Putney, Leeann J. Donald T. Ridley, "Jehovah's Witnesses' refusal of blood: obedience to scripture and religious conscience", "OK Kosher Certification — Salting of Meat", "SCT in Jehovah's Witnesses: the bloodless transplant", "Bloodless cardiac surgery: not just possible, but preferable", "Blood Transfusion or Not: A Literature Review of Bloodless Interventions to Treat Cancer Related Anemia". 1.6.2 For guidance on reversing anticoagulation treatment in people who have a stroke and a primary intracerebral haemorrhage, see the section on reversal of anticoagulation treatment in people with haemorrhagic stroke in the NICE guideline on stroke and transient ischaemic attack in over 16s. [47][48] As of 2003, about 200 hospitals worldwide provide bloodless medical programs. 1.3.6 Consider prophylactic platelet transfusions to raise the platelet count above 100×109 per litre in patients having surgery in critical sites, such as the central nervous system (including the posterior segment of the eyes). 43 p. 668, Transfusion-Free Medicine, edited by Dr Nicolas Jabbour, 2005 p. 13. However, the study also showed that seven respondents were willing to accept plasma transplants and one member an autotransfusion, both therapies forbidden by Jehovah's Witness doctrine. A war boy would eventually need a blood transfusion–as many patients with leukemia do–but even a donor like Max wouldn’t save them. 1.2.6 After each single‑unit red blood cell transfusion (or equivalent volumes calculated based on body weight for children or adults with low body weight), clinically reassess and check haemoglobin levels, and give further transfusions if needed. Iron-deficiency anemia: In severe cases of iron deficiency, anemia can be treated in the short term with a blood transfusion. But all things considered, the possibility of acute kidney failure is probably not the biggest worry when you’re spraying chrome paint into your mouth and begging everyone to witness your fiery demise. [60] In the August 1998 issue of Academic Emergency Medicine, Donald Ridley, a Jehovah's Witness and organization staff attorney, argued that carrying an up-to-date Medical Directive card issued by the organization indicates that an individual personally agrees with the established religious position of Jehovah's Witness. There are a number of severe infections that can prevent the body from producing different blood components. Blood transfusions are necessary when the body lacks enough blood to function properly. [52], Jehovah's Witnesses' branch offices communicate directly with congregations regarding "ways to benefit from the activities of the Hospital Liaison Committee (HLC) and the Patient Visitation Group (PVG). So why would a doctor in The Citadel diagnose the war boys with leukemia? A blood transfusion involves taking blood from one person (a donor), processing it, then giving it to someone else (a patient). However, after a bone marrow transplant in 2018, Archie is finally able to move on with his life. [70][71] Watch Tower publications during the presidency of Joseph Franklin Rutherford commended the commercial and emergency uses of blood. So you're counting down the minutes till your due date. [48][49], Hospital Information Services researches medical journals to locate information on the availability and effectiveness of bloodless surgery methods. [68], From 1931,[69] when the name "Jehovah's witnesses" was adopted, Watch Tower Society publications maintained the view of Society founder Charles Taze Russell that the reference to abstaining from the eating of blood in the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15:19–29 was a "suggestion" to be given to Gentile converts. Aside from the cult-based fanaticism, chrome paint huffing, and murderous impulses, of course. Transfusions of pre-operative self-donated (. Again, it’s never completely spelled out, but it’s strongly implied that the War Boys have some kind of terminal illness, maybe genetic (the children we see may mean they’re born into it), maybe a result of their constant exposure to chemicals like nitrous oxide, or any other number of poor health practices these guys are living with. [32] As of 2006, there are 1,535 Hospital Liaison Committees worldwide coordinating communication between 110,000 physicians. Hemophilia is treated with blood clotting factors derived from plasma donations. While we’re not sure what causes various forms of leukemia, exposure to ionizing radiation and inherited genetic factors play some role in its onset. [84] A position against "the various blood fractions" was reiterated in September 1961. [54] Each branch office appoints PVG committeemen, who serve as volunteers. [33] A 2012 study in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded that "Witnesses do not appear to be at increased risk for surgical complications or long-term mortality when comparisons are properly made by transfusion status. The number of transfusions that a recipient can obtain is limited by antibodies that they may develop against the transfused blood and the accumulation of iron. The researchers noted that contact details of the respondents were provided by congregation elders, which may have influenced the responses given. Bleeding in excess of 150 ml/minute in adults. [31] Many physicians have expressed a willingness to respect patients' preferences and provide bloodless treatment[32][need quotation to verify] and about 200 hospitals offer bloodless medicine and surgery programs for patients who wish to avoid or limit blood transfusions. Patients with this disease have low levels of a protein called the Von Willebrand factor. A proposal for a don't-ask-don't-tell policy", "Bioethical aspects of the recent changes in the policy of refusal of blood by Jehovah's Witnesses", "Jehovah's Witnesses drop transfusion ban".

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