Lindsey Morgan breaks down Wednesday's directorial debut of 'The 100,' including that 'pure' scene between Bellamy and Echo. He's previously written for the pop culture websites ComicsVerse and mxdwn Movies- as well as mxdwn's film editor from 2019-2020- and currently writes reviews for the website Film-Forward. There are some genuinely positive blogs and tweets about Becho, but for the most part it seems no one is actually talking about it at all. Tune in for all the action when “The 100” airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CW. PDA Alert! I really loved how they were kicking ass together, winning in the finale. Because these two had potential, Jason/the writers just didn't execute it well (big surprise there). Weekend Update: Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost Engaged! There was always a strong physical reaction and a even stronger emotional one. But who knows? I like their companionship, but I just wish we got more flashbacks to make their relationship more concrete. Rapper Kanye West became a household name after releasing his hit 2003 album “The College Dropout.” “Extra” has been…, Journalist and TV producer Rick Kirkham is opening up to “Extra’s” Billy Bush about what you didn’t see in “Tiger…. The show wants me to care they saw each other again? Very little explanation is given for this sudden shift in personality, minus the nature of time dilution across worlds. I suspect Bellarke is end game, but it just drives me a bit nuts that everyone just assumes it is guaranteed. So much could have been fixed if they hadn't jumped over their entire positive development. Echo is a great character who should have her most significant developments be independent of any romantic pairing. Bob explained that Bellamy, Spacekru and Clarke will strike a deal with Eligius that helps them open the bunker, teasing, “The Eligius crew has technology that we have never seen before on this show and if their negotiating powers are strong enough and the leverage of the sleeping giants is enough, some sort of deal can be brokered.”, While the Blake siblings are finally reunited once the bunker is open — Bob hinted it’s not going to go well. There's definitely going to be tension next season between the whole Echo / Bellarke dynamic. “They are both fighting for two different parties,” Bob said. It's a tough ask to just ask your audience to forgive the transgressions of someone you've presented as an antagonist for so long, because even though Echo's past actions are fundamentally no better or worse than anyone else's, she was an antagonist to the "heroes" of the story, and for the most part people are conditioned to forgive the heroes easier than they do the villains. His voters agree. Unfortunately, I think Echo is going to be a cheap sacrifice to create emotionally charged scenes for Bellamy, like what happen to Lexa. They've not really spend a second apart in the previous six years, so it makes sense, Lol, these stakes are life and's completely believable but okay lol. In fact, it was a very logical way to illustrate Bellamy's character development throughout the time jump. I think what we got this season was enough for us to believe that Bellamy and Echo genuinely love each other, but not so much that the wider audience would get invested in it, because it likely will end for whatever reason. Clearly I was wrong, but I do still think it's ending, and it relates to my earlier thoughts on Echo's individual arc and lack of overall change (and also the fact that they never let any couple just be happy, save for Monty and Harper, and it just doesn't have endgame material in my opinion). I think they've been setting her up for this - her "Lexa" - role with Bellamy since they met and she seemed "keen" on him throughout the seasons. For the audience, there is literally one episode between Bellamy telling Echo he still doesn't trust her and probably never will and them being in a relationship, and we see nothing of them in-between. Even if The 100 fans didn't know whether Bellamy would survive Season 7 early on, we at least expected a satisfying death. “The relationship is going to be tested in a lot of ways but hopefully they have the resolve to get through the new challenges.”. I really like them as a couple. Bellamy talked so much about the six years and how she changed and proved herself in space, but let's be real about it- there was no threat to them in space, so that part of Echo was effectively dormant. