdoors and cannot get to a building, cover your head and neck with your arms and cover your body with a coat or blanket, if possible. Available for everyone, funded by readers. The lower North Island received some scattered showers. This can also be intensified by rivers near the coast flooding at high tide. Thunderstorms are short-lived, existing for no more than one or two hours. Remain on lower floors but above the basement. These events may cause significant damage and disruption. If out at the time of the storm, never drive through flood waters and always drive to the conditions. MetService will have a strong wind warning in place for Wellington and the Marlborough Sounds from 4pm Wednesday to 1am Thursday. A waterspout is simply a tornado that occurs over a body of water. Strong southerly gales reaching up to possibly 120kmh were expected to hit the capital around 4pm. It was too windy." Maintain secure position and do not go outside as the winds will get stronger again. After the event, make sure yourself and your family are safe, help others if you can, check in on your neighbours, continue to listen to the radio and follow instructions from emergency services. Stay informed and up-to-date on the risks faced by your community and your council’s local adaptation strategies to climate change. Most are stuck on the west coast in the towns of Fox Glacier and Franz Josef, according to the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, and some have been forced to sleep in their cars, and are said to be scared and tired. During severe storms Auckland’s low-lying coastline is prone to flooding. The greatest danger during severe wind events is from flying debris and falling trees. Showery patches of rain can be expected throughout the evening, with strong south west winds ramping up around 9pm, Little said. The greatest danger during severe wind events is from flying debris and falling trees which can cause injury, loss of life and damage property. Secondary hazards, such as land instability and fire. How is the weather near you? Heavy rainfall can be hazardous if it continues for a long time. If you need power to pump water or operate septic systems, or for medical reasons, have an alternative plan in place if the power goes out. The active cold front over central New Zealand continues to deliver rain over to the upper South Island and the Wellington area. On Sunday, the Met Service said central and western areas in the North Island could expect severe thunderstorms, with downpours of 25mm to 40mm an hour, large hail and possible ‘“small tornadoes”. Heavy rain (from thunderstorms): Rainfall of 25mm per hour, or more; and/or, Large hail: Hailstones 20mm in diameter, or larger; and/or, Strong wind gusts (from thunderstorms): Gusts of 110km per hour (60 knots) or stronger; and/or. The Ministry of foreign affairs said it had established contact with the tourists, who have been stranded by flooding and landslides that some fear may take months to clear. Severe weather warnings are in place across much of the South Island on Saturday as strong winds and heavy rain hammer down. Have torches and batteries, a full gas bottle for your BBQ and a battery operated radio ready if the power goes out. The risk continued into the afternoon for Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula. These are known as 'ex-tropical cyclones'. It can be affected by steep coastal slopes, and elevated river levels from heavy rainfall. MetService will have a strong wind warning in place for Wellington and the Marlborough Sounds from 4pm Wednesday to 1am Thursday. More than 300,000 lightning strikes hit the country and its surrounding waters on Sunday alone, reported research organisation NIWA. There are a number of watches and warnings in place across Aotearoa (New Zealand). Tens of thousands lost access to phone networks and internet. The stormy weather is a result of a deepening low moving across the Tasman Sea, which will bring bursts of heavy rain to many parts of the North Island. If you live in an isolated location, make sure you’ve got everything to keep you going for a couple of days. "We have a few features and fronts going across the country, but basically we're in a cold southwest flow for a few days.". In the South Island, several major highways were closed due to landslips and flooding, and in Timaru a state of emergency was declared after the Rangitata river burst its banks. This could cause structural damage, as well as damage to trees and powerlines. Thunderstorms and severe gales could hit Auckland and other parts of the upper North Island on Wednesday (file photo). Food and water deliveries were being arranged for those who were stuck, Westland mayor Bruce Smith told the New Zealand Herald. Draw the blinds