Yusuke must recover the artifacts and bring the thieves to justice before they unleash their powers upon the Earth. I could have talked about this show as a whole, because Yu Yu is a 90’s shonen tournament style anime. This is because their opponents were more then obstacles. Yu Yu Hakusho - Dark Tournament - Sword and Dragon (Edited Version) Justin Cook. After witnessing Kurama and Hiei's abilities Gaou and Imajin attempt to flee, but are killed by Chu for such a cowardly act. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

In order to compete against their biggest rivals, they either had to get stronger or lose everything they hold dear.

We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being.

The Masked Fighter is then revealed to be Genkai, who gives Yusuke one final test to kill her to gain her power. This episode reminds us of why bad guys lose so much. Unlike the Dark Tournament, the Makai Tournament is extremely arduous from the outset. Although the team refuses to fight due to learning that the fighters are under Dr. Ichigaki's control. This is partially because of his fractured mind, which produces seven unique personalities that represent different aspects of his being.

He finds Keiko loitering on a beach, at sunset, walking away from the others in deep thought.

It turns out that was a scheme for the Toguro’s real boss to get money off of this poor billionaire that just lost everything. Toguro then proceeds to impale him in the chest, presumably killing him. Alright everyone, let’s talk about Yu Yu Hakusho Everyone.

A one-stop shop for all things video games. In this game mode the player must destroy a set number of enemies. Japanese. Yeah, that’s kind of an obvious one. Tournament Tactics is a tactical role-playing game. This is what I get for not looking up names when I write things…. You have no idea who excited I am to talk about it. I had no idea!

Is it really time for this brash young man’s existence to come to an end? An unexpected guest arrives in the chamber of Seiryu.

He is saved by another demon who wishes to fight Yusuke properly. Spirit World forgot an important question: does anyone even want Yusuke back? The Dark Tournament rules demand every team have five warriors working with them, but Team Urameshi only has four...at least, four that we know the identities of. RELATED: 10 Best Episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho (According To IMDb). I never thought I’d read an intelligent article about YYH of all things, but I somehow did with this one.

Toguro then reveals 60% of his power, scaring Yusuke and Kuwabara who was watching from a distance.

Stair Stepping you should say. She trudges on, telling them that in the event of her death, they would all inherit her temple estate. She’s a master after all.

It had viewers on the edge of their seats more than any other tournament arc. Chu then steps in to fight as his alcoholic smell finally wakes the long sleeping Yusuke who steps into fight.

Even after she gave up the majority of her strength in the Spirit Orb to help Yusuke skip some steps and become strong enough to fight Toguro before the Dark Tournament got to it’s final round, she wasn’t afraid to get back in the ring to help Team Urameshi actually get to the finals. However, he doesn't really need them, seeing as he could simultaneously overcome the combined might of Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei.

Completely immortal thanks to his shapeshifting powers, Elder Toguro takes an early lead in the fight against a guy who’s special ability is just using a sword. Mukuro's childhood was spent being abused & tortured by her adoptive demon dad. RELATED: Yu Yu Hakusho: 10 Moments From The Series That Changed Everything, This is evident, given that he allows Raizen's subordinates– Hokushin, Touou, and Seitei– to freely enter the Human world. Well for one, it is Yu Yu’s longest arc.

And you know what? It is through his conversation with Sakyo that it is revealed that he intends on taking his ambition to create a portal between demon world and human world with him.

A nurse named Ruka asks Hiei and the Masked Fighter to come to the tent to be treated, but oddly doesn't ask Kuwabara (most likely not seeing him as any immediate threat). Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Botan face three demon fighters known throughout Spirit World as the Triad.

Genkai does this because she trusts her friends to keep her vision alive, that any demon who wishes to peacefully coexist with humans could find a home on her lands. Meanwhile, Team Urameshi trains to rival Team Toguro, with Suzuki giving Kurama and Kuwabara gifts for their match because he doesn't like them, but he hates Toguro. More specifically, we are a group of otaku bloggers who promote acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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