Robot Rock 4. The character is situated in front of the flashing screen between the duo and later appears i… The music video for "Technologic" is the third directed by Daft Punk, following "Fresh" and "Robot Rock". The lyrics flash as individual words of text on a television monitor set on the stage. Aside from the sampling, Thomas Bangalter noted that the duo used a … Official video for Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" from the album Human After All. It was mixed with Busta Rhymes' "Touch It", "Robot Rock", and"Oh Yeah" for the Alive 2006/2007 tour, later featured in the live album Produced by Cédric Hervet, ... Daft Punk might just be showing us everything they go to just to release music, and to release the film, Electroma. "Technologic" is the second single from Daft Punk's third studio album Human After All. The video features Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalteron a pyramid-themed stage playing the bass guitars shown in the single cover. The song contains the electronically pitch-raised voice of Thomas Bangalter, chanting phrases associated with technological pursuits. The video features a robot character that appears to chant the lyrics of the song. Daft Punk incorporated a vocoder into the production, repeating the title phrase of "Robot Rock". It appears as track 9, following "Television Rules the Nation" and preceding "Emotion". Technologic Daft Punk.

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