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Speaking to TV Guide, Rothenberg has now revealed that Bellamy's capture was written into season 7 because Morley wanted to take some time out of the series. Besides I have to love anyone who loves Bellamy! Time in the 100 is a greater time frame then it would seem. Similarly, his relationship with Clarke evolved from adversaries to allies and co-leaders by Season 6, to the point that she sent him a couple hundred one-way radio messages post-Praimfaya and he risked everything to save her body from remaining a Prime host. I can handle it because Echos skill with a bow was previously shown during the conclave. Analysis: 3 paths to victory for Biden, Trump, Craig David spent lockdown saving injured bird from death in Easter Sunday miracle, Strictly Come Dancing fever has begun – here's shows and films to stream if you are dance mad, Molly-Mae Hague ditches make-up as she leaves gym after intense workout, Aston Villa injury update emerges as transfer target drops big hint, Record increase in UK store closures as more COVID-19 lockdowns loom, Where to buy an RTX 3070: pre-orders are now live so it's time to try and nail one down, £14.99 Shop Now The CW/Warner Bros Entertainment, Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article, New Car Gadget Magically Removes Scratches & Dents. I thought Echo’s “if you miss I’ll never let you live it down” was fun. Perhaps her generally colder demeanor and Bellamy's do-or-die commitment to his priorities gives you this impression? It's forced because someone didn't think that doing the backstory character work was necessary for the storyline this season. KEEP READING: The 100 Promo Promises One Last War. “She still sees her as a spy and assassin. Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. — Echo to Bellamy. But usually these deaths came with some emotional build up with long-term ramifications on the show's storylines and people close to them. The same can be said about Clarke' rationale for killing him, since Cadogan still learns about the journal's purpose from Sheidheda and Madi ultimately gives herself up via tracker knife to ensure that no one else will die for her. It was fun seeing them kick butt together! Most Influential People — See the 2020 TIME 100 Covers. I loved it. The Third Day: What Exactly Is 'The Dark'? Alternatively, Echo seems to still turn to violence first (Shaw, Clarke), and I think this could cause a division between them next season. There is a lot happening this season on “The 100,” and we’ve got star Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy, answering all of our burning questions! However, while The 100 committed to its world building, the story Bellamy received felt weirdly out of character. (I’m still not sure that I’m really equating S5 Bellamy with his previous versions). I am vehemently opposed to this because in a universe of strong, well rounded, female characters, it is disappointing to see one of the main characters castrated of agency for the purpose of putting the two leads together. I feel like Echo always felt connected to Bellamy and wanted some sort of relationship (not always romantic) with him, but, because of her upbringing, had no idea how to make that happen. Bellarke - 'I'll see what I can do' + Badass Clarke + Bellamy protecting his Princess (01x10) - Duration: 2:55. What made them go past forgiveness, and even friendship to falling in love? Ben Wasserman is a graduate of NYU's M.A. Archer: Lana Goes on a Rampage to Save Her Daughter, The 100's Final Season Didn't Do Right by Bellamy Blake, The 100's Latest Casualty Writes a Farewell to Their Character: 'You Are Finally Free. As a Bellarker, I do not mind the relationship. Also remember, Echo was raised in a kingdom of domineering warlords, learning to choose honor over morality, and was incredibly loyal to her kingdom. It was largely due to the fact that he wanted to take a break.". He was initially hostile to her because of all she'd done in the past and later reluctantly accepted her into group. And that seems to be the case if you take a look at wider social media. As for them only being apart for a few hours, I don't think that's really accurate. I can get how it came to be for sure, but I don't buy into it. Say what you will, but those two are so fun to watch. Aldi's Just Released A Pink Prosecco And It's An Absolute Bargain! You can't make a protagonist and an antagonist of 3 seasons into a couple in a time jump and then expect me to buy it. Privacy Policy | Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. BELL ARKE 41,400 views Even if they were used to seeing each other every second and did miss each other after being apart for a couple of hours the dramatic running towards each other and kissing in front of everyone especially after O threatened Bellamy was a stupid choice by the writers and not believable in the slightest. To add to it, it just doesn't make sense for Bellamy to choose the woman who contributed to some of the most traumatic experiences of his life and who attempted to kill his sister- the most precious person in the world to him- for her own survival.

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