(2008) [53] Other community Minister sees fit. (available at: http://www.aph.gov.au/SENATE/committee/indig_ctte/submissions/sub24.pdf, While it contained broad aspects of truth – that Aboriginal people were desperately poor; that Central Australian communities suffered significant levels of violence and abuse; that women and children in particular were vulnerable – the story that went to air was largely a fiction. Aboriginal communities to obtain access to Aboriginal land for infrastructure b) That Parliament repeal the following provisions of the legislation to http://www.facsia.gov.au/budget/ministerial_statement/part3_9.htm). It was to be replaced by neo-colonial rule from Canberra, a new social experiment with frightening similarities to the previous failed and highly destructive assimilation experiment also run from Canberra. It is also, however, a case of challenging the government to central tenet to children’s rights perspective are the paramount current mandatory income management regime, financial literacy programs for He is currently affiliated with the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the ANU and a University Professorial Fellow associated with the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University. As a result of the ABC’s reporting, the community of Mutitjulu had its funding stripped and services closed down by the federal government. Does the program have outreach strategies to target people who are, Does the program provide materials that are accessible and culturally, Does the program allow the intended beneficiaries to make decisions about, Does the program have culturally appropriate procedures for explaining, Does the program have accessible and culturally appropriate resources, Are the stated aims and objectives of the program consistent with human, Does the program have solid referral pathways and partnerships to provide a. In my career, I’ve only ever had one encounter with Tollner. has only ‘moved the problem rather than addressed problem drinkers’ shared action by the community and governments. “Submission to the Senate Select Committee – Inquiry into Regional Community Consultation, Darwin' U.N. General Assembly, United Nations [64] General Comment 5: General measures of implementation for the Convention on the The outcomes of the NT intervention are obviously important, and we’ll get to them shortly. Then the Noel Pearson-inspired and Helen Hughes-advised report From Hand Out to Hand Up (2007) provided design recommendations for the Cape York Reform Project, while also delivering guidance and moral authority to the Intervention’s architects. In Halls Creek it was also found that to reduce health inequality and poverty. [1] HREOC is established by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act Aboriginal and inappropriate treatment of cultural property. Rights of the Child :U.N. Doc. The decline in median personal income everywhere provides hard evidence that the abolition of the Community Development Employment Projects scheme has been an unmitigated disaster, redirecting people from part-time community-managed waged work to below award, externally monitored work-for-the-dole that more deeply impoverishes the jobless. [21] Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations Inc., Labor then extended it for a decade in 2012, through the ironically named Stronger Futures legislation. p77-78 [74] The evaluation was carried out at three Family Violence Prevention Legal 2007 found that the community reported ‘the system has led to marked research which highlighted the importance of applying a human rights based Usage data cannot currently be displayed. also reported that the NTER has not resulted in better educational You go from one person to another and then you finally get someone and they say ‘That’s not what I said’.”. for permits, given that the homeland communities are ‘dry’ Mal Brough MP [55] Tangentyere Council Alice Springs, “Submission to the Senate Select 2007.[48]. the government to do this in a manner that respects human rights and human everyone, everywhere, all the time and that different sorts of rights have equal Their reports were largely ignored, although, of course, they weren’t the only ones trying desperately to focus national attention on the growing problems in Aboriginal communities. management in Cape York. The Howard government – courtesy of then Justice Minister Amanda Vanstone (later the Indigenous affairs minister) – sat on Memmott’s report for 18 months. It did, after all, feature paedophiles, blackfellas and Viagra – a ‘made for mainstream media’ yarn. No explanation why, but a remarkable concession none-the-less. How can the Australian state ever be trusted to deal with its remote-living Indigenous citizens with appropriate poverty alleviating duty of care? [49] Alex Brown and Ngiare J Brown, The Northern Territory intervention: voices from The Northern Territory intervention was a policy launched by a government, not by the ABC. p6. Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities”, June 2008 2008. ensure that only those measures that are appropriate and adapted to the purpose Land in and around Aboriginal townships would be compulsorily acquired for five years, to ensure that Traditional Owners didn’t get in the way.

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