and curtains over windows to prevent glass being dispersed in the event of a breakage and close all interior doors. It can cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly, and cause landslides and floods. "We are expecting it, it's just a matter of when," he said. MetService defines “Severe Thunderstorms” as those which may produce: A tornado is a narrow, violently rotating column of air extending downwards to the ground from the base of a thunderstorm. Civil defence director Sarah Stuart-Black urged people to avoid the affected regions and to stay up-to-date because “the situation continues to change rapidly”, as the severe weather system moved north. Clear gutters and drains on your property, and check trees for weak branches. If you are out and there is no building in sight, take shelter in a vehicle and keep the windows closed. Twizel will be even chillier with an overnight low of -5C predicted. Tropical cyclones typically form close to the equator in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Madeleine Dennehy owns the Whataroa campground and was looking after several freedom campers and tourists who had close calls when the river rose within a matter of minutes. They are usually around a few tens of metres wide, have tracks a few kilometres long and have a short duration. New Zealand has been hit by a weekend of severe storms, with landslides and flooding in the South Island cutting off towns and trapping an estimated 1,000 foreign tourists. Surf Life Saving Northern Region urged swimmers and boaties to keep away from exposed beaches and rocky shorelines between Wednesday and Saturday due to dangerous sea conditions. We are expanding our coverage of New Zealand. Sometimes, but not always, cyclones migrate out of the tropics into the mid-latitudes, close to New Zealand. Tornadoes occur infrequently in Auckland and are much smaller than those that occur in the Midwest of the USA. Be prepared for road closures or utility outages. "Wellington is going to have a fairly stormy day," Little said. Please help us by supporting our independent journalism. ⚠ Severe Weather Watches and Warnings ⚠ In short, an active situation, fueled by a a deepening low moving across the Tasman Sea to the south of Aotearoa brings widespread severe weather to the country. However temperatures around Dunedin airport could drop to -1C. Stay inside with your family and bring your pets inside. Check the Auckland's Hazards Viewer to find out if you live, work or play in an area prone to severe wind. Avoid tall structures, such as towers, tall trees, fences, and power lines. Dunedin had a high of 9C and an overnight love of 4C. [For cyclones]: Be aware that 'eye of the storm' is calm and quiet. Damaging tornadoes: Fujita F1 (wind speeds greater than 116km per hour (63 knots)) or stronger. Christchurch was forecast with a high of 9 degrees Celsius, and an overnight low of -3C. Therefore, rises in river levels and the onset of flooding brought about by widespread heavy rain tend to be slower but also long lasting. Heavy rain began to fall in the far north early Wednesday morning. Fire and Emergency New Zealand was "yet" to attend any weather related incidents in Auckland and Northland, northern communications shift commander Daniel Nicholson said at 8.10am. He said the four-hour car trip would be a good chance to survey the damage first-hand. Watch out for flying debris. "Wellington is going to have a fairly stormy day," Little said. Auckland often experiences severe weather events that can affect broad areas and which can bring severe winds, heavy rain, flooding, thunderstorms, tornadoes, (ex)tropical cyclones, coastal inundation, and rough seas. 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This was a significant outage affecting a large number of customers” a spokeswoman for Spark said. "Boat fishers are strongly advised to not venture out into the open ocean - particularly around the west coast - because of the gale force marine conditions and enormous seas," a spokesman said. Current: Ocean Wind Warning 7 - Metarea 10.; This page last updated at:- Wednesday October 28 2020 06:20 UTC (GMT) -- October 28 2020 14:20 AWST -- October 28 2020 15:50 ACST -- October 28 2020 16:50 CDT -- October 28 2020 16:20 AEST -- October 28 2020 17:20 EDT Southwest Pacific cyclones tend to form between December and April with at least one ex-tropical cyclone passing within 500km of New Zealand most years. MetService is responsible for issuing severe weather warnings in New Zealand and may issue a “Severe Thunderstorm” warning if appropriate. Beginning on Tuesday, strong Southerly and South Westerly gale force winds are expected, bringing frequent showers, snowfall and possible hail.

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